In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Words and melody are what attract us to a specific time. It’s whats playing on the radio at the very moment you tell your boyfriend or girlfriend you love them. It’s what is playing at an awesome party. It’s what cheers up in your day.

Those certain songs.

I thought about iconic moments where a song has just set the mood and I came up with three for this week’s Music Revolution.

Next to music, movies are the best! So when they are combined, they create the most memorable scenes that we all wish could happen to us.

Remember the movie 16 Candles?

That movie was epic!  Remember through the whole movie she is gushing for Jake and felt like he would never notice her. Then she sees him, waiting for her!

How did you feel when you first heard this song and shared their first kiss with them?

Thompson Twins- If You Were Here


Say Anything

Lloyd was totally in love with Diane. Totally! As all things do, they broke up. However, he just couldn’t get over here.

And then Lloyd gave us this moment, and we now probably look out window daily looking for our moment.

Peter Gabriel-In Your Eyes


The Breakfast Club

In this movie, we met the breakfast club made up of 5 kids from all walks of life. You had your jock, nerd, princess, thug, and weirdo. Yet for one day they came together and cemented and everlasting relationship with each other and us.

And for the final moment, they gift wrapped the movie with this song.

Simple Minds- Don’t You Forget About Me


God I wanna be a 80’s teenager! Thanks to music!!


Comments on: "Music Revolution: The “Sigh” Iconic Moments" (8)

  1. Hell Yeah!!!!!!!

  2. Made.My.Day.

    I’m having a bit of a stresser but this cheered me right up!!! Thanks for always making me smile. Also, one of the best Musical Revolution posts I’ve seen. 🙂

  3. I have to say that I love this one because all of these songs mean something to me. Maybe its because I fell in love with the movies, or maybe its because of what was happening in my life at the time I was hearing those songs on the radio. Either way, thanks for the flashback!

  4. I once had a boyfriend tell me that Diane Cort reminded him of me. Too bad he was no Lloyd Dobler.

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