In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Ahhhh, I love sexual innuendos. Don’t you?

Life would so bland. Conversation would be lame. So would this blog. TV would suck. And yes even our News stations would be absolutely revolting to watch!


I call this picture  Weather Warm Front.  And it’s heading straight for Pennsylvania!

Speaking of sex, men kinda creep me out.

Not all men but creepy pervy men.

I was walking out of Wal-Mart yesterday with groceries and a man driving a truck drives me. He then starts going all nuts saying shit like, “Oh baby. Yeah!” And some other stupid remarks.

I didn’t even look up. I was afraid he would kill me then chop me in a million pieces making it hard for anyone to identify me.

Yeah, exact thoughts that ran through my head.

Why do guys do that? Do they actually think I am going to turn around and be flattered by that?!

Its obvious! The brains you got is the small one between your legs.

I hate the freaks that just stare at you! Especially when you are in your car at a red light and you got the car next to you full of dumbasses just fixating on you.

Yeah uncomfortable!

What are you suppose to do in those situations? Flip them off?

Maybe if I started acting like I was “special” or had a limp?

What do you suggest?

Granted, I don’t rarely get hit on. It’s probably cause I don’t notice and honestly I couldn’t give a flying fuck what turns anyone on.

How do you think men would respond if women started treating them like a piece of meat? And making them incredibly uncomfortable?  

Eh fuck it. I’ll solve the problem like a solve every problem.

Destroying everything a guy loves.


Oh you thought you saw psycho.

Cause ever woman had a potential to be this fellas!

 Oh yea… we all got one these just waiting for the right fucking second to go all ballastic on your ass.

Just say the wrong thing dudes! Just look at us wrong once!!

You wanna experience crazy?

I got your crazy!


You Have Just Been Double Teamed!






Comments on: "Double Teaming It On This Blog" (16)

  1. Word.
    You ask what you do at the light when dudes are gawking at you…You flash them of course! haha!
    People can be so freaking creepy!

    • Like I said, it doesn’t happen all the time. But it happened yesterday and it freaked me the hell out. So I def want more balls to flip these dudes off or make pies that I can pack in my purse to toss at them.

    • Exactly flashing them is the way to go. Nothing else say “leave me alone” more clearly then boobies 🙂

      • LOL ….. yea so not gonna happen. Cause they might have to move in for a closer look to figure out what I am doing. Thats moving to close to the danger zone

  2. firecracker3 said:

    I have turned the tables on the guys and treated them like a piece of meat. Some became so uncomfortable when I saw them at the gym they didn’t even make eye contact anymore, others love it, the get off on it. Difficult to know what you are signing up for 🙂 Fun to mess with them every once and awhile though.

  3. I know exactly how you feel unwanted attention is creepy.
    There’s this place I go to often because of work and the guy there at the front desk always looks at me weird. It gives me the ibby chibbys. Last time he told me “you know I like you” but it sounded dirty.
    Funny you would blog about it today just last night I was talking to TCiMaster about the same thing. Dude we might have some special connection 🙂

  4. Keep some fake Austin Powers teeth in the car. When you get that feeling you’re being scoped, pop’em in and flash a smile. Instant turn off.

  5. ryoko861 said:

    Love that Carrie Underwood video! Great song!

    Take it as a compliment. Obviously, he doesn’t know how to compliment a woman, but he did his best. He thought you were hot!

    I get 65 year old men in the Home Depot parking lot telling me that I “command presence”. He was a really sweet man and he did make my day. Maybe it was the slightly tight “CSI LAS VEGAS” tee shirt I was wearing.

  6. Men are pigs. The end!

    I’ve always had a problem with guys being pigs and most of the time I just ignore them but sometimes I can’t help myself. I’ve told guys to stop staring and take a picture instead so they had something to jack off to. I’ve walked over to a guy who was staring at me all creepy like and asked for my clothes back. To be honest, telling them that they are pigs just makes them worse.

    On a side note…. Women can be just as bad

  7. I just ignore crazy pervy guys.

    The thing I hate most is when truckers honk at me to get my attention. I’m always worried there’s something wrong with my car. Then I look up and see lewd gestures…ewwww….

  8. Some guys are born creeps! Sorry to hear you went through that . No women needs this shit! thanks for sharing your lil story with us.

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