In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Many many moons ago my mother came  to my elementary school to pick me up like she did everyday. She would walk from our house because at the time we not only lived close by but the ozone layer was also not in peril so we could walk around out neighborhood without feeling we getting air cancer.

So she greets me and we start walking like normal. At the time I know I am in fifth grade. So I must be like 10 or 11. As we are walking my mother says, “Guess who died?”

Now it was the wa y she said it; all matter of factly and still with a friendly tone, I just reasoned that it was no one that I really knew or maybe even liked.

So I started guessing. I liked guessing games. “Grandpa?”  Obviously her dad cause my father’s dad had died already. I liked Grandpa but I didn’t know him. He was old. It made sense!

“No!” she gasped. I guess for a minute I sounded cruel! Me?!?! She was playing  a Who Died Guessing game with me!

“Ok ummm. How about Uncle Ruben?” I liked Uncle Ruben. I just hadn’t seen him  in a long time.

Again she was mortified by me. ” No Marina!”

By this time I was already annoyed. I felt I was giving probable answers and my mother was looking at me like I was sick!

“Well who?” I asked.

I remember her smiling right before she said it.  I prayed it wasn’t our cat.


   if you don’t who she is, she was a Tejano singer. She sang in English and in Spanish. And basically every little Latina in my area and Mexico probably worshipped her. I liked her.

 She was so pretty. And though I didn’t speak a word of Spanish (and still don’t) I sang along still! I loved her.

 So when my mom said she died, I immediately started crying. Like bawling…. in fact I was crying so loud and horrible that my mother was trying to smother me to stop in fear that the neighbors would think she was abusing me.

 Her words were abuse enough!

 I got home still crying. My younger sister was there and she wasn’t as grief-stricken as I was. She stayed by my side and I was glued to the television that whole day and night.

It’s actually a funny story. Not Selena dying, but me going crazy over it. Quite honestly, I had heard maybe one song from Selena. And after she died, my parents got me every tape she made! It’s weird to say cassette tape.

Now I was finally a true fan after she died.

The next day after finding out Selena had died I had a morning competition. Something gay like UIL I remember when my parents dropped me off and I walked to the nerd group. They all were surprised by appearance.  I am sure I had cried all night. My eyes were puffy and I was still sniffling.

I didn’t have to tell them. Selena died. Everyone knew. I just didn’t know anyone else taking it as hard as me.

Soon they made a movie about her and Jennifer Lopez starred as her. And now I can’t picture Selena without thinking of Jennifer Lopez.

Some fan I am…

I am kinda embarrassed by the story now. I have done  some pretty embarrassing things and this story is definitely up there. I can’t believe I cried all night!




Comments on: "Revolting Moments of the Past- Or I am just a total drama queen" (18)

  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh said:

    I was a Nurse in San Antonio when she died. A lot of my co-workers cried for days after she was killed. What a sad story.

  2. firecracker3 said:

    Um, I have never really gotten upset over something like this so I can’t sympathize but I suppose it would be a tad embarassing 🙂

  3. Don’t be embarrassed! Someone you liked died and that upset you! Nothing wrong with that!!

    I cried buckets when my dad sold our ’54 Mercury. I was about 8 or 9.

    We drama queens must stick together!

  4. Oh, yo’ mama. Seriously I can’t think of anything more traumatic… unless one of the Hanson brothers croaked or Zack Morris got sent to prison.

  5. It was sad. I loved the movie though and i think that Jennifer Lopez did her justice. A lot of people took her death really hard and although I wasn’t one of them, I knew a few people who did.

  6. I just think the way she died was so tragic too, the over obsessive fan shooting her. I remember hearing about it when I was younger, but until I saw the movie, I couldn’t connect the two together. That’s messed up your mom would play the, “Hey, who died?” game with you too, they can be so strange!

  7. I cried when our local news man died a few years back. Does that count? I watched him every night since I had moved here, so i was sad.

  8. How weird I was just telling “Master” a story about Selena on Saturday. How I remember exactly when she died and how I cried even tho I wasn’t a fan. But I had an excuse I had a slight case of PPD.

  9. Ashley Lopez said:

    Awe I love Selena!

  10. I never thought of it that way, well put!

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