In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

On this week’s musical revolution, I am going to focus on songs that personal affect me. These songs have become a personal anthem in one part of my life or another. And today, I would like to share them with you. I can’t say that I have a favorite song cause I literally have thousands! There are a few though, that bring me to my knees sorta speak.

I think overall I am a happy person. I have been told I am annoyingly optimistic.  Some music just brings out a kind of sadness in me.  I like to say I am emotionless but that’s not really the case. My problem is that I ignore my right to feel. So in this way sometimes music is a therapy session for me… for free or for the cost of a iTunes single.

For instance, one song that carries a lot of emotion for me  is Fine Again-Seether

The first time I heard this song it just spoke to me. I had just finished high school and it felt like I was just trying to figure myself, the people around me, and the world out. I felt disappointed. Being grown up was not what I thought it would be again. I was on fast track and I just wanted to be ok. This song was my anthem. Eve though I feel comfortable with my life now, when I hear this song, I still remember the feeling of just being … “lost”.

The next song reminds me of childhood and memories I keep but with people I lost.

Desperately Wanted- Better than Ezra

Nostalgia is bitter-sweet.

This next song totally consumed my life in the 90’s and then everything else this band made. It screamed at me, it begged me, and had such a powerful voice.  Til this day, I can’t help but rock out when I hear this song.


This next band is newer to me though I have liked them for about a year after discovering them. I love everything about this band but this song is so heavy! It just speaks to me.

Heavy in Your Arms- Florence and the Machine

I love all the possible meanings of this song. I feel like it’s a  story about unrequited love. Maybe the feelings weren’t mutual, or the other person wasn’t ready for the intensity of that relationship, or both. For whatever reason, the love-interest couldn’t meet her half-way.


That’s it…. for today. So I leave you with one last song… the song I always want to smoke a cigarette to right after I listen to ….

Crystalized- The XX’s

I covet this song!



Comments on: "Musical Revolution- My Revolutionary Song" (13)

  1. Dude. That Florence and the Machine song brought down a bit…in a really good way. Loving your revolution as always.

  2. I loved watching the Florence video. It was kind of creepy and I love videos that have a creepy element to them. Also, you are so organized! You thought of a theme for this Friday’s music Revelution! I must try this as it does make everything a little more interesting. Thanks!

    • Ha ha I used to just put random songs … but then I started grouping song on my own … and I am normally not organized… go figure!! Have you heard of Portishead? I have a feeling you would like her

  3. Dude. Dude. Dude.
    Talk about taking me back. The Seether Song..Love it, always loved it. Now it must meet my ipod. The Better than Ezra Song..totally forgot how much I love that too will be meeting my ipod.
    Now when I hear Zombie all I can think of is the home movie I have of my sister and her best friend when they were around 11 years old rocking it on the karaoke machine in our basement. Talk about having black mail! bwah haha!

    Thanks for taking me back..Love the music today!
    ps. I might have to steal this idea for my next music post..yes I am thief of your genius!

    • Are you kidding?? I steal from you , you steal from me… we family now… its being borrowed with the intention of never getting it back!!

  4. Kristin Brænne said:

    Stay excellent!

  5. firecracker3 said:

    Ah yes Better Then Erza, I forgot how much I like that tune!

  6. Zombie is one of my favorite songs!

  7. Great week of music picks girl!

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