In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

You may or may not know this little man but this is my 2 year-old Ryan Major. Yes,that is his name. If you don’t know him (who am I kidding you don’t), you need to know that at just 2 years old he is already a man’s man. He is all boy. Since he could walk he has been intrigued with sports especially football. He is a rough boy and rather play with his daddy and uncles then regular kids.  Ryan is a fighter and no not like that kid that just randomly tries to start shit with other people. He is a fighter in his convictions and knows what he wants. He is not wishy-washy but very strong-minded.

Yesterday as the girls were dancing to Justin Bieber in the living room I was cleaning the kitchen and making  an avocado dip for a pot luck at work. Ryan pulled up a kitchen chair up to the counter as I was cleaning.

“The Major” : What doing?

Me annoyed at what I am doing cause who really likes to wash dishes? No one!  

“Washing dishes Ryan. Hundreds of them. Look! I tell you guys use the same glass but no you guys have to use all the glasses.”

“The Major” : Ohhhhhh canna water?

Me: Ok hold on Ryan.

“The Major” : Ok….

30 seconds later….

“The Major”: Canna water now?

Me (getting annoyed): Hold on!

They always attack me with wants when I am doing something I need to hurry and finish. On top of that,  I still had to make this dumb dish for work.

10 minutes later after washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen up I am now ready to make this dumb dish.

I am spreading refried beans on a big platter. “The Major” comes up next to me on his chair.

“The Major” : What doing?

Me: I am making a dip

“The Major”: Ohhhh, why?

Me: I have no idea why. I don’t know the girl really well that’s leaving our company. And I don’t know why I volunteered to make anything. I much rather sleep in the car. Who knows how long this will take?!?!

“The Major”: Ohhhh dat’s nice mama.

I stop at look him.


I try to be nice all the time. Sometimes I am too nice. In fact, I am known for having everyone  run over my little ass. I am non-confrontation. However at this job I have chosen to really not mingle with anyone. I just don’t have the heart to mingle … anymore. Why don’t I mingle anymore? Am I too lazy? Do I care anymore?

Me: You think me making this for another girl is nice?

“The Major”, who was licking the avocado off a spoon,: Uh huh!

I always think of doing nice things for people but nowadays I rarely follow through. Time is short; I feel like a chicken without a head sometimes. Do I show enough that I actually care by action?  I need to start being a nicer person in my actions that for sure.

Me: I should do more nice things for people huh Ryan?

“The Major”: Uh huh. He holds us a cup. Canna water?

Me: Ok. Laughing I pour some water for him.  I should stop complaining huh and just do this nice thing right Ryan?

“The Major”, he gets some avocado and rubs it on my nose, : You silly mama.

 So in those 30 minutes Ryan “told” me stop bitching and just do what you gotta do. And somewhere in there he made me laugh and showed me another way we can just spend time together!

I owe that dude several cookies. Until I saw the avocado smeared along the wall….

“Ryannnnnnnnnnnnnnn get your bad butt over here!! “




Comments on: "Therapy Session With Ryan “The Major ”" (18)

  1. firecracker3 said:

    I like to think of the kindness to others as an important part of karma, that isn’t to say that you must constantly do it. Choose wisely where, when and to what degree to pay it forward and the rewards will be so much greater 🙂

  2. ryoko861 said:

    Sometimes it’s the little ones that remind us of the more important things in life. We can all learn a thing or two from them.

  3. Children are mirrors of ourselves. I get so hacked off at my daughter and yet when I step back, it’s like looking at myself even now as an adult. Her bad habits are my bad habits and her good qualities are my good qualities. And she is very quick to make a good point, which can be very embarrassing, especially when she is right! Your little boy is the bomb, he is sooooo freaking cute! And I love that you took the time to talk to him even though you were very busy and flustered. I don’t always do that and so it is a good reminder to me. Thanks!

  4. Children remind us of the little things in life. Your little guys is absolutely adorable 🙂

  5. Awww, he is so cute! And I know it’s hard to mingle, and it’s sometimes exhausting to do nice things all the time because you can feel under appreciated and just get tired of it. But, I think that is very nice of you to make the dip, if I made dip it’d probably turn into poison!

  6. I love “I’d rather sleep in the car.” LOVE IT.

  7. your son is adorable.

  8. your son is so cute with his “canna water”
    so was your dip a big hit at the potluck?

  9. Most of my life’s lessons I have learned from my kids. Yep, the kids….oh and porn.

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