In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

What time is it?

No it’s not 9:15 am … uh never mind!

Its freakin revolution time.

It’s where I, Marinasleeps, trys to brighten/inspire/or even just get you grooving in the day!

Today though I am going to try to something a little different.

I am going to focus on a soundtrack to a movie.

Have you seen this bodacious (yeah totally) movie?


If you know anything at all, you will know this is the ultimate 90’s movie!

And the soundtrack is epic. Yes, I said epic.

So let’s begin!!!

First is Free by The Martinis

Next is Bright as Yellow by The Innocence Mission

Another great song featured in the movie is Snakeface by Throwing Muses

And lastly, I discovered one of my favorite bands through this movie.

This band is a gem but hard to find. I had to order their only CD from the UK. Yet the main singer’s voice is the shit. You can see more of their music on YouTube.

Here is my favorite band Drill in What You Are

I guess it’s true what my mother says … I like noise!

I love pumping this one up. It’s so awesome.

I hope you enjoyed today’s revolution!

And as always check out the Queen of Music Revolution and her picks for the day at Girl on the Contrary.


Comments on: "Music Revolution!!!! (As per Girl on the Contrary)" (7)

  1. OMG YOU DID EMPIRE RECORDS! I’m so excited! It’s such an awesome soundtrack!

  2. One of the best soundtracks! Love it!!

  3. ryoko861 said:

    Ok, showing my age here. Never heard of this or the songs. I’m feeling out of the loop.

  4. “Sugarhigh” by Coyote Shivers that’s my favorite on the soundtrack

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