In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

My “aunt” (I say that because she is my aunt through marriage though I wish she was mine) sent me a random care package. She doesn’t know me extremely well but she wanted to do something for me nice anyway.

It was totally unexpected. Plus, who doesn’t like to get mail from UPS, Fed Ex etc? Raise your beers if it’s not bills, am I right fellas? Ladies? Oh that’s right, its  9 am in some parts. It’s 5:00 pm some where people.

In the box I found a book (had read it already but still loved the fact that I owned a book!), a bookmarker, a wallet (Gucci fake but I love it), a nice magnet from San Diego, stationary that was a magnet, a small decoration of fish and this huge fish.

All these items were random things that she probably had lying around at home, or saw in a store. All are inexpensive I am sure. I loved it all. It was a gift all from her. It was actually in this case, the thought that counted. She is from San Diego and got things that were around that somehow represented her and San Diego. I loved that.

Then I thought, why don’t we bloggers do that with each other?

So here is my proposal: Once a month with a different person each month we send them a care package like that. All my bloggers friends are all over the nation and globe. Some are from the UK, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Nevada, California. We should just send each other little things that we have in our homes or things we might find in dollar stores. And we just do it once a month. Or whatever you think. I am not sure how much time I wanna spend in a post office. I sure none of you want to do that so I felt once a month would be practical.

Think of how much we can learn about each other in just these little things. We would be getting small presents and finally!! Good mail! And if not that, possibly a prompt for a post. This has been my new silver lining in life: Well at the least, I could blog about it.

So how about it? Is anyone in?

If not, it’s totally understandable. One of you could be a killer … we don’t know. Hell even if you one you dresses like a man on the weekends … I would be down.  You could send me some panty hose or something.

So let me know what you think. And we can go for them.

Thanks peeps!


Comments on: "Don’t Call the Cops! It’s not that kind of proposition!!!" (36)

  1. DIBS!! I get to write the book about it! Lol I’m in

  2. firecracker3 said:

    If we can figure out a good system aka gift tree of who sends what to whom and when I am down with trying this for a few months. Having done something similar as gong away gifts for people leaving my area or who left and were living in other areas they certainly enjoyed the local flair of the items 🙂

  3. I’d be up for giving this a try once or twice.

    Since you said “It’s 5:00 somewhere,” I have to share a story from the weekend. Kiefer and I had brunch, and we were both feeling mimosas…except restaurants can’t serve alcohol until 11. So the new saying is “It’s 11:00 somewhere.”

  4. I want to play!!! Agreed we need a good system. hmmmmm too much thought ! Let me know if yall come up with anthing.

  5. You know I’m in!

  6. so lucky marina!!! i wish someone sent me a care package!!! never got one EVER! lol…maybe the day will come soon hehe nice post btw..i enjoyed!

  7. I’m totally in!
    When do I get my first package?
    Just send the box to your work place that’s easy enough or if someone you know has a po box then that works.
    Better yet send it to your neighbors/friends home and they can give it to you. That way it’s someone elses address and they get killed and not you.

    • You know what… I am willing to take the chance. I have two guns under my bed and a machete! So go ahead send me a package and dont even think of robbing me!

  8. I am seriously totally down for this. I have tons of random junk lying around my house that need loved by someone else. I am in. Seriously.

  9. Well, I don’t know where I might end up for a place to live soon, but this does sound like fun. I love little care packages and fun stuff you get in the mail, sometimes I buy myself gifts online just so I can open them and pretend it’s from someone else!

    • Dude … I love that too! I am actually thinking of sending myself flowers but to my house … just so I can have some flowers. My hubby buys me flowers but I really think we need to max the credit cards on this! He thinks otherwise!

  10. btw i am so in!!! how do we start??? email exchange or what?? im lost

  11. Count me in although I’ve never done anything like this before 😀

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  13. That actually sounds like a GREAT idea!

  14. TheIdiotSpeaketh said:

    Count me in from Texas! 🙂

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