In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I was on the verge of death Sunday night early Monday morning. What I ate on Sunday literally was eating my insides. Life passed before  me… I had my arms stretched out towards the heaven and cried out, “take me now!”
Just missing the potty

Before I just into all, I should start for when it all started. Friday!

Friday I filled up Big Bertha with gas. I haven’t filled her up because I was scared exactly how much that would be. However, I was feeling a bit saucy! So I ignored the itch to stop it at $45 and let it play on.
Thirty dollars later I was looking at the final price of filling my baby up at $75 freaking bucks!
So after I ran a few errands I noticed the that a quarter of gas was already gone.
That made me depressed.
Saturday I did nothing but take the kids to local pizza place. Local is the key word. It was right around the corner.
That day I also discovered that Direct TV was also giving me trial HBO viewing for free.
So I decided that camping on the couch for the rest of the weekend would be perfect!
Sunday, I thought about going and getting something like fast food for dinner but driving around didn’t seem my cup of tea because I was already down a quarter. 
So we opted on chinese food that delivered.
I ordered an array of things for me and the kids.
There was beef and broccoli, chicken in lemon pepper, and chicken lo mein, and some chicken wings.
I began eating my favorite beef and broccoli right away, however, I noticed a funny taste like the meat was old. I ate a bit more to see if it was the whole thing. Yes I am dumb like that! It was all bad so I just threw the whole thing out.
I started on the chicken in lemon pepper. That was good so I ate that and nibbled for the rest of the night on all the other stuff.
We worked on Savannah’s homework and did her eggs for class.
Then I started to feel a little light-headed.
I have been staying up late and it was hot.
Maybe it was a combination of everything.
After getting everyone into bed, the feeling did not go away.
I went to the bathroom and noticed myself,

I was looking a little vampire pale. Minus the sparkling skin. That would have been nice. No….  I was looking like shit! So I laid down feeling very queasy and eventually I fell asleep.

Then at 2am I woke up with my intense pain in my stomach and then that’s where the Vomit Falls started happening!

At least I was a big girl about it and walked to the restroom and waited. I can’t even begin to tell you how much throwing up sucked!

And even after throwing up one time, two times, even three… I would not feel better!

Around the fifth time, I was super weak and just heaving now. I think I started talking  crazy. I was like a scene from 12 Monkeys. Hmm, come to think of it that was a movie I caught on HBO this weekend.

I was deranged! I felt like fainting. After awhile, I thought damnit, I am going to die in  the bathroom. However, the thought didn’t bother me as I thought about it more.  In fact,I was welcoming it.

“Sweet Baby Jesus Take Me!” I screamed. Or probably thought I screamed.  My stomach inside were in flames… was I burning? Like if I was preparing to enter the only place I knew seemed reasonable for a person like me? Gulp … hell?!

Did it matter that my eternal soul was in jeopardy? Frankly, no because I was trying to cough up my stomach & I just wanted it all over. Whether it was in hell or somewhere else.

Somehow later I woke and was feeling a bit better as in the flames were gone and so was the spinning. I still felt sick and very weak.

Clearly Jesus nor the Devil wanted me… that sucked.

I need to start looking into this new religion called Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Seriously… this is legit!

And the moral of the story … is Gas Prices Suck!

Give me lower gas prices or give me death!


Comments on: "Sweet Baby Jesus Take me Now!" (22)

  1. Ugh, puking sucks! And it had to be that beef Chinese food.

    Maybe it would have been worth another 1/4 tank to get some real food.

    Aren’t gas prices ridiculous!? We calculated that it was going to cost $112 to fill my conversion van. And that’s not even at California prices…..$4.20 a gallon! OY! it’s $3.79 at the Mobile by me.

    I’m glad your feeling better. You got whatever was bugging your stomach out of you.

    • Dear God! I was filling up at 3.56…. but that means its only gonna go up. Man I might be getting sick more as the year goes on!! I will be adding a third restroom to my house than!

  2. LMAO! As a Durango driving woman I must say AMEN!!! Gas prices do most definitely suck and they are enough to make any SUV driving American PUKE. Glad you are at least feeling good enough to post about it. What kind of revenge are you plotting for the Chinese?!?!?!?!?!? Egg foo kung foo?

  3. Oh girlfriend, that all sucks from the gas to the vomiting. Groddy. I am glad that you and the kids are feeling better now though. There is nothing worse than a stomach bug or food poising or just vomiting period.

  4. firecracker3 said:

    Food poisoning, the spinning thing is the worst. I spent 8 hours like that. Samonella. Bastard! Since one stuff goes into my stomach it doesn’t come out I think throwing up would have been better then the slow suffering.

    I am glad you purged the demons and you are on the up swing of this horrible thing! Gas prices do suck, you know how I feel about that. There better be something REAL good at the end of that long trip anywhere.

  5. Ewww…I’m sorry you got sick. Are you going to give up Chinese food entirely now or does it take more than that to scare you off?

  6. Never trust the take out. If you do go that route make sure pepto is close and your tummy is iron.

    Here here to lower gas prices.

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  8. I’m glad you’re feeling better! I had a stomach thing a few months ago and I felt the sameway. I was welcoming death. Clearly, it had to be better than being on the verge of puking but not actually puking. Ewww

  9. man that sucks! I got food poisoning once from egg fried rice… haven’t touched it since. Hope you feeling better, you ought to have gotten it tested or something, you could have sued the chinese takeaway that sold it you or something….

  10. TheIdiotSpeaketh said:

    LMAO Hallelujah Sister! …..Spaghetti monster religion huh?…… That sounds right up my alley! 🙂

  11. Poor thing 😦
    Glad to hear your better but mad 😐
    that you would try eating fast food so soon after being so sick!

  12. I’m so sorry to hear that you weren’t feeling too well, and ended up puking, throwing up totally sucks! It’s about the only thing that would get me to call in sick to work, because you are chained to a toliet until you feel better. Give Chinese food a break at least before you eat it again, I always do that if I ever get sick off of something.

  13. If the beef tasted funny, then the Chinese food poisoned you….. Did ur kids eat some of it? If they did, and it didn’t affect them, then the beef/brocolli wasn’t the culprit. be careful w/ restaurant foods. I notice too sometimes their meats taste funny, like spoiled.

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