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Welcome to this week’s blog about the music!! How awesome is music?

Totally awesome!

Music has the ability to leave a crease on history that we can sometimes never erase. And because of that songs greatness and maybe the push  it gave the artist, some singers dare to do a cover song  and try their luck.

Here are some of my favorite cover songs!!!

Otis Redding wrote and performed the song Respect. My friend Ashley might kill me for saying this but once Aretha Franklin got a hold of it… she was the spin the song needed to become an instant hit and classic!

I loved this song when I was younger. Not only was it an awesome song but it made me think of the cereal Lucky Charms. In 1968 Tommy James sang the song Crimson and Clover yet when Joan Jett got a hold of it some fifteen years later, Joan put a whole new twist to this song.

Originally sung by Brenda Lee, The Pet Shop Boys were exactly what this song needed.

I can’t tell you how much I love this song. I loved it by the Everly Brothers but to me Nazareth was exactly what this song needed.  It also made Nazareth on the list of best Power Anthems ever!!

This is a classic grocery store song that I have been caught going at it every time. Paul Young does it to me every time. Hall & Oates got it right the first time but so did Paul Young the second time.

And lastly cause I could go on and on…

Though I have to say Iggy Pop and David Bowie kinda are the same thing… I still gotta say David did a much better job on China Girl.

Got any great cover songs???


Comments on: "Musical Revolution- Best Cover Song Eva" (8)

  1. I love respect! I’m going to hum it up all the way on my walk to pick up the kids from school! Aretha is the Queen!

  2. I love them all. Have you been living in my iPod?

  3. I like the original Crimson and Clover better.
    Also, Mony Mony by Billy Idol is great! Tommy James did a good job originally, but I think Billy rocked it.

  4. Sometimes I wanna break out into the song “Respect” when I’m at work. Actually, that’s an idea for the next time someone annoys me is to break out in song until they storm away from me… and then chase them down still singing it.

  5. Exactly how much time did it require u to publish “Musical
    Revolution- Best Cover Song Eva | Marina Sleeps’s
    Blog”? It seems to have a bunch of fantastic material.
    Thanks ,Julianne

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