In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

At the moment I am at the office. Dying. Literally.

Last night I was blasted back to the past like when I had a newborn. You know, constantly checking if my daughter was breathing. I do the whole finger under nose trick and palm on tummy trick to check for breathing.  Each time she was breathing. However each time I wasn’t satisfied.  Then the crazy would come out. And then I would start frantically shaking her. And she would either wake up crying or freaked out.

Then I would feel better… for about 15 minutes. 

Oh yeah…. you haven’t the faintest idea what I am talking about. Faintest. I wonder if I was to faint if I could get a little bit of sleep.

Yesterday, my kids were playing outside at my mother’s house. Apparently she was jumping off a tote box that is maybe a foot high. At the same time her brother was pushing a scooter around. As she jumped he pushed the scooter near her tripping her as she fell. She fell directly on the top corner of her head. Then grew the biggest welt I have ever seen. Kinda gross too.

So after evaluating her for about an hour I decided she wasnt acting normal to me. She was trying to fall asleep. She was confused and dizzy. She was having trouble remembering all that happened and what happened earlier in during the day.

So to be safe, I took her to the ER.  And waited for the infamous persecute the mother because we think she hurt her child moment. Oh and it came!

The nurse took to us to back and started doing the regular checkups (weight, height, blood pressure).  Then she asked me what happened.

So I told her what happened. She then asked if I was there. No I wasn’t. I had just gotten there from work but I wasn’t outside.

So she gave me “the look”.

 You know “the look.” The one where they don’t believe you at all. I was waiting for the infamous uhmmmm sound but that never came. Probably cause she was Asian.

I get. There are some people out there that hurt their children. There are parents out  there who probably cause concussions on their child. They are merely looking out for the child’s safety.

 However I am not that type of parent. I did not beat my child … yesterday. Joking. I don’t beat her at all other than the normal smacks on the behind. Again, I was not that mom. I was at the moment the freaking out what the hell are you staring at- my daughter could be suffering from brain damage mom.

Clearly I was on the level. She was not.

So she turns to Savannah and asks her. For the record, like any 5-year-old, Savannah was freaked out. She is freaked out by needles, strangers, hospitals, weird instruments touching her face and arm.

So Savannah says, “Nothing.”

Fuck! I was like Nothing?! In my head I was thinking Nooooooo! This chick already thinks I beat you! I might have to now! Kidding people!

“Savannah, ” I say. “Tell the nurse (reminding her of her position and that you know she was not a doctor!) the truth. Whatever you can remember.”

All Savannah said was, “I don’t know what happened.”

Clearly, this is not what the nurse wanted to hear either. She got angry and didn’t say any more. I was convinced a cop would be waiting outside of  the room. Well I did wanna start knocking stuff off my  Kick the Bucket list.

Thankfully there was no cop and no necessary jail time. Savannah and I were escorted into a room. However not before the nurse gave me one more evil eye.

I returned the favor with a look of my own.

Wise guy eh?

So she evaluated and they said she did seem a bit disoriented but that was normal. After running a few simple tests, they said she did suffer a small concussion but that it was ok for her to go home.

One of the times that really made me look like a dumb ass mom was when the doctor asked Savannah if she could walk. On the way over to the hospital Savannah’s coordination was often and to me she was stumbling around.

Savannah got up and took a few steps. The doctor then asked her to walk to me on the other side of the bed. So you know what Savannah does. She walks two steps, then starts skipping and hopping toward me.

Someone hit me! I just got the crazed mother of the year award now!

They told me she could go to sleep (it was late) and just to keep an eye on through out the night. They didn’t have to say that twice.

They gave her some medicine which she  promptly threw up. All over me. Yay!

But the important thing was she was ok. Ok. Fine. All good.

So the rest of the night, I was her stalked. Freaking out if she didn’t move, making sure she was breathing and everyone once in awhile shaking her to wake up.

In which case she would yell at me to lay off.

So this is how it starts right?ER visits. Trauma to the mother.? Whew! I might seriously need to start padding these kids to let them even play. How much do football helmets cost anyways? Bubble wrap?

  Seriously. I am not kidding.

 Now after this night, I know what I want from mother’s day. I thought long and hard about it all night. Chocolates, flowers, or any thing else that I normally would get just won’t do this time around. All I want is a prescription of something hard-core like Zoloft, Valium.Or a muscle relaxer. And I just wanna sleep all day.

All damn day!

Thats it!

Comments on: "ER’s, Pads and Bubble wrap, & Sweet Zoloft" (21)

  1. OMG. Glad she’s ok. Seriously sucks you got the 3rd degree though, I know they meant to be looking out for the kids n all that, but making “normal” parents feel shitty cos at the end of the day, kids are kids, and accidents happen,just quite simply sucks. Not all parents beat their kids, and sometimes, I think that they ought to remember that.

  2. I’m glad she’s ok. I totally understand watching the breathing. Once Radley was sick and he had to use a couple albuterol treatments, that night I kept listening for his breathing.

    To Kiefer, I said, “He’s wheezing. Is he ok? Let’s go check on him.”
    Kiefer responded with, “He’s not wheezing, he’s snoring. Go back to bed.”

  3. ryoko861 said:

    Whew, that’s got to be a close one! The perils of parenthood! They don’t tell you stuff like that in the handbook (you DID get a handbook on parenting when your kids were born, right? They missed me too, don’t feel bad).

    Glad she’s ok. Kids are resilient.

  4. I read this entire post with an “I understand nod”. Let me tell you, it doesn’t get easier. Instead of checking if my 16 year old is breathing when he sleeps (I used to pinch him awake when he was a baby), I now stay up until I know he’s home safe and in his bed. And, if he’s spending the night somewhere I expect a good night text, no matter the time. He wants to get his license this summer. I am thinking of hiring a driver for him. We could always sell the house and move in with my mom. It sounds like the most logical way to go. 🙂

    • Ha ha you sound like me with my son. He can never marry! He just can’t. If he does I will move in with him and the wifey and interrupt them when I ever hear them have sex. They will still love me cause I will cook and clean.

  5. I’m happy that she’s doing ok. I’ve spent many of nights in the ER with my youngest. He was a pain in the ass. If it wasn’t for the fact that I knew most of the people working in the ER, that time of my life would have been hell. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. What seems like something simple can actually be more serious. After working on an ambulance and in an ER, I have some horror stories.

    Kids are resilient little creatures. It’s us moms that end up more bruised than anything.

  6. firecracker3 said:

    Sorry to hear you both had to go through that experience! At least things are better. She is recovering, you are not in jail, good times! Hopefully it will be an early bedtime for everyone this evening 🙂

  7. Dude, so glad to know your SiSi is ok. Aside from welt/bump. My daughter had asthma when she was younger we spent countless nights at the ER her hooked up to a ventilator cause her lungs would start collapsing or something. Then other nights I would stay awake all night making sure she was breathing ugh! I don’t miss those days/ nights at all. Thank god she outgrew her asthma.
    I have been questionsed once at the hospital by social services because my daughter (6yrs) got burned by coffee that I had bought at a drive thru and the assholes didn’t put the lid on correctly so when I drove over a bump the cup jumped and landed in her lap. She ended up with second and third degree burns on her inner thighs, legs and nani.
    Till this day my daughter always says “remember that time you burned me?”
    (Me: palm to face) I’m the worst mother ever!

    • What?! And you didn’t sue! I would at least have expected meals for free for a year!
      Yeah that must have been rough! I kinda experienced that when I had my baby boy. He didn’t have asthma but he was heavily congested as a newborn so I was freakin out the way he could not breathe!
      I feel you … this is the part where we fist bump.

  8. Goodness girlfriend! I am so glad she is ok! It’s scary when it comes to the bumps on the head, I would have been crazed just like you. I have been to the ER with both of mine and both times I waited for the cops to come or DSC. thankfully they never came!
    I hope last night went well and you got some sleep. I hope Sienna’s welt goes away quickly and she is back to herself!

    • Thanks… yeah Savannah’s head is better. She was kept from school yesterday (Doctor’s orders) and she was trying to pull a fast one today. So oh yeah she is better.

  9. Ok I totally relate to this post. I get “the look” a lot. When my son starts crying for no reason in a store people look at me as though I punched him in the face and somehow miraculously there is no mark. Also My son is VERY active and Curious. He drank dandruff shampoo once and then a week later drank some children tylenol. Who knew he would climb that shelf and figure out how to open a child cap but he did. And poison control was not so nice. I am afraid to ever contact them again. They probably already have me on red alert.

  10. Glad to hear she’s doing okay! I was sympathising and laughing at the same time; you sound soo like me! I remember when my youngest was about 18 months old. He was standing up in his buggy, tipped it over and cut his lip. There was blood EVERYWHERE! I felt sure he was gonna bleed out, so I picked him up and ran out of the house – I had no shoes on and left the door wide open. I ran a mile to the doctor’s surgery. By the time we got there, it looked like we’d been in a major car crash – we were both smothered in blood, tears and snot. He was fine – any facial cuts bleed like buggery, but me? I was in such a state, they gave me a valium! 😀

    It’s so scary, you just want your kids to be okay.

  11. I totally understand the panic-mode. My middle child fell out of her crib when she was about a year and a half, right onto her head. When I took her directly to the hospital, they told me to take her to her regular doctor. We turned to leave, and she threw up all over the nurse, prompting them to take her directly to the x-ray room, and when she started falling asleep on the x-ray table, I was bawling and nudging her awake again, time and time again, sure that she was going to stop breathing right there.

    She ended up spending the night in the hospital with a concussion and a hairline fracture on her skull. She is now 16, and fine.

    But that was one of the longest nights of my life.

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