In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Eh, why the fuck not!

Fnky didnt mean to steal your idea …. but if it makes you feel better I dedicate this post to you.

You were the wind beneath my winds just now.

Man as the vlog went… I kept getting closer and closer to the computer.



Comments on: "Ok, I Am Coming Out of the Closet or Your Computer" (13)

  1. What’s up gorgeous! That was awesome! I love the way you say ‘fnky’ say it again!
    You did NOT steal my idea, I felt that I stole yours since you were talking about it the night before. We are vlogging homies! You hold the award though with your dlog..that was bang’n!
    You did great and you crack me up! You can never take anything to far..always push it! (regarding the flapping between the legs). hahahahaha!
    You best be planning on doing another one!
    You are my Roll to my Rock!

    • Dude do you know how many takes it took me… like 7!
      I was nervous at first then I got may to comfortable. My computer was screaming for personal space.

  2. ryoko861 said:

    You are the cutest thing!! You did great!! I hope you do more! Now that you and Fnkybee have done vlogs, I may have to do one.

  3. What the he’ll dude!
    You don’t know how to pronounce my name?
    Pequitas in Spanish
    Say it with me now..
    Got it!?
    Ha ha love you Vlog. Crap now I have to step it up a notch.

  4. I can’t wait to see The Hangover 2 as well! When the naked guy jumps out of the trunk, I crack up every time.

    Thanks for the shout out! It’s so awesome that you’re going to steal sign! I used to steal signs all the time when I was younger.

    I’m also bad at keeping surprises a secret. I think I love you….

    • Wow ….. you love me??? Wait no you said you THINK…. well I’ll take it. Thats better than: “Marina get the hell out of my house. Your feet stink!”

  5. Reason Number 763 why I love YOU! You did that so smoothly and professionally! I loved it. I want to do one too now, though I am not sure how my camera works. But it would be a fun challenge!

  6. TheIdiotSpeaketh said:

    Long assed legs and short torso eh? ha ha Loved your VLOG! Great job! I did not notice any pimples…… 🙂 Now, go stick your arm in a freezer or something! 🙂

  7. I know I already texted you but I finally made it home and to the computer so I thought I would say it again.

    You freakin rock and I love you!

    I already had the legal papers drawn up for you last night but then Fnkybee said that she wouldn’t sue, so I shredded them. But now that makes me nervous because Pkitass seems a little too intimidated with the need to step it up. I guess I’ll be up all night working on your legal papers again. It’s alright though….I got this. Just so you know, I accept sexual favors as forms of payment. Just sayin!

    I love the boob idea for Pkitass AND I love the way you say Fnky too. As your legal counsel, I suggest you copyright that shit ASAP. I’ll go get busy on the paperwork…………….

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