In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Musical Revolution. Are you ready for the power?

Its time for ladies to show how its done.

I love girl singers the best. I am always interested more in what they have to say. It might be the feminist in me.

Now here is a question I wanna ask dudes all the time.

Kate Nash-Dickhead

So why are you man!??!

This next song is by a singer that I know scares the crap out of Fnkybee. I am sorry Fnky. I just love it.

Amanda Palmer- It Runs in the Family

Hoarders may wanna come see Amanda.

Anyways I love that song.

Another girl I love is Ingrid Michaelson. You might have heard this song.

Sweetest song.

And I love this girl and her band!! She has the most beautiful name.

Marina and the Diamonds-Oh No

Lets here for the ladies!!!


Comments on: "Musical Revolution-Unleash the Ladies" (2)

  1. Great songs and ladies!!!
    Yes, Amanda Palmer scares me! haha! The first time B put in the Dresdon Dolls DVD I just sat there in awwe. Crazy!
    Keep Rockin!

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