In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

So here is the second part of my dream … I am scared just typing it. Sooo you’re welcome. Please turn your eyes from the bags under these eyes!

Part 2

Days went by after that night. I knew I had freaked out my friends. I screaming out the window reaching out for something they couldn’t see. I stayed indoors for a while. At night, I would relive the electrocution scene. My body would not let me forget.

Years passed and I soon inherited from my father a small ware house that was a receiver for local grocery stores in the neighborhood. It also had a few small apartments on the top floor and that’s where I moved in. I treasured my solitude. I stayed busy at my work, employing interesting and trust worthy people. We all became close and many of them moved in the apartments above.

One morning I was in the office  and one my employees came in.

“Hey we got a referral from that temp agency. I thought you ended your contract with them.  We don’t need any more hands do we?”

“No we sure don’t. Why do they keep sending people here?”

“Well all I know is some guy is here. You should see him… he is pale as shit!”

I got up and rolled my eyes. I walked to the front main office.

“Hi welcome to Grocer Warehouse. How can I help you?”

“Hi,” he responded timidly. “I was referred here by this temp agency.” He handed me his paperwork. “My name is Frankie. I don’t have experience but I can learn fast and I can start right away.”

“We aren’t hiring. I don’t know why they sent you here. There is some mistake…”

He interrupted me, “Please. I really need this job. Please.”

Everyone was staring at us now at this point. I sighed.

“Ok fine. However, you are on probation. If you don’t work out, you don’t work out. Ok?”

He nodded eagerly. I sent him to be trained and I went back to my office.

Weeks went by, and true to Frankie’s word, he came through. He picked up everything up quickly and took every shift. He worked well and hard everyday. Eventually he took up our last available apartment in the warehouse. We seemed complete.

One night while I went over all payments of receiving, Frankie stayed late to mop the warehouse down. I was deep in my work when the lights started flickering. I ignored it at first. Yet the lights kept coming on and off. I got up and header to the breaker board down in the warehouse.

“Frankie, I’m coming down.”

Even with my warning, he seemed startled to see me. I could tell the flickering lights were making him uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry it might be the wiring. This place is old. It used to my father’s and his father’s. So who knows if they tinkered with this or not?”

I opened the box and the lights completely shut off.

I heard Frankie whimper. Strange. I was uneasy too  of course  but he was terrified. I felt in the darkness for all the switches. I didn’t know what was what. I could hear Frankie’s breathing becoming faster and faster.  Damnit, just switch any of these on!

I tried a few and soon after the third or four try I turned it on. As soon as the light turned on, the image of my young childhood friend materialized and vanished all at once.

I yelled. Frankie looked at me… suspiciously. 

I must have just imagined it. I realized I was holding my breath.

“Sorry. I guess with all these commotion,” I said lowering my hand from my chest, “I thought I saw something.”

“Yyyou saw it too?” he stammered.

We looked at each other surprised.  No ever saw the blond-haired boy who frequented my memories, my dreams, my nightmares.

“I think we need to call it a night. Turn off lights and meet me upstairs. I’m locking up.” I ran upstairs avoiding his stares.

Frankie never said anything about that night, thank god. If he did, I don’t know how I would have handled it.

It was a regular late afternoon, everyone anxious to get out and go out on this Friday.  I was packaging some paperwork in the office when one  of the employees yelled that Frankie was downstairs and needed me. I ran down to see what the trouble was.

“What’s going on Frankie?”
“I think I messed up these orders. I don’t know how to fix them. One of these shipments is getting picked up at any moment. I don’t know how this passed me by. I am so sorry..”

“Frankie! Its ok. Let me see your PO’s.” We started thumbing through receipts and package receipts when I saw something in the corner of my eye.  I glanced up and saw nothing.

“Wait Frankie, this was an emergency order. I don’t normally do these because they are nothing but messes… ” and there was the feeling again. Something had walked behind me. I started to turn but noticed Frankie’s face. It was stone white and he was staring towards the stairway. I turned around and saw what he was looking at.

It was the pale little boy, blond. He was just standing there staring at us.

I backed up and into Frankie. The boy stood there for a few more seconds then turned as if to walk away and disappeared.

I was still standing there, not breathing. Frankie put his hand on my shoulder and I jumped. I looked at him trying to speak but I couldn’t speak.

“You saw Caleb, ” he said, voice broken. “He was my brother.”

“Your brother?” I said breathlessly.

“Yes. He died when he was 5 along with my older sisters.” He put his head down. “My mother killed them.”

I didn’t know what to say.

“I don’t remember what happened. I was told my brother and sisters hid me in a pantry I guess when they knew my mother was going to hurt them. All I know is that I was found and put in foster care. I left  two years ago and have been trying to get my life started. I don’t know why I have been seeing him. I saw Caleb a lot when I was little in the foster home when I was scared or alone. Then I didn’t see him anymore.  And when I started working here, I started seeing him.”

I was speechless. He could tell because he said, “No one ever believed me when I talked about him. So I never said anything about it anymore. But you see him, right? You see him?”

I nodded.

“I still get scared but I think maybe he just comes to remind me or maybe protect me.”

Little did we know that his recent appearances weren’t just for any reason. He was coming to warn us. Warn us of what was yet to come.

That night I told Frankie everything. From the first days of my school til the time at the house with the thumping and electrocution sounds.

Things I never told anyone. But I told him everything. He listened. Never saying anything in response.

After that night, we waited for the next time we would see Caleb again. And also for the weird explanation of how random Frankie would unknowingly find me.

Third part tomorrow….pray that no  scary blond hair boys visit me!!


Comments on: "How much for the pope to bless my pillow Part 2" (18)

  1. Im enjoying the story dude. Reminds me of the R. L. Stein books. I’m in vegas, on vacation, and yet I still have time to read your blog. Thats dedication my dear sister.

  2. Damn it woman! This is crazy! I have goose bumps! I can’t wait to read part 3 then you need to print it out and send it to Hollywood to be made into the next big Thriller Movie!!!!!

    • Really? Its not cheesy … cause its about to get cheesy. All I have to say is I gotta eat the exact same thing I ate the night I dreamt this again and again.

  3. I want to know what happens!!!!! I’m on the edge of my seat here!

  4. This is a great story, and I loved the beginning of it too, I could relate to being that quiet kid who just ends up playing in a corner by herself at recess. I’m looking forward to what happens next!

  5. Is it tomorrow yet?

  6. ryoko861 said:

    Your dreams are very vivid.

    I dream of weird shit, unlogical sentences, pop from one place to another, revisit old schools…just stuff that makes no sense.

  7. firecracker3 said:

    I find it rude you have found and are apparently taking some awesome drugs and yet have failed to share them with the rest of us 🙂 Part 3…bring it!

  8. Firecracker is right share whatever it is you’re tripping on.

  9. Oh, hey…. what’s that circle supposed to be? I looked closely and stared.

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