In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Hopefully today I can finish this dream …. it may get cheesy. Or maybe wonderfully creepy. Either way I promised you nothing!

We were shorthanded in the warehouse so this meant that I had to be more hands on that day. I went downstairs and immediately joined Frankie in preparing all early morning shipments for pick up.

We worked quietly alongside each other.  It reminded me of those days in the yard, by the tree. Just me and Caleb before… and after.

Upon sharing with Frankie all my past secrets, I learned that his mother was never caught. She simply disappeared.

The very thought of his mother still on the loose terrified Frankie. He said it kept him awake most nights. And the nights when he was still able to sleep, he woke up violently.

I asked him what he saw that made him terrified of the dark. He said it was the pictures in his dreams.

“I see her; her face twisted up. I see a red ruby that she places on her eye. She is not real, she is not human. She is evil.”

We didn’t talk about after that one night. It was just comforting knowing someone understood.

I laid in my bed, the month’s past status reports were scattered on the bed. I was deep in thought, when I felt I wasn’t alone. I looked up. At the foot of my bed, he stood. The blond-haired little boy.  There was times way back when, when his presence was never startling. And now, it literally froze me.

I didn’t move a muscle as he just stood there like an old photo with bad reception. He stared at me for what seemed like hours. I didn’t move. He slowly walked to the side of my bed, still expressionless. I wanted to scream, to bolt, but I felt like a ton of bricks.

He was a foot away when a wave of exhaustion swept over me. His eyes grew intensely as the did the sudden sleepiness. I could not keep my eyes open. I fought to stay awake, to see the boy before me. Afraid to even close my eyes for a moment. Yet I did and I fell into a deep sleep.

Pictures of Caleb sitting under the tree, of climbing stairs, of carrying a much smaller boy and laying him down in a closet. I saw his mother glaring at him. I saw him and his sisters shoved into a flooded bathroom. Flashes of light, the smell of smoke. Of cooking flesh.

Then I saw the red-eye. The red-eye of the mother. She was burning but she did not seem in pain. She was the quite opposite.  She was laughing.  Then she saw me. She touched the side of her head and I withered in pain. She touched her hip and I fell to my knees. As I cried out in pain, I saw her energy was weaking. And in her mind’s eye, she saw Frankie sleeping in the closet as a baby. Rattling and shouting coming outside the house stopped her in her tracks. She was hungry for more blood… but she would have to wait. I was still at my knees and I saw her walk past me. I looked up and she was gone.

I shot up in the bed gasping. As I opened my eyes, I searched the room. I was alone. Yet, my body was aching. I ran to the door and headed for Frankie’s apartment.

The lights were on as they always were. I pounded on the door. He opened it quickly. I rushed past him and sat down.

“I saw her.”


“That woman! Your mother. I was working, doing some last-minute things and he showed up. Caleb. He came up to me directly and stared at me. I think he made me fall asleep because all of sudden I felt so tired! I could not keep my eyes open. In my sleep I saw her. I saw what she did to your brother and sisters. I saw how Caleb hid you. I saw her red-eye! She has these powers and she used them on me. I was in pain, Frankie. Real pain. She contorted my body. I couldn’t move. Then she stopped. She looked like she was used up and spent. And then I saw her look where you were hiding. She was going to come after you… She needs to kill you to become stronger!”

Frankie’s eyes were wide.

“I think he’s trying to warn you. She might still be looking for you. It sounds crazy but I know what happened. I remember everything. I am so sorry. I just am scared… I’m scared for you.  I don’t know what to do.”

Frankie sat down next to me, paler than usual.

“I am tired of being so scared all the time,” he whispered.

I looked at him. Gosh he was just a kid but the weariness of the whole situation weighed on him, aging him.

“We need to stop her!” I said.

“How? We don’t even know what she is, what she can do, or where to find her?” he exclaimed.

I sat quietly.

“Before I had met you, I questioned my sanity a thousand times. My dreams made no sense to me.  Then showed up at my door. You made everything I had seen and heard make sense. It was no coincidence! Caleb brought you here for a reason. I can’t just let this go!”

He didn’t say anything. He didn’t have too. He and I both knew that whether we wanted this or not, we were involved. There was no escape. We had no choice. If we wanted any part of a life back, we needed to follow though.  In the silence, it was decided that we had to find her. We had to kill her.

Not far outside, a woman stood outside. People would recognize the woman who normally walked the neighborhood nightly. If you looked closer, you would see the red-eye emitting.

Ok so I didn’t finish. Do you blame me?? This is turning into a movie. Damn Hollywood and your fancy allures of fame and fortune.

For sure tomorrow. I am getting tired of pale people.


Comments on: "Damnit… I See Dead People Part Tres (or 3 for you Mexican Americans)" (10)

  1. Seriously Marina, you are just going to leave me hanging?!? This is fantastic. I am going to need you to quit your job and dream and then write them down for me to read all summer by the pool. This is an awesome story than needs to be a book or a movie script. It gave me goosebumps and has great suspense! Now…SLEEP then write! 🙂

    • I am trying to eat everything that I ate that day so I can dream … and believe me I wanna quit this job. Its crushing my soul. Ok a bit too dramatic but you get the picture!

  2. ryoko861 said:

    I have to email you.

    This is quite a story! No, really, it is! Turn it into an ebook?

  3. FINISH IT!!!!! I need to know what happens!!!

    Also, is this like, the longest dream ever?? How long were you asleep for?



    • I know right!! I am thinking this as I write it too. But seriously it happened all one night… even with me waking up and going back to sleep several times. Maybe I am genius … no no I am not… last night I dreamt I locked my self out of the house but the keys were in my pocket all along

  4. Ok, this is kind of pissing me off (in a good way). You are so descriptive, get me hooked and then leave me hanging. It’s like Grey’s Anatomy when it was good. I must know what happens.

  5. TheIdiotSpeaketh said:

    This would make a great serial for Texas Monthly! 🙂

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