In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

OMG seriously! Don’t look!

This is it… the final chapter.

There will be no refunds or reimbursements of any kind.
I was completely frozen where I stood. I couldn’t even move my eyes to look at Frankie. She was in the dead womans body but those eyes belonged to someone else. They were completely black as if they were just holes in her head.
“Wh-what do you want with us?” I stammered. I was full of dread. She was going to kill us.
She laughed smugly and in the most harshest voice she answered, “What’s mine.” She motioned for Frankie.
I needed to buy some time, I needed to think.
“We know what you did to Caleb and his sisters. He showed us what you did.”
She angrily looked at me an screamed, “That means nothing!”
“Are you going to kill us too?”
“Yes and you will be  for fun.”
I swung the 2×4 I was holding at her but she anticipated it, touched her temple and I froze. I was not able to move. I was started to feel an immense pain surge through my body. With me out-of-the-way, she turned her attention to Frankie. He was against the stairway now. He began to bolt towards the stairs.
“Ah ah ah not so fast son.You and I have some mother and son business.”
She pulled out a small ball and put it into her eye. Once inserted, it glowed a deep red beam. She seemed to control Frankie’s body with the red-eye. Frankie turned around and made his way towards her.
She touched his shoulders, “You see. I needed your brother and sisters blood to harness the  powers that I have been trying to receive for centuries. Yet you were missing. I can’t live forever if you don’t die either. I need my full power. You will help mommy out so much if you just surrender now.”
She took out a blade.
I screamed from the pain hoping she would turn her attention to me.
Just then Caleb appeared, reciting words in a language I had never heard. He finally screamed, “She is not our mother!!”
His deafening scream released me from the stricken pain and I fell to the floor. I immediately got up, picked up the board and slammed it into her body.
She toppled over dropping the blade. She was weak now but who knew how long that would last. I hit her legs now causing her to fall to the floor.
I jumped on top of her and started piercing everywhere I thought she could touch to cripple us. I pierced her head, stomach, chest, neck until deep wounds had penetrated the body.
She was yelling and screaming at me in a foreign language but I managed to hold her down.
“Frankie! Help me. She won’t die, “I yelled.
He  held her down.
“She won’t die!” I yelled exasperated.
He took the blade from me and shoved it in socket that held the red-eye. She screamed and struggled more. It glowed in his hands. He smashed it on the floor. As he did this, the body started melting. She was burning. The skin seemed to melt right off of her. She  yelled in pain. He grabbed the blade and sliced her head off in one stroke.
I let her go and backed away. Her head was in his hands. He turned the head to the body. A ghostly face appeared of a severely deformed burned woman where the head would have been in the body.
Frankie uttered  the words, ” reverto ut utra convenit ab.”
He showed the head to the face and it screeched and disappeared.
“Frankie?” He was still sitting by the body. He seemed in a daze. “Frankie?”
He looked up. His face was unrecognizable for a moment. Then after a moment, the soft face appeared. He looked at me then at the body on the floor. He jumped.
“What happened?”
“You killed her.”
“I did?”
I looked at him strangely.
Frankie looked like he was going  to be sick. He ran up the stairs.
I got up and started to follow. I looked back at the body and saw three small bodies. Caleb looked at me; he smiled for the first time. 

Comments on: "The Final Chapter of the Dream Odyssey Part 5" (14)

  1. ryoko861 said:

    Caleb has been put to rest. Frankie became one of the victims for a moment and killed the mother.

    WOW Marina, this is awesome stuff! I would look into having this published or something. It has great bones for a movie! Even a book.

  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh said:

    Very well done! Bravo! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for finishing this. It was great and I have been trying to find a minute at work to read it. I was the the edge of my seat. Great job!

  4. firecracker3 said:

    Nice job “bringing the crazy” to the series of blog posts 🙂

  5. I finally have closure! Great great job Marina!! You seriously need to submit this somewhere to someone! I loved it.

    • Lol .. thanks. I am scared of rejection. But if I act like I dont care I’ll be fine. Fuck I need to work on my honesty and confidence. Taking notes from the Most Interesting Man in the World now!

  6. Bravo my dear, Bravo! You can take your bow now!

  7. This was awesome! I love the way you told it too. Write away, sister. I don’t even know where you would start if you were trying to look this up in a dream interpretation dictionary.

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