In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Every morning, I travel 45 minutes to work.  I start at 7:25 dropping off my Savannah at school than my baby girl Sienna and baby boy Ryan at my mother’s house and then I get on the Loop and head to work. In the car with my kids, it’s filled with talks of school and non-stop singing. All of us in unison singing to the new favorite song of the month.  Just like the Brady Bunch.

However once I drop them all off I am left with my thoughts and radio/iPod to drown out the silence. Here is an example of a morning inside Marinasleeps’s head right after dropping off all the kids. Silence makes me go crazy!

Inside Marinasleeps’s Mind

“Bye babies! I love you! Behave! Or no Netflix tonight!”

Man, I miss my babies already. I love the mornings because they half asleep and they left me carry them and just for a moment I can pretend they are little babies again and not grown whiny babies asking me for a pony/dragon/motorcycle.

Man, I need to get right with the government. Ha ha not the lord. But seriously, if I ever discovered a code that predicted disasters like Nicolas Cage in the Knowing,

I need to make it seem that  I am an outstanding citizen. Of course being able to predict all these disasters would mean I would have to act. I would have to try to stop it the worse from happening. And I am pretty sure the FBI would be very suspicious of me.  And if they saw I have never voted in my life… damn that may be a sure sign of me being a terrorist. Anyone who has seen the sheer torture I put on bugs will no doubt point out that I have killing in me.  I’ll have no chance!

That’s it!

I am turning in my voter registration card. It should be somewhere in the pile that never gets looked at the house. However, if I do get the power to predict the future I would be making the phone calls from home and not going to the place to stop whatever might be coming.  Unless somehow I could get frequent miles points. I am sure I could arrange something!


Damnit people you are supposed to yield as you get on the damn freeway!! See that red  triangular sign. It sure as hell doesn’t mean race like fucking hell. And why are there signs warning of  potential wildfires! There is not one tree or grass anywhere. Probably as a damn tax payer I am paying for that sign to be posted here! Shit I need to fucking vote.

Oh my good fucking song!! Turn it up!

“I get off on you getting off on me! Give you what you want ….!!!”

Shit cop!! Oh wait, I am going the speed limit. Hey cop that fucking red car almost hit me trying to get in the freeway. Where were you? Yep probably paying his sweet salary with my tax dollars. Damnit, if you are born in the US they should automatically do the voter registration card along with your social security card!  Make shit easy!

Passing the entrance to Fort Bliss

It’s  so unfair that Fort Bliss is so hidden. It’s like a big fat secret and only special people can go in there. There are these new building and special freeway and bridge built for them. And it’s not like you can sneak in cause everyone is in camouflage! And it’s so weird cause right around here you lose signal. Hmm, something is going on there. It’s very suspicious. Maybe they are intercepting the cell phone calls. Mine would be very interesting …. I am always talking to Gus when I pass this time and if they find us talking about who is metro in the office and who is not … that’s their thing.

Then again … I never heard of a metro sexual terrorist. But that would be fun and fashionably educational!

Man I can never tell anyone how much I love this song … I mean what does this even say about me!

“You can ring my bell! My bell. You can ring my bell..”

Seriously … is this metaphorically speaking or something or do I really have a body part that resembles a bell?

 Well, if I had to pick I would pick that red ball thing that is hanging in the back of my throat.  It’s bell-like.

Fuck, it takes forever to get to workkkkkkkkk…. and because of that I have to get up and the ass crack of dawn! Uhhh…

I need to make up a name to call the voice in my head. Something pretty. Maybe one of the names that Gus wouldn’t let me name the girls. Like Jaundice or Joey. Fuck it I naming the voice in my head Joey because sometimes I forget how to even say Jaundice.

Approaching Transmoutain: a highway through a mountain.

Why is it that every time I reach this point, I immediately start thinking of death. Yet this is my favorite part of my drive. Well that’s not entirely true. I only think of death heading home. Going down the big ass  mountain  and trying to avoid going past 55 miles an hour while staying  is scary as shit.

However I could crash staring at this scenery … it’s just beautiful. Wow so trains and mountains are things  I am obsessed with now.

It trips me out there are signs everywhere that say to stay in your car, that there is unexploded ammunition all over the mountains! Transmountain’s  beauty is like Medusa. Oh you wanna look around but the exploration could blow your freaking head off. Wait she turned people into stone… gotta work on that analogy.

Why wouldn’t the Army remove the danger? And then with no guard rails along the cliffs, are they luring you to kill yourself? Cause hell if the fall doesn’t kill you, the forgotten mines will!

Fuck one day I will probably drive off these cliffs accidentally.

Whoa downhill gets fucking crazy cause Big Bertha (my Tahoe’s name) has the biggest ass ever! Seriously the Tahoe resembledd anyone I would say she looked like  Madea!  Just not as spunky.

Big Bertha just suits her better… the emphasis on Big!

Damn the pressure to go fast is huge but must restrain. I have gotten so many tickets in the last year and half. So I am good!

My iPod is bi-polar!

Why are there so many people jogging and bicycling along the freeway on the mountain? Do they have a death wish? Cars comes through here at 60 miles an hour and some faster. Some people can read signs!!

I know its beautiful here but damn you don’t see people anxious to see what heaven is like… just cause it might be beautiful.

Whoa that car was holy roller! Never have seen so many Jesus is Lord stickers.

I need to express my self to on Big Bertha. I could go for, I honk for big boobs! or Legalize Mary Jane so ugly men and woman can get laid more. Actually that’s more beer goggles. At least I have never had beer goggles. Wait … has anyone ever used beer goggles on me?!?

Must ask Gus!!!

Shit I am here! Fuck Fuck work. Man as soon as I enter the parking lot my soul dies.

I was never meant to be professional! Wasn’t Hitler professional? No wait, he was anal retentive!



Comments on: "Inside Marinasleeps’s Mind-Silence makes me go crazy" (22)

  1. OMG our brains could have a conversation for DAAAYS. Mine works like that too, so much that I can get lost in the bullshit that is my brainwaves and return thinking did I really just think about all that crap? Then it hurts and I have to put it to bed.
    The pictures are beautiful! What gorgeous scenery to drive to work with.

    • I know … thats why I need SOMETHING to turn my brain off… hello scientists!?!?!

      Thanks… I would have to say it is beautiful … I would stop and tak more pics but I am afraid to blow up.

  2. firecracker3 said:

    That series of thoughts is probably why I can’t sleep, also I like the random Halestorm lyrics to “I Get Off” in the middle of the post 🙂 Excellent song.

  3. LMAO! So is it bad that this sounds like a conversation I have with myself even when there are other people in the room with me? Shit, I am nuts! Remember when we were talking about my insomnia? This is exactly what happens.

    You’re obsessed with mountains? I’m obsessed with trees! Can you imagine if we went camping together? Throw some drinks into the mix and we’d have entertainment for hours 🙂

  4. All of this made sense to me. Every single thing. Great minds think alike, I guess.

    P.S.: It’s gorgeous where you live. I live in Wisconsin which is also very pretty…in the Summer.

  5. Yay! I knew we were twins! I feel so sorry my other self having to listen to my constant, incoherent ramblings! You find that off button, and let me know!

  6. ryoko861 said:

    All I could picture was a hamster in one of those wheels running furiously!

    Your brain goes a mile a minutes doesn’t it?

    I’m too busy wondering what the idiot in front of me or next to me is going to do. After all, I’m the prefect driver, right?

    Those mountains are like a gorgeous super model. Beautiful, but deadly.

  7. You are so freaking hilarious! I absolutely hate it when the stupid cars passing me aren’t chased down by the cops on the freeway. The scenary you are driving through is absolutely gorgeous, I would almost get in a car accident just looking around, especially if I was driving fast!

  8. Oh damn! If you guys ever make it out to Vegas you and Thy have to ride in different car. You two in the same car is a threat to national security and let’s not leave out just down right dangerous to us innocent bystanders.But if you two have to ride together I’ll grab Gus and save him from the maddness that would ensue. It’s no wonder you and Thy get along. Your brains are on the same psycho track.

  9. ***I should write a comment….but have nothing to really say.
    Maybe I should just “like” it at least she’ll know I read it
    ~what season of Desperate Housewives is this?who was that falling?~
    I should write that the pictures are nice, wait that sounds boring, oh well…. I’ll come back later and comment**

  10. LOL! This was hilarious! I am sooo glad my morning commute only takes me 10 minutes. And thats including dropping off the kids (not the toilet kind but the real life kids) HA!

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