In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

The day has just started for me but I have received a lot of trauma in the past 24 hours. So instead of talking to a psychologists, I figure you all are as good as any!

  • My son has a bit of congestion and right now the weather is so dry that he has these coughing fits.  Well the  night before last was no different. He woke up several times with his great hacking cough.  One of the times, I didn’t hear him (possibly because he and I have been ranging 4 hours of sleep a night or less) and he threw up me. Ok to be more specific on my neck and and chest.  I was in shock!  However, he missed the bed entirely. Maybe because my body was sheilding it! Awesome. Last night, I was in fear he would do it again. So I don’t really remember sleeping.
  • Thanks to a fellow blogger who posted a funny video yesterday, I am inpired. So yesterday I looked at some other videos.  And now I am forever scared. Did you know there are a lot  of  stupid people out there? Yeah, and what’s so disturbing I can relate to this first clip of the lady in scene 0.00 -0.09.

I think I know what her problem was … she was a bit top heavy. That is not true in my case. I have not excuse for accidents. Most of these accidents in the video I have done or been apart of. Getting hit with a ball, yep! Going and kicking someone then running away and smacking face first into something. Now running into a moving car takes skill. I am quite not there. Lets face it, people  getting hurt is hilarious. Now I know why many you are my friends. I am one un-graceful motherfucker!

  • I also ran into some drunk videos. I think if I wasn’t scared before I am now!

After watching this, I discovered some rules you should remember when you know you might get wasted.

  1. Never get drunk in the day. The cover of darkness is your best friend.
  2. If you are going to drink, drink with a buddy. In case he slums over, you will have the cushy surface to fall onto.
  3. Whatever you do, never sit down. You will never get up.
  4. And if you have to pee, just do it in your pants. I think there is more dignity there then mooning half the people as you stuggle to put your pants on. Again get drunk at night.
  5. Always have a camera on hand. We need these videos to feel better about ourselves. At least I do.

At finally, videos of animals. I have never been more disturbed or turned on. Huh? I kid! I kid! That turtle sure looks familiar though, right?  And if anyone knows where I can get that ticklish cat please let me know!

I will never eat frog legs again! In fact, I am so weirded out by animals.

Happy Hump Day!

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Comments on: "Some Random Bullshit … my wits are running thin" (8)

  1. The frog legs was just gross!

    My son and I enjoyed those. We saw the second video once before and laughed just as hard this time!

    I always keep a camera on me besides my camera phone. You never know. But a video camera would be best!

  2. maybe try a humidifier at night for ryan.

  3. TheIdiotSpeaketh said:

    I’m copying down these drunk rules to show the kid in a few years…. thanks! 🙂

  4. Bigandlong said:


  5. Bigandlong said:

    cool shit girl

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