In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I can’t sing, I can’t play an instrument. In fact my whole two years in band, I pretended to play the clarinet because I sucked so bad and I also protected my loser teacher from the cruel students. So with an agenda like that… yea I wasn’t feeling the music.

But!! That doesn’t mean I don’t love music. In fact, I wish I could sing. A big hobby for me for a long time was writing songs. I haven’t written one since I married my husband. I wanted to be a song writer. When I hear a song, of course the melody catches me, but I always pay attention to the lyrics.

What is the artist trying to say?

What does it mean?

I am right now on vacation. I am just hanging at home with the kids and I am really missing my husband who is far away on business.

So excuse the whole gayness that is about to explode on your ass…. but here are some songs that mean alot  to me about Gus.

I met Gus at a previous job. I was immediately attracted to him… in fact!! I wanted him as soon as I saw him. Is that weird??

He and I got along together on the job. There was an obvious chemistry between us.

There were many times this song would come on the radio and we would just sit and listen. I actually felt like this song was speaking to us and we both knew it.

Hoobastank-The Reason

During that whole time of guessing how I felt or how he felt and being at an impasse just in life, things were just emotionally chaotic.  All I was certain of was how I felt for him. Never in my life had someone rocked me to the core like Gus. He was everything I never knew but needed. I think I loved him before I even knew.

During our whole employment together, Gus exposed me to country music. At the time, I was totally rocker. I knew a little about all other kinds of music but I was totally a rocker.  So  whenever I was with him, I was “forced” to listen to country. Yet I grew to like it.

In fact, that whole first year of falling for him felt exactly like this song.

Diamond Rio- Beautiful Mess


On our first date, we went to a college football game. We had a blast tailgating. I remember Gus got a little tipsy and as we drove back from the game, Gus and I sat in the back of the car as his brother and girlfriend drove us to our next stop. A song was on the radio and in Gus’s drunk in but sweet estate sang this song to me. I doubt he remembers.

Keith Urban – Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me

We got serious and  fast. We were inseparable.  One night after we had a small little shindig with his family, Gus was flipping through the radio stations as I was cleaning up and this song came on.

See up into the time, I knew I felt for him and I knew he cared for me. But nothing was really expressed out in the open.

Normally I would have changed this song cause normally I would think its fruity … it is… fruity. But he let it stay and as I washed his dishes, I listened and to the song and wondered what the hell is he doing.

All My Life-Linda Ronstadt

During the song, he came over to me and told me he loved me. He also told me he wanted to marry me.

During the years of our marriage, now 6, we are still together and music  have become an important center in our life. I know that it’s important to Gus very much. It’s always been an important life line in mine. So now I try to communicate in music now.

It just is deeper for us.

Clint Black-I do

Bryan Adams- Everything I do

And during this course of our marriage, we have argued what was the best song to be “our” song. So many songs have left a mark with me or him… I can’t tell you how many times I was like I love this song! This is us! I have so many that just remind me of Gus.

Yet once we heard it, it was like we knew instantly. It just describes us instantly.

Rick Trevino-I Only Get This Way With You

This song was picked way after we were married.

Yet it makes me think of this one moment before we got married when we were on our way to getting to be serious couple.

“Gus, my parents want to meet you. They are gonna have a dinner and want you to come over.”

He just sat there for a moment.

I thought he was going to say no. I remember I was nervous asking him this because this was a big deal for both of us.

He looked at me. I was sitting on the opposite couch.

“Come here.”

I went over to him. And he took me in his arms and smiled at me.

“there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”

And that was that.




Comments on: "Musical Revolution-Let’s Get It On-Love Edition" (21)

  1. Excuse me while I wipe a tear from my eye…
    You two are just too freaking cute! Obviously there is so much love there and your songs and words show it. It’s an awesome feeling when you just “know” I was like that with B and him with me. Hell from the first date on we were inseparable, literally. I knew that this time was different and now look at us 13 years later. I am so happy for you for finding your one and also for Mr. Gussy Poo. 🙂
    I wish you two many many more years of love, happiness and music.

  2. I am a music lover without a bone of musical talent in my body. I think it’s cool that you and your husband have kind of a history through songs. My fiance isn’t much for lyrical interpretation. He’s been known to like Swedish pop bands because the synthesized drum machines sound “neat” and has a weird love for NeYo 😦

  3. Oh. my. gosh.

    This is just the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard so far !

    Aaaargh ! I wish I could find someone like your Gus. * sigh*

  4. firecracker3 said:

    Aww, I agree with Fnkybee *wiping tear away* that is so great! I agree with the statement about the you just “know” which is totally different from a crush or that “this seems good” the feeling of fitting together is amazing 🙂

  5. What a great post! I also love music and could chart the songs for so many movements of my life. Good job, lady!

  6. You sentimental woman, you! Heart this post!

    I love all these songs, except the fruity one. I was too scared to play it lol

    Our song to dance to was supposed to be “Cowboy Take Me Away” by the Dixie Chicks but the dj played “Raining on Sunday” by Keith Urban. Both good. 🙂

    But our pause song is “iris” by the Googoo Dolls. Don’t know why. But it’s ours and it says everything.

    • I totally know what you mean!
      Music is our center. Sunday is our day to just listen to music. I miss that. I miss Gus playing music from his computer. I miss him.

  7. Oh how sweet! I love this post! It’s got me thinking about songs that remind me of my man. Great job!

  8. ryoko861 said:

    Excellent choice of songs here Marina! I can relate to most of them! Diamond Rio and Keith Urban!! Love those two!

  9. What lovely choice of music to express your relationship with Gus

  10. This is just toooooo sweet! i might be going into diabetic shock.
    Nice music
    I need a boyfriend!

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