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Creepy – Touched By Jesus

You know what I am always waiting for?

The moment when something gets creepy. Yeah creepy. Like when that really nice co-worker always says hi and compliments you  and at the same time slowly, slowly creeps into your personal space freaking the living shit out of you.

Or when you finally decide to get off your ass and actually starting exercising and that doesn’t including sitting on the count watching exercising but step out into the sun and go for a run. You run for a while impressed that you are doing it and not dying from a stroke and then you see the -creepy-man-in-car.


You even start to ponder what way he will kill and hope for the forced sex after you have been dead for a while. Hey… perfect world right?

Yeah, my watch (I don’t own a watch) is set for these creepy moments. And that is why I fell in love with this picture.

It’s so wrong….. yet so right.

So which was it? Santa was so distraught over 9/11 that he needed a hug from Jesus or the other way around?

What I gather is Santa is in some major pain… and Jesus, well Jesus is just plain creepy. That smirk suggests other things. Either he knows what happened on 9/11 or something tells me Jesus wants to “finish this in the backseat of the van”.

Man this van gets around

Run Santa Run!! Don’t let him touch your private place!

Well maybe it serves Santa right. You know with him “seeing you when you are sleeping, knowing when you are awake”.

Poetic justice is what I say.


Comments on: "Creepy – Touched By Jesus" (11)

  1. That picture is amazing! Is that a dead elf in front of the angel too? I wan that on my living room wall. Let’s hope people don’t freak out on you too much for posting this.

  2. Somebody who is always calm and peaceful is definitely hiding something! The picture is totally off and wrong. Santa and Jesus? Are you kidding me?

    You know what creeps me out? Bars. Men in bars. They’re creepy. Freakin’ creepy. They’re in there for one thing and one thing only and it’s not to get piss drunk.

  3. I love your brain. It’s sexy. That is all. Carry on.

  4. Stranger Danger, Santa! Run!

  5. Where did you find that pic of Jesus and Santa?!!!

  6. Bad touch! Bad touch!

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