In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Last week I found this awesome blog, A Case of the Awesomes, and its freaking hilarious. But it was this post that made me wanna create a list of my own.

You first should check out the post before you go any further cause then there is going to be a lot … huh? What the hell is she doing??

Go ahead. I will wait. I need your stat hit anyways.

Dum Dum dum dee dee dum dum …. you back?

Great? Funny huh?

So it got me thinking what were my boy crazy celebrity crushes as I was growing up. Well, to be honest I was really abnormal cause I was never into the whole celebrity boy crush thing. In fact, my sister was that nut! Like bad too! She would cut out pics of them, glue them everywhere, there were posters in her room… she was crazy. If she knew how to drive and has income, she would have totally been a stalker.

Not I though.  I was too boring. Actually I was too lazy(what’s new!!) to invest time in liking boys and going that whole mile to remember them when it was necessary.

However, I remember thinking some guys were cute… and I am pretty sure you are gonna be like who?? with all these dudes. Cause as soon as I saw them I forgot them.

1. Jonthan something or other from New Kids on the Block.

  Truth  be told, I was with a group of girls who were crushing on these dudes and they were like,   “who do you like Marina?” My sister had already picked Joe so I went for this dude. He was ok. And now I don’t know why I liked the guy…  he kinda had a weird face. And that body??!?! He was definetely a kid! Cause ewwww!!

 Plus I heard he is now gay… so it obviously never would have worked out.

2. Jonthan Brandis.

He acted in the only movie I knew of called Ladybugs. I so remember liking him! Whats not to like? He is pretty! Like a doll!  The hair that fell to eyes.

And hey, to a kid (like 9 or 10 years old maybe) he was gorgeous. Sad thing, he took his own life. I have no idea why! He was hot!

3. This guy is Vincent Kartheiser. Or something.

 Saw him in one movie and in was like swooning like any other 12-year-old!  Again another pretty one. What was wrong with me when I was young?

 Totally not my cup of tea any more. I would say he was gay too but alas he not.

 4. Aww yes Andrew Keegan.

  This sucker is still good-looking. His jaw was more defined and now that is what I like. But he still has that whole pretty thing about him. This guy has stayed the same. He is still hot. So cheers for you Andrew, your borderline gayness is working for you!

5 .  Devon Sawa.    Yeah I totally ashamed of this one.

 I have no idea what I was thinking of. He is ugly! Well apparently I didn’t think so when I saw Little Giants. Dear God, I disgust myself. 

6. Mike Vitar

 Yeah who really cares what his name is. This dude that came out in the movie The Sandlot was the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen. Even to this day, I am saying to my girls, “This is the kinda hot you need to score!”

 Do you remember this movie? Wasn’t he like dreamy? Pretend your 12 years old. Now wasn’t he dreamy? I know!

 7.  Keanu Reeves.

 This was in my teenage years. He was soooo dreamy! I mean seriously. He still is… he just kinda needs to locate a razor of some sort.  However, yes with his surfer dude accent, matrix moving, bus saving, future mailing, …that’s all I got. Bottom line…. hellllllooooo Keanu!

8. Tommy Lee

    I have no idea why. Seriously I do not. I guess everyone needs a crazy one.. something out of the norm. I guess this is it for me. Yuck though. I disgust myself.

Geez, what was I thinking?

9.  Vin Diesel

 Obviously just cover his face and he would be a perfect specimen, don’t you think?

10.  The Rock

   Yeah I was a wrestling fan. And I so smelled what the Rock was cooking. Yes I did!  It’s The Rock. What’s not to like? He is good-looking, had muscles, and did this thing with eyebrows that was crazy.

I know I am not the only one… ladies where are you?!?!

Now I guess you can say I have gotten a little mature with my likes… they seem reasonable and not so sporadic. Is that a word? I am making it.

Now its Jason Whitten

Jason Statham

Gerald Butler

Ryan Reynolds

So there you have the celebrity crushes. Ok its a lot… but its random but I forget who the are. It took me forever to remember them all for this stanken post!

 Honestly, you know who makes me forget about them all?

My number  one hottie!

Yep… first time I saw him I swooned, knees buckled, and I knew I was in trouble. And 7 years later, he still affects me the same way.  He is the man, bad ass in every way, and he can totally take you in arm wrestling and more than likely bench press you! Plus he can totally do The Rock eyebrow move. That’s my favorite part!

 I got me some hottness!


Comments on: "Me Too… I Am Celebrity Crazy!" (19)

  1. Thank you!
    It’s interesting how much our little girl crushes actually look like little girls!
    Ah, #4 Pensive, and thoughtful
    Keanu, yes
    Tommy Lee = Dirty Hot
    Ryan Reynolds- Shirt off, please
    Your hubs= cuteness
    Love your blog!

    • Thanks dude! I love yours too!!
      OMG your right… half the half I liked when I was young were chick looking…. I hate to think I have been supressing lesbian tendencies!! Gasp!
      Something to talk with the shrink next visit!

  2. ryoko861 said:

    Out of all of those Marina, I only know one of them. What generation gap we have!

    Oh, I know Tommy Lee and Vin “you owe me a 10 second cah” Diesel.

    The only poster I had in my room and the two guys that would make me melt was Starsky and Hutch aka Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul. And it was David a little more than Paul. That was it. No one else could float my boat like those two.

    • Hey!
      I may be a kid but … I got no back up on that … I show my age daily. Sigh…

      Ha ha I loved your nickname for Diesel. My hubs tries to hurt me and tell me he is gay all the time. That would be a waste of a man!

      And really David? I was more of a Paul kinda guy.
      Now I feel like men should look like men instead of pansy looking boys. How do you get them like that? Ladies, you feed them. excessively!

  3. I have to say I love this list… I have a long list of High School celebrity crushes I could write down… I may have to use your post and A Case of Awesomeness (great name for a blog huh?) as my inspiration.

    I currenlty have a crush on the short haired version of Tom Brady and my husband will not allow us to consider Brady as a name for our boy due soon because he thinks I am naming the kid after him!!! OMG… come on not even close.

    • Men are so cruel.
      I don’t know I got my hubby to agree to naming our so Ryan (Ryan Reynolds) but he finally did.
      Come on it was either my crush or his man crush on Former QB of the Texas Longhorns Colt Mcoy… and lets face it how would we explain that!
      Do it!
      Make your list!

    • Everyone has a crush on Tom Brady! Men and women alike. Has your husband not gazed upon that hotness?

  4. That was awesome! I will need to do something similar! heehee. Tommy lee….everyone needs a bad boy to crush on. I’m soooo guilty of this! I was one of the girls that had pictures all over my room. My NKOTB crush was Joey..he’s still a cutie! I love your list!

  5. O.k. so the Rock and Vin Diesel are still on my List of Hotness! What can I say Bald, Built and Tatoos thats my kinda man!

  6. firecracker3 said:

    Whoa, okay where to begin, I share a lot of the same “likes” when it comes to those crushes you listed. Seeing the list reimded me of ones I have long since forgotten about. Tommy Lee, I think I have the same issue as you, the “wtf why do I like him, but yet I do” issue. TL is like my Hot Sex Guy from my blog. Fnkybee has seen pics of him so she knows 🙂 tatted up, bad ass hotness! Your husband is a cutie!

    • You know who else I remembered bit wasn’t on my list?
      Rob Zombie!!! Now he is hot!!!

      I think everyone has a bad boy thing….
      Thats where my husband comes in… he has a lot of attributes that I like in all these guys. He is tall and strong, he is hot, but has nice features like long eyelashes full lips and he is in a way tamed bad boy.
      Ha ha thanks!

  7. I love the whole transformation that you see with the younger celebrities and how they look then, and now. Some of them don’t age too well, others kind of age like a fine wine. And your man is definitely such a cutie, and totally like a bad boy that you have well tamed! I totally agree with you for #7, he desperately needs to find himself a shaver and get rid of the scruff!

  8. Yep, I thought Tommy Lee was a hottie myself. I was also a Vin Diesel fan. It’s amazing what a little girl brain can do 🙂

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