In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

What are you doing?

Thats pitiful!

You should be dancing!!

See, this dog gets it.

Yeah its only the greatest day of the week!
It’s Music Revolution time!

Well Said

So lets start crazy!
I have one question..
“Would you fuck me … cause I’d fuck me”
Rilo Kiley- Glendora
I love that song … its kinda funny.
Ok I might be alone on that one.
How about a little old school … is 1996 old school?
En Vogue- Don’t Let Go
Damn Matrix-y and a lot of crimped out hair?
Now I gotta see the movie Set it Off.
And here is something that you might not be familiar with it…
This song makes  me sooo happy!
It talks about my 2nd favorite day of the week! Rebecca Bl….just kidding!
Go Betty Go- Saturday
Hope you like todays selections!!
So what do you got??
As always check out the Goddess Music Revolution
and her picks for today!!!
And please check out my column at under Marina’s columns or here today!!

Comments on: "Music Revolution Begins…. (dramatic music) As per Girl on the Contrary" (7)

  1. Love the Go, Betty Go! I love listening to new stuff. Thanks!

  2. YES YES YES to Rilo Kiley!! I saw them play at ACL in 2005 and it was crazy wonderful. Loving your choices as usual! Xx

  3. I don’t remember that En Vogue song, but if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to listen to “Whatta Man.”

  4. Love it! Great picks girl 🙂

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