In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I recently saw this movie, A Haunting in Connecticut.

Of course it freaked me out totally… I am totally chicken to supernatural movies. It supposedly is based on a true story. If you read the “actual” account, the family claims they were extremely tormented by the entities that lived in the house. The oldest son who was suffering from cancer became violent and sexually assaulted a family member which was apparently unlike his character.  The parents claimed they were raped by the entities. The father said he was raped too. What the fuck Connecticut?!?!

It got me thinking… what the fuck is going on in the New England area?!!

Seriously, there is this movie, the Blair Witch Project, the Amityville Horror and lots more probably but I am just too chicken to find out!

What is the deal???

Is it cause the New England area is the one the oldest areas in the US and rich with history?

This has you-will-be-raped-by-a-ghost all over it!!

Every time I watch Ghost Adventures or whatever all those terrifying things are to watch and make you freak out at night with the slightest sound, I notice they are featuring  stories of bars or homes that haunted. 3 out 5 are in the New England area.

I don’t why we did it but we sure angered some people and royally pissed off some women that were actual witches.

Seriously what is going on over there? I am actually scared to go into the houses. People were obviously crazy back then… before crazy could be called crazy!

To this day I still can’t send my kids to the corner. Have you seen the Blair Witch Project?!?!

What in Sam Hill!??!

Why would anyone wanna piss off a witch? Its like sticking your head in an alligator’s mouth. Sooner or later, its bound to shut!

Wasn’t the Exorcist story taken place in Washington DC?

Ahhhhh, I am never leaving my home. It was just built so I know it’s not haunted.  And I checked to make sure there was no Indian burial grounds or an old cemetery where we now live. Seriously… I did.

It’s the least I could for my family. I am pretty sure Gus doesn’t wanna get raped anytime soon.


Comments on: "What’s The Deal With the New England Area" (14)

  1. I know exactly what you mean. All of the really decent scary supernatural thrillers stem from the New England area. Most of the haunted places and hotels I’ve come across are there too (I’ve done some research because its on my bucket list). I’m all for it though. It’s been a while since I’ve been back to New York. As soon as my kids are older and I’m in a position to travel, I am heading there.

    There are quite a few places here in Vegas that are said to be haunted too. Mostly because of mob ties and murders and shit. I’ve never really looked into it though. I’m going to…….

    • See Vegas doesn’t seem to scary to me…. but the whole New England area… the huge houses with basements and attics and dumb waiters… ahhhhhhh

  2. It must have something to do with the Salem, Mass. witch trials and all that. Very superstitious people. And they believed in the death penalty big time. So lots of unsettled souls around.
    Amityville turned out to be a hoax I think.

    • Really a hoax??
      Poor women…. I know I would have been seen as a witch… I would have been hung then thrown in the river. Are the rivers haunted???

  3. firecracker3 said:

    First settlers in the country based in New England…that’s a great deal of history both good and bad. Never stayed in a haunted house with actual mean spirits but was in one that had a troublemaker, still creepy!

  4. I love love love haunted stuff but wowzers! It freaks me the fuck out! I loved Haunting in Connecticut. It was creepy in a slow old fashioned way. It left me feeling like I needed a shower which at that point I was too scared shitless to take!!!

  5. I’ve always been into haunted stuff since I was a kid. I have a ton of ghost books and have gone on many, many ghost tours. I actually think I took a picture of a ghost not on a ghost tour, but in broad daylight. Very freaky! I’m chicken shit after doing haunted stuff, if I watch a scary movie I need a night light at night… just in case.

  6. How do you know Gus doesn’t want to be touched by a ghost?
    Have you asked him in the past? Maybe you’ll be surprised! 😀

  7. Blair Witch made me sick…but with motion sickness from the crazy camera work.

    Did you know I live just 15 minutes from Burkittsville where the Blair Witch is? If I ever stop blogging, you’ll know why.

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