In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I am tripped out by my kids.

After the 8th try, this is the best one.

They drive me absolutely crazy but in a good way. Well not when they are dumping an entire bag of cereal on the floor or fighting. The fact is these little boogers are smart. Too smart and they awe me in every way. 

Right now the girls are going through a stage that they want to dress however they want. That picture at the top Savannah has her night-time pajama on backwards. However, she said she likes it better that way. Why? Because people “behind her can see that she loves the Little Mermaid”. Screw everyone in front of her.  I don’t agree with anything they pick out BECAUSE IT DOESN’T MATCH!

Yet, since they are fiercely trying to be independent in this fashion, I regrettably let them. I just bought sunglasses so no one will recognize the two trainees for Ringling Circus!

And really as long as these chicks let me cut their corn dogs to pieces and cry for kisses on their boo boos, I can survive this.

Sienna my middle baby girl is feisty. I have no idea where she gets this. Seriously. She must have the last word FOR.EVERYTHING!  And she is soo witty. Sometimes I have to leave the room to laugh when she does something bad cause her reasoning is beyond this world. She tells me everyday that she wants to turn 5yo but doesn’t want to grow up. She recently said boys are for carrying groceries. I have no idea where she gets this from. Seriously because I am not as … smart.

I’ll say something and if I feel its funny I will repeat it and repeat over and over all day … cause its all I got. Don’t worry I am not quitting my day job… which is this.

And my son …. oh dear God! He is like ET. He walks like him ET.  Like he walks with his hips. And he talks like him to. He walks around saying one or two words. It’s so cute.

“Bad Na Na.”  That’s what he calls his oldest sister.

“Tea Mama.” He loves iced tea.

“Spew Spew!” He shoots little guns.

However, we are just in awe  of this little guy cause he is so athletic. Soooo athletic. He is only 2 but he can throw far and he understands about throwing a spiral with the football.  For his most recent birthday, we got him a t-ball set.

Dudes! We didn’t even have to teach him  how to hold the bat and swing. He did it all on his own! So his life has already been outlined for him.  He is going to play football or baseball but preferably football. He is going to play at UT Austin and then get drafted to the NFL. Hopefully stay local and get drafted to the Cowboys! Ok, he can pick which ever team he wants as long as it’s not the Steelers, Patriots, or Saints.

I plan to be the psychotic mother that WILL DO ANYTHING to get her baby whatever he wants.  Whoa can we say I might be channeling Psycho or even the mother from Jason!

Ladies be warned!


Comments on: "What I Find Amazing About My Kids" (14)

  1. I would like to make you feel better by telling you that the girls will outgrow that fashion independence and that my daughter doesn’t still insist on wearing two different colored socks with two different shoes. Does that help?

    Your kids are adorable and it’s ok if you get a little psycho in support of your kids. You can just join me on the crazy train. It’s alright….I’ll save you a seat!

  2. LOOOVE that picture! It’s fantastic. “Boys are for carrying groceries.” This is my new favorite thing. Be sure that as you are molding him for his pro athletic career that he is also clear about his grocery carrying duties. Also, WordPress is telling me that this post is possibly related to a post about smoked mackerel, which is intriguing.

  3. You’re kids are so pretty. I mean that. Even your little boy. He’s so cute. Congrats on the beautiful babies.
    And, I get the whole Mama Bear thing. You want to protect them and give them the best. You also want to be the only one who smacks them around. 🙂

  4. ryoko861 said:

    They keep you busy! And laughing! Love ’em at this age because they grow up and it’s all over!

    You have to write what they say down! It’s classic shit! You can’t make that stuff up!

  5. Oh and my friend once told me her husband sai about their children (god there has to be an easier way to say all that)” they walk a fine line between dressing with personal expression and looking homeless’. My kids are exactly the same, they never match and it drives me mad but I try to resist the urge to say “NO!!!!’ and lecture them on the importance of a good outfit.

  6. They are sooo cute, I love the picture, they are totally hamming it up for the camera! Your boy sounds like an athletic Hercules and your little girl sounds super smart! Boys are for groceries? Oh yeah, turn them into pack animals, that’s what you use them for. 😉

  7. Sienna is on the right track I doubt you’ll have to worry about her and boys in the future 😉

  8. They are so sweet and cute! Kids are hilarious and walking little comedians. When my kids get to dress themselves my son is awful. he will put on the most horrendous get ups and wonders why I want him to change. My daughter does ok even though she would live in her nightgowns if she could. For easter she wore her brothers old shorts and a UT football jersey. All i could say was ‘whatever’. It’s cute though and I think it’s cool when they try to put things together like that.
    Your 3 are just precious!

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