In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

This has nothing to do with blog but I thought it was funny

I recently had a dream… I would not call it a nightmare though it was in the genre.

However, in the dream I felt what it was like to be petrified, something I have never really been.
Not only that… I woke up several times during the night to turn off the kids tv’s and tend to the baby boy, and still I would continue where I left off in the dream.
I wanna share my dream with you that way I can stop thinking of it.  Here’s hoping!
Part 1
I was a young girl, at the age of 5.  I never really spoke out loud and was quite content with being by myself. I remember my mother always dressing me up in frills and hair with thick curls. In her eyes were dreams for me, dreams of wealth, beauty, and some prominent marriage. Yet despite what she hoped, even at 5 years old, she could see what I knew already. I would never be that type of woman. I would not seek attention. I was heading somewhere different altogether.
On my first day of school, I did not run and play after the other children.  Each day when we were released into the yard, I would walk slowly by myself to a place under a tree where the sand was soft. And that is where I would play each day and I was quite satisfied. I loved the feel of the cool sand trickle down my fingers.
I soon noticed another child that would stay by himself. A boy who was very small like me. He had blond hair, pale skin, and deep colorless eyes. His lips were the only color in his face. Pink as roses. I learned his name was Caleb.  After awhile, he began joining me under the tree. And we would quietly sit and play never uttering a word.  Each day we would walk out together and play in the sand.
One day he did not show up. I noticed. I didn’t give it much thought. The next day he didn’t show up either. The atmosphere in the school was tense. I could feel it. Teachers were crying everywhere and hugging each other. I was not sure what was going on.
Days and weeks passed, and the little blond pale boy never came to the yard. I sat and thought, Perhaps he is really sick. Or he moved. I ran through the ideas of what could have been preventing him from playing with me. Soon months passed and all the boy was a small memory.
One afternoon while playing in the yard, I felt a sudden presence. I looked behind me and there was the boy digging his hands in the sand.
And again, every afternoon I would find him at the tree everyday.
Years went by, and there was my loyal friend always waiting for me next to the tree. I noticed that  I was getting older. I was stretching as were the other children. However, the boy stayed small as the first day I saw him.
And gradually as I grew older, I made friends and my interests changed. I would always look to the tree. Sometimes he was there, and some days he was not. And soon, he just disappeared all together.
The last time I saw him I was entering high school. He was kneeling in the sand. He was still so small. So pale with pink lips. I began to wonder if I had imagined him all together.
“I am so bored,” one of friends said and we hung out on my porch.
“There is nothing to do in this town.”
She sighed, “We can walk to the store and get something to drink.”
“I don’t have any money.”
She sighed again, “Do you wanna go to the pool parlor?”
“We can go see the haunted house that everyone talks about at the edge of town.”
I sat up, “Haunted house? Yeah right.”
“You never heard of the mother who went berserk and killed her kids?”
“Yeah, they say if you go at night, you can hear the screams of the children.”
I jumped off the step,” Sure. Why not?
I felt an old wandering feeling….
We got in our friends car. He was the only guy we knew with a license. I got in the back. They begun chattering about the crazy mother and all the ways she must have killed her kids. Axes, drowning, poisoning. I listened but remained quiet.
The street we drove into was surprisingly homely and normal for  a murder to have happened. The street was small with a curve and right in the middle was the two-story gray house. It was for sale and looked like no one had been there in years. We parked and talked a little.
The house made me uneasy. I could not take my eyes off of it. Nerves? I didn’t believe in haunted houses but something was so compelling.
Once it was pitched dark, we settled down and listened.
All of  a sudden it started raining, and thundering.
My friend urged us to get in the floor bed of the car. I did as she suggested. My heart was pounding fast as we listened in silence.
Then it happened… I began to hear pounding sounds.
At first I thought it was them two in front trying to scare me. However, they were next to each other holding hands and whispering in each others ears. I got back down low on the floor … the thuds pounding inside my body now. I began to imagine feet stomping up stairs. Loud laughing …coming from a woman.
The pounding wouldn’t stop. I grabbed my chest. Something was going to happen and the sound was beating from my ears.
I then saw white tiles like in a bathroom… water was everywhere on the floor. The sound of running water. But it was over flowing.  Why? The laughing and pounding still beating.
On the wet tiles, I saw 6 pairs of feet. Children’s feet.
The pounding was slowing down but it was close. I was panting now. I look over in the front seat and my friends were kissing.
I then heard the screams. I turned sharply to the house.
The door to the restroom opened. The lady dropped something in the tub. The tub that was full of water.
Then I felt it and heard… the sound of electrocution. It was coming from my head and shot down to my knees.
“No!” I screamed. And they screamed, all the children screamed.
Looking at the house, I saw the gush of the water come pouring out at every corner. Then I was hit was boom of wind … and white white shadows passed over.
I saw yellow hair, pale skin, pink lips.
I saw two girls.
Then I saw Caleb, his face twisted in pain.
OK that was the first part…. I will write the rest for tomorrow.
Am I crazy?
Seriously… am I?

Comments on: "I need a young priest and a old priest Part 1" (18)

  1. I was so stressed the whole time I was reading that! I’m excited and also stressed for part 2.

  2. You’re not crazy. But I DO think you should make this into a movie. I would definitely see it! It’s terrifying and sad. I’m sorry you had a dream like that.

    • Yeah like a C-rated movie… but its a start right!! Its a cool dream but I can’t believe how detailed it was I am subconsciously insane!

  3. Kristin Brænne said:


  4. Uh WOW! I have goose bumps. Your not too crazy. 😉 haha! I’m kidding.
    I can’t wait to read part 2!

  5. Holy crap! That was suspenseful. I can’t wait to read the rest tomorrow.

    Are you crazy? Probably, but I am too so you’re not alone 🙂 If you end up ordering a priest I’ll have to borrow him when you’re done. Do you think he’ll give us a two-for-one special?

  6. firecracker3 said:

    I am not sure what to say about that dream, creepy for sure! I don’t even remember my dreams thanks to the one RX I take, it is like a mind eraser :/

  7. How in The world could you even remember so much of your dream?
    But cool dream! 😀

  8. Did you still feel tired when you woke up? I’ve only had a couple of those crazy super-detailed long ass dreams that last all night, and when I get up in the morning I feel like I never slept and was awake, doing the stuff in the dream all night. Looking forward to part 2!

  9. That dream is definitely a nightmare and I can see why you wouldn’t get much sleep, it’s very detailed too! I don’t think that you are crazy one bit, but I know I have the most trippy dreams ever when I drink a little too much. But, hopefully you’ll have a nice peaceful sleep to make up for it!

  10. ryoko861 said:

    First, that picture is hilarious!

    Water, thunder and laughing have some sort of meaning. Dreams are messages (like maybe you shouldn’t have eaten that last burrito?). Go on line and see if you can find out what that all meant.

    I have repeated dreams concerning flooding waters, very loud thunder and wind. Like tornado force winds. I don’t remember what they mean at this moment, but usually it isn’t good, like you’re going to have a shit day or a fight with someone. Something along those lines.

    Maybe you should invest in a good dream book. I doubt you’re clairvoyant, but it might give you insight to other things happening in your life.

    Or find a good crystal ball. They can be SO hard to come by! JK.

    • What?!? Are you saying I dont got the skills to be a clairvoyant?!?! Harsh but very true. Yeah I am totally oblivious to very much in life. If a ghost was trying to communicate something through me…. they would give up!

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