In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

  1.  Which fucking way does the toilet paper actually go?!?!  It’s so confusing! Does it go under or over, up your ass? Where?
  2. How often are you really suppose to take a shit? My husband says every time you eat but I never listen to him anyways. Besides if you all knew how much I ate, I would spend some much time in the potty I would never my family.
  3. Is there better ways to clean your chitty chitty bang bang? I think someone somewhere needs to make a cleaning brush exactly like the brush you use to clean baby bottles. But obviously softer and more slender. You know, for the extra confidence in cleanliness!
  4. Why is it that make one little comment joking around on how God is kinda a pussy and people get their panties in a tight ass was?!?! God is obviously a dude! It’s proven that men are naturally big babies!!
  5. Why are you not suppose to pop pimples? Is it to prevent scaring? So do you walk around with a massive white head all day?
  6. Why do Shampoos say rinse and repeat? Does the repeat actually help? How often do you repeat? Once, twice, twenty?  Or!!! Or is this some scam for the makers of the Shampoo so much Shampoo you are constantly wasting and buying Shampoo??
  7. 7. Why on my way to work are there so many people riding bikes and jogging? Do they not work? What the fuck do they get to have a leisurely stroll at  8am?!!
  8. 8. Why the fuck is it so hard to make friends with other women? You have tits, I have tits! It looks like you have a vagina, hey so do I! What the hell ladies!!!
  9. Why the hell do they say you have a green thumb when you grow plants without killing them? Are you half plant person?! So if you are like me and you kill them, do you have a red thumb? Is it a murderous thumb?
  10. Why do retards say God told them to do something? Did God actually call you up,write you a letter, or appear in a dream? And why do we classify some of these people crazy and others not? Why is the leader of the Heaven’s Gate ruled as crazy but Rick Perry who said God told him to run for President not?

Whew…. anything make yo go hmmmmm?





Comments on: "Things That Make You Go Hmmmm" (12)

  1. 1. paper comes from the top.
    2. 1-2 times a day i think. Hell I don’t know I go way too much.
    3. If you find out let me know
    4. Because overly religious people are fucking crazy. and assholes
    5. Scarring
    6. Because they want our money and want you to use way more product than necessary. They are assholes
    7. They are all prostitutes.
    8. Most women are fucking nuts and assholes and fucktards. You don’t want to be friends with them anyway.
    9. I totally have a red thumb.
    10. Because they are fucking idiots and want a damn excuse for their actions. This shit pisses me off to no end along with, God will heal, God needed that person up in heaven so that is why they died, god will fix our problems. it’s a FUCKING JOKE. If there was a god people kids wouldn’t be dying and cancer wouldn’t exist. Everyone would be fucking happy licking lollipops and riding fucking rainbows all day long. There isn’t one.

    I think my work here is done. 😛

    Things that make me go hmm…read my post today. I could write a another post right now elaborating on the topic that would be 10 pages long. I hate humans especially fucktards.

  2. I say that I have the black thumb of death because I kill plants… I think even my breath around plants is kind of toxic for them. And, women are hard to make friends with because they are so damn complicated! Which is why I’m neither friends with guys, or really women either, so I’m like a lone ranger! But, uh… without a Tonto.

  3. firecracker3 said:

    1. I am ALL ABOUT the overhang method for tp. Anything else (as I addressed in my blog post once) is wrong!
    2. Everyone is different. Guys tend to go move, they are like dogs, feed them, walk them, it is potty time!
    3. I agree there are times I feel like I would like a total cleanse, I suppose that is what douches were created for but I have yet to utilize that option.
    4. Men are big babies!
    5. Yes, it creates scars, my derm scolds me all the time for touching any that I get.
    6. You would have to be very dirty to justify repeating the shampoo process even once, let alone 3 to 20 times.
    7. I don’t know for sure. I am often that person mostly because I don’t give a fuck and still am employed anyway. sooner or later my luck will run out and someone will get tired of putting up with my shit.
    8. That is one of the big mysteries of life. And also why I can’t find a decent guy I like to date.
    9. Amen. I murder them.
    10. People like to assign blame. BLAME is a combination of LAME and BULLSHIT eg BLAME!
    Peace out hot momma, I gots to look like I give a fuck at work!

  4. TheIdiotSpeaketh said:

    You crack me up Marina! You need a tv show to showcase your great rants! 🙂

  5. LOL! I was always told if you pop pimples on your temple or between your nose you could die :O As for the toilet paper role! It’s toilet paper. Doesn’t it just go on the role?

  6. I am hmmmmming.
    I’ll get back to you

  7. Thank you for having the courage to ask these questions. I’ve been wondering for awhile about some of these.

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