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Velvet Bunny and I….

I will soon blog about my recent vacation as soon as I get the pics off the damn camera….

Till then here is a conversation between and my sexy ass buddy Velvet Bunny. She may have been drunk or her regular self. Its kinda hard to tell sometimes. I was definitely drunk.

Velvet Bunny


VB: So I’ve decided to leave the 70’s era.
MS: Wahoo. Do it!
MS: Ok you lost me.
VB: Ha ha ha! Wait for it…. wait for it….
VB: I am no longer fro’ing.
MS: Well I am glad you didn’t say jerry curl.
VB: I could have gone that direction but it was becoming a jungle down there. *wink wink*
MS:  So what era you thinking about now… oh go back a decade and get a beehive do. I got one once.  Its magical and the honey is free!
VB: Ha ha ha! I went crew cut but I think I went to short. Its feels colder.
MS: What era is that? Did the lesbians have an era? Oh wait… the 80’s!!
VB: Yup 80’s went short. On the upside  I think I instantly lost a pound.
MS: Yep from all that disco dancing and coke!
VB: Both of which I enjoy very much
MS: I would never leave the 60’s… free weed, love, and STD’s!!
VB: I’ll take the weed and leave the love which in return saves me from STD’s
MS: You will never understand us hippies… it’s all about the experience man!
VB: I heard about a sex party around here on a podcast.And I’m interested in going.
MS: Like an actual party that you attend?!?!
VB: Yeah an orgy event
MS: And you are gonna watch?? That’s not fun….
VB:You can attend as a watcher not a player
VB: Well I am curious to see one bot participate.
MS: Hey totally take pics…like put you face next to someone’s ass and smile and take a pic. Throw some thumbs up signs or something.
VB: ha ha ha!!!!
VB: It would be awesome but they don’t let you take pictures.
MS: Dude come on… that would be rad.
MS: Is it like some secret society or something?
VB: Not sure how it works…if its by invite only or what
MS: Dude just for research watch Eyes Wide Shut and maybe some 8mm. You need to be educated before you go in.
VB: Will do captain! I knew my new crew cut would come in handy.
MS: Your tough crew cut will intimidating.
MS: Sigh…. I feel like I made a difference … and I have you to thank for that. You are awesome Velvet Bunny!
VB: You’re welcome.
Hope you have a great time Velvet Bunny!

Comments on: "Velvet Bunny and I…." (11)

  1. You both are crazy!

  2. There was a party like that in my area last weekend! I was invited, didn’t attend though, sat this round out 🙂

  3. That is hilarious! You must share when the Velvet Bunny does…. “smile and then take a pic” HILARIOUS!

  4. Now THERE’S a conversation you don’t have everyday. Conversations are so much more interesting when one or the other or both are drunk!

  5. Chuckles! Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was a blast!

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