In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Just so you know: You cannot put the car in reverse without it being actually on. Yeah… it’s already that kind of Monday.

This retardness on my part is a fine example of why there should not even be weekend. I end up forgetting how to function on a regular work day. In fact, even as I sit here at the office, I feel a little lost. My brain is trying to figure up why the hell I woke up so early.

This weekend I did absolutely nothing… nothing. So when I finally went to Walmart last night… I felt a little giddy. In fact we all did! Walmart is nice when there is no one there… and you can leisurely wander the store without confining the chillins’.

Part of the isolation from the world this weekend was because Sienna got sick. She got some stomach bug that apparently is going around. Poor her. She was in the bathroom all Friday evening, all Saturday and didn’t start feeling somewhat normal until Sunday evening.

So I was on Wipe Control, and as any mother knows, being in servitude humbles you.


“Yes Master.”

“Come wippeeee me.”

“Yes master.”


The last time I wrote retard in my blog, I was attacked by a commenter upset that I used the word retard and how that was offensive to Mentally Handicapped people everywhere.

I was like what???? I didn’t call anyone retarded. The only person I retarded is me, my husband, the dog, and things like my car and such. And I use that term in the most loving way possible. God, that’s retarded!


I introduced my kids to Indiana Jones this weekend. There was a marathon and I made my kids watch it. After awhile they all disappeared. Ahhh Harrison Ford … you were so hot! 



Have you guys seen Kick Ass?

It is so Kick Ass! Why didn’t have a dad who taught me how to kick ass, shoot guys, and perfectly throw knives in order to amend his vendetta against the local bad guy?

Ahhh, to dream.


I got in two retarded arguments with my hubby.

Number 1: I told him that I wanted to work on being an early bird. God knows that I hate to wake up early and I would like to be a real responsible Mom and try to get up earlier… like 9am…ish.

I am trying people!!

I went on to explain that I was not a morning person…

And then he stated his opinion basically saying that was a bunch of hogwash!

“Marina there is no one that likes to get up early. I hated to get up early when I was younger. So there is no such thing as this whole ‘I am not a morning person thing’. Why be a jerk to people just because you want more sleep! If you have to wake up, what’s five minutes gonna help you with? “

Ok first off, I have a friend that loves  to wake up early. She wakes up at 5:30am for the hell of it!

Secondly, shut up!! If I say I am not a morning person that means I don’t like waking up early! I don’t harass people. I simply ignore them til I feel ready that I won’t kill them.

Number 2: I love conspiracy theories.

It’s like watching scary movies. You don’t honestly believe in it but its scary and fun to think about it.

I was telling Gus that right after the last Indiana Jones movie about alien-like skulls being found in South America, a documentary came out about actual alien-like skulls being found in the 20’s I believe.

I was telling Gus this and he completely blew me off!

He could not believe I believed in aliens. When the hell did I say that?

And what if I did? Who gives a rat ass!!!

I started telling him all the weird reports of aliens even been found in Roswell, NM. Again, not saying I believe it but just putting out there of what other people have said.

He went nuts on me!!

He told me I was on the verge of becoming a loony like Jesse Ventura.

Is there anything looney about this man other then hair do??

I got annoyed and cut him off. I don’t believe in aliens but its cool to think about especially regarding all the reports and various stories out there.

He obviously was not gonna believe me.

What I find interesting is that aliens from another planet is so  freakin hard to  believe but yet there is this dude in the sky somewhere watching us who created everything out of nothing.

Riiiiiggghhht …. And I am crazy.




Comments on: "Singing the Monday Blues" (21)

  1. ryoko861 said:

    Aliens? That’s retarded.

    Hope the little one is feeling better! Sucks when the wee ones get sick.

    I get up by 7 on most mornings, that’s late for me. Hubby is up a 5:45. If I sleep later, I can’t sleep at night unless it’s like 2am. Isn’t that retarded?

    Harrison Ford is hot!

  2. Hurray for Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones!

    I think I may be a morning person. I tend to wake up early. However, I don’t tend to get dressed early. I wear PJs as long as possible, which is usually lunch time.

    • See if it were up to me … there would not be in appointments . I would get to places when I got there.
      I am not!! a morning person as in I hate to wake up early.

  3. firecracker3 said:

    There are some people that DO like to wake up early assuming they went to bed early and still got the number of hours of sleep they like to have each night. I know some people like this!

  4. You had me at Indiana Jones! Whew! Someone fan me!

  5. First of all, I love conspiracy theories and unsolved mysteries. Whether or not you believe the theory is irrelevant. There is nothing wrong with working your brain and getting a great conversation going.

    Second, I’m not a morning person either. For the most part, I’ve always gotten up early with my kids even though it was difficult and I’d rather be snoring. It’s funny how life works though because now that my kids are older and I could sleep in if I wanted, I usually wake up by 8 in the morning on my own. Yes, that’s without an alarm. Where was this talent when I needed it? I’m not sure. When I’ve been struggling with insomnia or I’m really sick I will sleep in till like 9 or 10 because of a bad night but for the most part, i just wake up.

    I’m also a night owl and, like you know, i struggle with horrible stretches of insomnia. I guess that the older you get the less sleep you need because I function rather well on just a couple hours of sleep. To be honest, I feel a lot better when I wake up earlier than I do if I sleep in. Maybe that’s my motivation for getting up.

    • So….. your telling me to shut the hell up … grab my boobs and wo-man up?! yes ma’am!!

      • Totally not what I was saying, but that works too! 🙂

        What I meant was that I find it great that you expand your mind and try to strike up interesting conversations, even if the other person isn’t that receptive. If you ever want to discuss anything along those lines, shoot me an email.

        As far as the morning shit goes…. what I was trying to get across is that it’s normal to be exhausted and want to sleep forever when your kids are young and constantly wearing you down. Most people, not all, will grow out of it eventually. Personally, I always set an alarm and tried to get up around the same time every morning. It just made my life easier, that’s all.

      • I was just pulling your nipple.

        You send me an email first!!

  6. i’m not a morning person, therefore non-morning types exist. we’re here! we’re tired! deal with it!

    and what is it about a lass in a catholic school uniform holding an automatic weapon with a long silencer..i don’t see anything suggestive at all….

  7. Oh, I totally feel you on the whole morning person discussion. Many of my clients who come and see me for massage, are, go figure, morning people. I’m surprised I can not only wake up early but start rubbing people only after an hour or so of being awake and not fall asleep. I hate morning. I hate waking up, when I get days off I sleep until the afternoon. People at my work think I’m a morning person, but that’s only cause’ I’m faking it til’ I make it.

  8. I believe the truth is out there *insert X-files music*
    I’m not a morning person either, I’m what you call a mid day person 🙂 wake me at a noonish and I’m a happy camper!
    What does Gus know about morning people! hmmp! Please do not tell him I said this, Remember you have my adress and he will be able to find me.
    (and in case he does read this) Hey Gus, just kidding 😉

  9. So what you are telling me is that you had a great weekend, great conversations with Gus, you love mornings and everyone is retarded? 😛 I know, I crack myself up.
    I’m glad the little one is feeling better! I ran to Walmart Sunday and 20 seconds after entering I wanted to kill everyone. I walked out with 5 things and was only in there no more than 5 minutes. It must have been take your family to walmart day because the aisles were packed with families which in turn made me stabby.

    I’m up with out an alarm by 8 at the latest, usually I am up at 7. WTF! But then again I am in bed usually by 10:30. I hate that but I’m afraid if I sleep in the kids will burn down the house.

  10. Mondays are always bad.

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