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Somewhere in my o so busy schedule between my corporate job, celebrity lunch and dinners, and of course all the red carpet walks I do … I made time to see a movie for this week’s movie review.

This week I saw the movie GIA starting Angelina Jolie and some other people.

It’s about a true story of  a girl who became a “America’s first model”  and it shows her quick jump into fame and her downward spiral into drugs and finally AIDS.

Question: Wasnt Janice Dickerson the first model? I am so freaking confused!

Anyways, this movie was not viewed as controversial but it should have been! What was controversial was Angelina Jolie’s ass!

OMG.. first off…Angelina Jolie is supposed to the hottest woman alive! She is supposed to be! In this movie, I found her body so gross I immediately wanted to turn it off. Seriously!  Her flat ass ruined the whole movie for me! The blonde hair girl in the movie had more booty!

Nudity is very important to me…especially women nudity! These are the women I am supposed to be yearning to be like. You know? Like when I am on the 12th taco and I suddenly catch a glimpse in the mirror and think… “Would Angelina Jolie in Mr and Mrs Smith eat this 12th taco?”

Fuck no!

I found her body in this movie to be kinda gaunt looking… but she was playing a model… so I get that.

Back to the movie: So Gia becomes this instant hit because she does just look so sexual.  And yes in the movie she is a bad ass, a rebel if you will.  What is crazy is that she falls in love with a girl… like she is love with this girl. And yes you see them get it on… which is the only reason to see this movie. THE ONLY REASON TO SEE THIS MOVIE!

I understand that this does open a bag of worms about me. Am I closeted lesbian? Probably. Was I lesbian in my past life? I wouldn’t be  surprised!  Truth is… I do love men… but there is no denying a hot chick. Can I get a Amen?

Gia is pushed into this life of fame and drugs and she slowly starts losing control. With being the hottest most wanted model in the world, she leans more and more on drugs. After failed relationships and rocky family issues, she finally loses control and gets AIDS.

  It is a tragic story. Gia began her modeling career at 17 add died at the age of 26.

  I understand that this was if not the first, one of the first films  Angelina Jolie made. However, her acting seemed over exaggerated to me. In fact, I didn’t find her worth watching.  She is a better actress now but in this movie I felt it was all forced. She was totally over doing it. That and her ass was too small and flat. Seriously I saw her from the back side… I cried and hugged my own ass!

 After I saw the movie, I looked up the real Gia.

 Her full name was  Gia Carangi and OMG that girl was hot!!

 Yes yes Angelina has some sexiness going on but the real Gia … god damn was hot!

Don’t you think?!

She is freakin hot!

Where was Eva Mendes for this role? Or Eva Longoria?!


Anywho, so this movie was alright. Again I can’t stress enough how  I almost walked away from this movie all because Angelina’s ass just was not right. It was a catastrophe!

Sigh…. you be the judge.


Comments on: "Thursday Movie Review- That Ass is Flat" (14)

  1. firecracker3 said:

    Here is your AMEN! I am with you on all statements even though I didn’t see the movie I trust your input on this! I also would make an amazing girlfriend for either sex. I can make panties drop…just saying…anyway….moving on….

    The real Gia is hot in a sexy but not slutty fashion, very alluring!

  2. Amen!! I totally agree with you, a woman’s body is just a thing of beauty and you can’t deny a gorgeous woman. I totally agree with you since I saw some of this movie and Jolie’s body is just not that hot with her nudity in the film. I was like, “Oh… really?? My body is more banging than that, yeah!” The real Gia looks very hot though, one of those other actresses would of probably fit her look much better.

  3. firecracker3 said:

    Yeah I guess I am offering since men seem less than enthusastic with my abilities in any area!

    • Ok thats’s it… feel free to move in with me whenever you want.
      Lets do this. We will run away to New York.
      And for the record… I choose to be a lipstick Lesbian. Ok?

  4. I give you a second Amen…nothing better than a naked hottie with junk-in-the-trunk and a stacked rack!!! Yup this move was a C-

    • Thanks for reading.
      Its apparentive that if there is going to be nakedness… it needs to be perfect. How else am I going to get my jealousy on!??!

  5. Amen girlfriend..Amen.
    I watched this movie a few years back and I have to agree with your review!

    • First off, I didn’t even know what this movie was about. But when the scene entered into the nudity stage I was immediately waiting the blow of how goddess like Angelina Jolie would be…
      and I was greatly disappointed.
      But don’t tell this to a guy. He will disagree with you.
      A naked woman is a hot woman no matter what!
      Some people I tell ya!

  6. My husband tells me I’m a closet Lesbian all the Time LOL! But the female Body is a beautiful thing I mean can be a beautiful thing! Great Review this Week!

  7. Love your review. It’s been a long ass time since I’ve seen the movie and now I want to go back and watch it again.

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