In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Wow …. what a day!!  I woke up and dropped of the kiddies and drove all the way to hell work. Is it over yet??

Well at least I accomplished staying alive… playing dodge the car assassins gets old after a while.  I guess I need to worry about my retirement plan.

Quit now and when I get old I can get a job at Walmart as a greeter!

Yeah... how do you like them apples??

 So I was nominated for an award and won it but it was a tie between me and some other bloggers. That’s a bunch of BS! Clearly, I am not top dawg no longer.

Shout out to my new special lady Tiny Temper who gave me the Stylish  award.  If only she knew that I woke up late bathed in the sink (yes like a homeless chick) smelled checked my clothes, and threw everyone in the car! Stylish indeed!  Thanks anyways Tiny.

I wanna say thanks to my fans and stalkers which I kinda consider is the same thing . Damnit, ladies there is enough of me to go around! Hey Hey Hey!

Lets see what do I want …. I want World Peace so gas prices can go down, I want people to  think of the children and I also want me to stop sexually harrassing bears in the woods!!

It has to be consensual! Thats all I am saying!

And as any award there are laws of nature that have to be observed. I must share even things about myself …

1. I love to cuss … I am not known to actually say bad words only when I am extremely mad but on paper I can cuss like the best of them.

2. I love to sleep. Even when I was young, I snuck in naps everywhere!

3. Weeping Willow trees make me sad. They are pretty but they seriously depress me. Why are you sad tree? Why??!

4. Work cramps my style .. seriously! I am unprofessional, I am very hood (lol) and I eat like its my last meal everytime. No professional wants to see that!

5.  I am constantly eating… I eat when I get bored, when I watch tv, when I sad, lonely and happy. Food is more than a comfort friend. Its my child. GET IN MY BELLY!!

6.  I am constantly searching for the best sweet iced tea. It’s my life’s work!

7. I think in my past life I was either a man or a large animal. You should see how much food I can consume in a day. I shock the men I work with it. But they are a bunch of bitches with their V-8’s and salads.

And now to pass this award to 6 other bloggers so they can fight in mudd and bikinis to the death! She is hilarious and she find the craziest things on the internet. She is now the queen of the internet. She is so nice and sweet and she knows how to make a good story and keep you interested. I must have me some thypolar everyday! In fact… I am seriously lacking right now! Lol her mind is warped and all over the place. And we would stop reading if she wasn’t. Therapists stay away from Fnky. She has a good thing going!! This girl is witty. The stuff she says is crazy. I think she is actually the female Chihuahua puppy in Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I have been reading her blog for a while and I must say she is very smart & very strong! She takes life by the horns even if she is unsure about it. Her blog is her journal and each post we get to see her life by her permission. I’m always rooting for Rub Hub!  She is my Samantha from Sex in the City! Except she is an awesome brunette. She is sexy and smart and independent but she also knows how to choke the balls!

So there you go … now I am going to make something to eat so I can watch the hot mud wrestling match that is beginning now!


Comments on: "Love Peace & Chicken Grease!" (12)

  1. firecracker3 said:

    Nice! I am oiling up as we speak. You wanna see my biceps *flexes* fierce! Thanks for the shout and kind words. Someone almost got a smack down last night, you shall read about that tomorrow!

  2. Thank you!
    I’m going to win, ladies. I fight by prison rules. I’ll shank you with a knife made out of a toothbrush, a tude of lipstick, and a tampon.

    Just kidding. I’m not that crafty. I would just use a regular knife.

  3. You know I love you, right? So why wasn’t I invited to watch this mud wrestling you speak of?

    I’ll overlook the lack of invite long enough to say Thank you, thank you very much (with an Elvis kind of a twist). I have to have me some Marina everyday too. I think I may take you hostage and lock you in my office with a computer. YOU MUST TYPE.

    You have stalkers? Am I one of them? Because I always wanted a stalker and if I’m a stalker then I just need to find someone who’s a lot like me, only not me so they could stalk me. Shit! I guess that would be you, right?

    • You can’t watch the fight cause you are in the fight… get in your bikini and wrestle the other winners for the ultimate prize … the sensation of mud between the cracks!!

  4. Thank you my dahling! I love that you told the therapist to stay away, I do think I need it every now and again, but what fun would that be if I was all normal and stuff. 😉
    Thank you thank you!
    Firecracker is Samantha! I love that!
    As for the bikini wrestling..can we post pone this about 6 weeks, I need to go work out. Not to get all strong to kick some ass but so I don’t look like a big hog head next to Jen! 😉

  5. You are to kind but this isn’t because of all the money I sent you? Right? Right?
    I told you don’t make it so obvious! I send you your monthly check and you in exchange say nothing but good things about me.
    Ok…… so same time next month?

  6. Awww, I’ve never gotten an award or shoutout before, so I don’t know what I should do… do I get in the plastic tub of pudding or mud to wrestle down the other blogs? And I think being a Wal-Mart greeter may be an option for one of my folks but unfortunately the competition is steep! There is a whole community of what my mom calls ‘white heads’ competing for the coveted position.

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