In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

You know when you are hung over but not really hung over cause it actually take alcohol to be hung over so you don’t know why you actually feel hung over. Yeah. That’s me… today.

Tuesdays suck when they remind you of Mondays. Damn you Tuesday!


Recently Miss Fnkybee, my blogger lady friend who had me believe she was a southern belle is actually a god damn Yankee!!, awarded me with a most gracious award! I have to say I was happier than a  pig in shit. Yee haw!

Miss Fnkybee is actually one of the coolest chicks I know.  She is funny, smart and very I consider her such a good friend.  And what makes her even more bad ass is that she figured how to paste a twitter comment!!! I know!!! So freakin hard!!! Maybe she is a genius?!!?

Thank you so much Fnkybee for awarding me with little bling bling:


This means she loves my blog!!! Wow!! Such an honor. Sometimes I feel like I am literally pulling shit out of my ass and she likes it… which questions her whole blog taste.. but oh well its her mind not mine.

So in order to accept this award I must not just link to but thank the giver of the award.

Fnkybee oh god thank you so very much (huge loud sobs!)! You are the B to my log!!! God Fnky… I love you!!!


Next I must list 7 random things about me:


1. I am having a hard time with the concept that I am getting older. I might have a nervous breakdown. Yeah, its that serious!

2. I know I am not suppose to have a favorite kid but I do. I really love the dog Bo. He listens.

3.  I love food. Food is apart of the family. Its a wonder that I am not 500lbs. Cause I love to eat!

4. I don’t like doing yard work …. when under the supervision of my husband. He almost got killed by the rake several times. Shit, if that ever happens, I just wrote out my premeditated murder plans here!!!

5.  I am changing on my own with out my help. Before I could never be myself. Today I eating lunch by myself at a fast food place. And I don’t give two shits. I actually welcome the lonliness.

6. I finally realize that after all these years I didn’t have the potential to write books, I realized that I do. I just need to start.

7. Dream #248: I wanna be on Storage Wars.

Finally, pass this blog onto others. Namely 10 bloggers.

1. AfterDarkLounge / Sex in the City Lounge is my friend who is a real life Sex in the City lady! Props to her and her seductive blog!!

2. Tiny Temper is one feisty blogger. She is cute, sassy, and she is from England… or somewhere over there. She gets automatic points for being cool.

3. Thypolar is my very good friend and awesome blogger. She makes anything funny. And is such a great blogger!

4. Firecracker\’s Musings is another great blogger that I have to read everyday. She is funny, smart, and has the right amount of sarcasm you need in a day!

5.  Another ggrrreat blogger is Pkitass with her blog Alll I know is this. She is funny, and actually has so much fun with her blogging its always interesting to see what she has written today.

6. The Soapbox is another of my faves. She is witty and I love her dry humor. Hint: She might be related to the cast of Jersey Shore. Maybe. Possibly not.

7.  Thoughts Appear is hilarious and I am rooting for her to get hitched. I still have many sleepless nights from her not picking me to be her blog wife.. but whatever.

8. Don\’t Make That Face is one funny blog. She says the most unexpected things and tickes the funny bone with her wierd ass videos. Seriously where does she find this stuff?

9. Suicidesal5\’s Blog is another fave. She is cute funny and I feel akin to her. We have so much going on in our head… it scary!.

10. Girl on the Contrary is interesting, educational, and freakin hilarious. She is more funny then anything.

Again Fnky thanks. And to everyone… yes I love your blog. Don’t say I never gave you any…. blog lovin!!!


Comments on: "Yer Hear, I Got Me Some Blog Lovin’" (11)

  1. She’s a Yankee?! WHAT?! Wait…I’m a Yankee, too.

    Congratulations! I love #6. And thanks for passing the award along!

  2. Well of course I fucking love this blog! I am mentioned in it! Best blog ever! Haha. Seriously, well given that I haven’t blogged as much lately, I feel very very happy to receive such an award. Thank ya my lady and fellow hoarder of the mind!

  3. ryoko861 said:

    Believe me, I’m NOT related to ANYONE on the cast of Jersey Shore! They’re from Staten Island coming to Seaside Heights, NJ and giving it a bad name! Wish they would go back to SI and keep their shit to themselves!

    Thank you though for the award! It’s always nice to be loved!

  4. Congratulations on the award! I kinda wanna be on storage wars too, but I’d be too afraid to be the one to pay more money than what I need for the storage space and not find any hidden treasure in it. I hate Tuesdays too, it’s one of my slowest days at the Spa and I get super bored.

  5. That’s right, I’m a yankee. Even though I have been in the south for 9 years, yankee runs through my veins. Seriously little guys singing yankee doodle dandy and riding horses run through my veins, it can get a bit painful at times.
    ahem, I am a genius. 😉
    I love your random facts. #5 – I remember when I took a deep breath and said screw it I’m hungry and I’m going to eat by myself at a restaurant. It was like heaven and now I look forward to it every once in awhile.
    Keep rockin friend! I love ya.

  6. Thanks Girl! But you gotta give a girl some breathing room.
    You’re smothering me with so much lovin 😉

  7. Congrats on your award and thank you for passing it on to me 🙂 just so you know, I’m not liking this whole getting older thing either. Totally over it! I already speak my mind like a crazy old bitch but the one thing that I’m looking forward to is that the older I get the less shit will be thrown at me when I open my mouth.

  8. Normally, I am against people posting “seven things about me” but yours actually give up some interesting information. Number four wasn’t very good though. Nobody likes doing yard work (except for some dads).

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