In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Ya’ll remember that blog I wrote about guys and how to get rid of these douche hound dogs when they do creepy things to get your attention ?

Me neither.

But I found the answer.

Praise the lord for Jenna Marbles!


You’re fucking welcome.




Comments on: "Wordless Wednesday…. How can you stay quiet with this?!?!?" (14)

  1. Ok well, I started to watch it but my son won’t leave the couch next to me so this is paused until I am a-lone. 😛

  2. So funny! I could use those techniques…


    I just watched Fnkybee’s video and now I watched this, OH MY GOD hilarious!!!!!!!!

  4. firecracker3 said:

    hahaha too funny I have never had trouble “losing” a guy, maybe I use “the face” and don’t realize it 🙂 hahahaha thanks so much for this video post! Awesomeness!

  5. ryoko861 said:

    Oh, I love her! She’s so funny! The Helen Keller move……LMAO! I have to watch more of her! She’s a crack up!!
    Another YouTube channel to subscribe to! Love it!!!

  6. I’m going with the Helen Keller move also. I think I can pull it off well.

  7. Not only have me and my mom have done “the face” to people but we’ve also done “the psycho” to those people who approach you in malls to get you to sign up for stuff. It consists of a crazy face and going “Eee! Eeee!!” repeatedly until they run away.

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