In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Who knew soup and salad could be so good….especially drenched in meat??!?!

So I feel better .. and my first initial post I gotta fo better. So here it is … a survey for you.

Rinse and Repeat people.

What color is your ceiling fan?


 Currently at my office there is not ceiling fan … however I have some at my house … I think they are brown. Shit I don’t know.


 Do you have external speakers hooked up to your computer?


 Nope not at my office. They might be too cheap for that.


 When’s the last time you paused something?


 Ummm I paused my iPod an hour ago.


 Do you have Tivo?


 No but I do have a DVR that does the exact same thing.


 When’s the last time you played Truth or Dare?


 A long time … and now I wanna play!


 Do you like cleaning?


 Uhh yeah a lot … I do it all the time basically everyday. And whats awesome that with three little ones its never gets clean.So I am always thrilled!


 When’s the last time your air conditioner came on?


 I am weirded out by these questions … Uh when I was in my car an hr ago.


 What do you think of when I say: juicy?


 I think those horrible pants that spells juicy all over the ass. Uh!


 When’s the last time you used a regular pencil?


 Yesterday night … my kid used them at home


 Do you know anyone with a convertible car?


 No … totally not cool.


 Are you impatient?




 Do you blame other people a lot for things you do?


 no I dont


 Name something going wrong (or not the way you want) right now.


 Uhhhhhh I rather not …


 Are you cold?




 Do you use hand sanitizer or soap more?




 When’s the last time you listened to your iPod/mp3 player?


 I am listening to it right now


 What’s the last creative thing you did?


 Uhhh this?


 Do you like your music loud, medium, or soft?




 What’s the last kind of cookie you ate?


 ginger … weird cause I never eat cookies


 Do you like mints or gum more?


 gum more .. i dont like


 What’s one day you’ll never forget?


 getting married


 Has a movie or song ever changed how you feel about life?


 yes … its mostly music but some movies too


 What’s the most expensive thing you bought this week?


 gas … whew …dont get me started


 Do you have any trophies?


 I did .. who knows what happened to them.


 Do you like glittery things?


 yes like makeup, stickers, strippers


 When’s the last time you used a calculator?


 at lunch I was figuring something out I read in a tweet


 What color was it?




 Where do you keep your cell phone normally?


 in my hand


 Do you use note cards to study?




 When’s the last time you wrote an actual letter and mailed it to someone?


 damn …. its been years probably I can’t even remember


 Do you understand complex math?


 Nope … I wasn’t even in class for the simple one


 What’s the last game you played?


 The movie game at work … yeah


 When’s the last time you did someone a favor?


 Well later on I am taking a co worker home… maybe I can get food out of it!


 Do you loan friends money if they ask you?


 sure but no one asks me


 What’s the last word you heard your dad say?


 you got it?


 Have you ever used duck tape to fix something?


 yes! Thats a must have!


 When’s the last time you went shopping, wanting something in particular?


 The day of the rodeo which was in Febuary


 Do you enjoy screamo music?


 what is that… music where they scream …. not particularly


 Who was the last guy to annoy you?


 ha ha … um lets be safe. One of the many bosses I have


 Do you prefer to be with your mom or dad?


 My mom I guess .. my dad is awesome but he falls asleep everywhere


 Do you think that love is a four letter lie?


 ha ha good one ummm no 


 When’s the last time you used a styrofoam plate?

All the time …. I hate washing dishes


Comments on: "Oh yea…. full and happy" (9)

  1. ryoko861 said:



  2. firecracker3 said:

    The glittery question listing makeup, stickers and strippers, lmao, love it!

  3. I love these little Q & A’s. which reminds me…Can I borrow some money? You said no one asks you so….I need a million dollars please! 😉
    ps. I am so happy your day got better!

  4. TheIdiotSpeaketh said:

    Damn! I actually started to answer all these and then gave up after #49……. We use paper plates about 6 days a week….talk about lazy….does that count? 🙂

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