In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Its Friday but I am dragging. I feel like I have a hunchback.  I need this musical revolution charge more than you! So if its to loud.. I am sorry. I can’t have alcohol at work….

This is what  I was screaming in my head this morning…. stupid mornings!

Veruca Salt- Volcano Girls

I love this band so much here is another one!!

Veruca Salt- Shutterbug

God I love them ladies!!

Oooo and now some Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Here is Date with The Night

And eff it all one more for the road.

Now you guys can see how I attempted to dress like when I was in high school.

No Doubt- Just A Girl

Happy Effin Friday… is it Happy Hour yet!??!


Comments on: "Music Revolution- Getting It In Gear" (8)

  1. Why would that Volcano Girl wanna stay in bed when she can be on that awesome jumping contraption!?

  2. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and No Doubt were exactly what I need today! It’s like you read my mind….

  3. My neighbor who used to live next door like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. He wasn’t and still isn’t, right in the head. Doesn’t seem like your type of music.
    Love the pants the lead singer of Veruca Salt has on! I want a pair! I can used to that group!

    • Ha ha …. I do like the Yeah yeah Yeahs… they are different. I like everything from 60’s music to country… from heavy metal to indie rock to dance music.
      I like it all.

  4. I love the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs and listened to I believe their first album over, and over again. Plus, No Doubt was definitely on my playlist too!

  5. You just gave me the Saturday night wake – up I needed…Good Music and wine! That’s what I need 😉

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