In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Oh how I love thee!!

So are you ready….

Turn up that hearing aid!!!

Today I am going to focus on a theme music revolution.

I am going to post three awesome music videos.

So let us begin!!!

First off, I am sorry to go country on you all but I love this song and this video. Let’s watch and then break it on down!!

Presenting: Look It Up-Ashton Shepherd

I so think this song is a bad ass woman’s anthem!  The lyrics are tough!  And Ashton doesn’t really push til the envelope til she starts burning that jerks stuff! And she did!! Good for her!! Burn it all!

So that’s what blow torches are for. Ohhhhhh

Next please!!

 This video has been banned from kingdom to kingdom! It is some serious chez.

I can’t not find it anywhere so in the spirit of fucking censorship, I gotta give you the link and you find it there. Damn internet, why you make it so hard!

So here it is… Smack my bitch up- Prodigy.


OMG right!?!

When I first saw this… I was like its a girl!?!?!?

She had man hands!!

But it makes sense cause notice when she was starting shit with dudes they did nothing.

I so love the part where she broke her own car window!


Last BUT DEFINETELY NOT LEAST…. I present the very fine Ciara feat Luda in Ride It


I wanna go into a dance studio show them this video and say… I wanna move like her now!!!

Seriously how did this video go past my radar? If you like this song, why were you video blocking ?!?!

Its all about Ciara now. The whole time I was like damnit Luda move!!!

I wanna move my ass sitting down like that!!


This concludes Music Something or other….excuse me.



Comments on: "The Music Revolution Continues" (8)

  1. ryoko861 said:

    Love that Ashton video! They could have gotten a better looking guy. What dork they picked for her husband/boyfriend. I mean really. Selling the stuff of a guy that looked like that? EASY! Look it up! Hee hee hee……….

    Ciara: I hate women that have a great looking bods! I want her to have three kids. THEN, without the aid of a professional trainer, I want to see her get her body back! Very muscular legs. Definitely a dancer!

    When you make your video, let me know!

    • I love Ashton so much … she can do no wrong in my eyes!!
      I thought the same thing about the guy … but I guess for the song he has to be losery looking!

  2. I loved Prodigy (and still do) back in my Rave Days! Smack my Bitch up! Your link isn’t working 😦
    Ciara can move and it’s ridiculous! She’s not human. 🙂

  3. Your revolutions never fail to make me smile! I can’t believe Smack My Bitch Up is nowhere to be found- it’s a classic!!!



  4. I like your style. And yes… That’s what blow torches are for!

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