In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I have decided to get on the bandwagon cause all the cool people are always on bandwagons. I don’t understand it. I prefer cars. But being cool sometimes doesn’t come with an explanation. I don’t know people I just listen. You say jump; I jump. You say: Eat this worm; I say pass the damn ketchup.

Girl on the Contrary told me to do this every Friday. I must obey!

So every Friday I plan to help further the love of music! I think you need help. So I will sacrifice my Friday and educate you in the ways of music! So get ready to make a dent in the REVOLUTION!

I so so so love this song. And the video is kick ass. Let me educate you now!

Do you want blood? Well ACDC gots it!

Hell yeah .. I don’t know about you but I am feeling very Damn the Man-ish!

Whenever I am angry and just want a good girl anthem in walks the old Alanis Morssette not the (beep!!!) we have now. Kidding. Kidding. We love you Alanis. How about some new music?!!? Put the baby down and sing!

(excuse the commercial in the beginning’ youtube has to get paid)

So there I am done. Tune next week for the latest in music. And hey not only I but Girl on the Contrary encourages you to do this as well. So lets educate each other.

What are we fighting? I am not exactly sure… but I wanna fight someone .. so lets fight the man or the power or paying the rent. Whatever you like. Spread the music!!


Comments on: "Musical Revolution Week (by Girl on the Contrary)" (20)

  1. You Oughta Know..One of my favs!
    I’m thinking of mine….Might have to have a second post for the day.

  2. ryoko861 said:

    I’ve just recently learned to appreciate AC/DC more. Brian Johnson is just the cutest!

    Sorry, not an Alanis fan.

    I’m always into listening to new artists and music. Interesting “blog hop” concept.


    I love that ACDC song.

    Ketchup makes everything better. I’d eat a worm with ketchup on it. Maybe. Ok, probably not.

  4. firecracker3 said:

    I like the music post idea. I haven’t added in any videos in some time to my posts, I got lazy. I should at least put some random ones back in there! Happy Friday!

  5. Power to the People! Loving your choices! Thanks for joining the revolution- this shit is getting serious!

  6. Re Alanis: When I lived overseas, she was the only Canadian diva I enjoyed hearing out of distorted speakers on Thai beaches (Shania Twain? Nope. Celine Dion? Emphatically No).

    I seemed to have jumped on the music revolution accidentally today. My post is entitled “Music Memoir in 12 Questions.”

    Come on over to and fill in your Music Memoir in 12 Questions.

  7. Love the idea! Love the concept man! Love the music! Love you!

    Great music, good times, next Friday it’s on!!!!!

    • No lady I love you. Don’t get it twisted! Gettin’ low gettin low to the window to the walll!
      Awesome … lets start the revolution. Viva la musica

  8. TheIdiotSpeaketh said:

    We share the same taste in music! I love Alannis…..I have yet to see her live but will do so in a heartbeat if she happens to tour through her in the future. I saw AC/DC in London in 1986 and I am still partially deaf in one ear. They rock!!

    • ACDC does rock. And their new songs are not too bad!
      Yeah Alanis is awesome. Stay tuned for every Friday.
      Cause “we will be dancing. Yeah!”

  9. Hurrah! Welcome to the Revolution…LOVE AC/DC!

  10. Ac/Dc possibly my favorite band. Plus the revolution cat-fucking awesome! I say we fight the fucking stupids. We all know one, so get out your boxing gloves. Haha I don’t even know what the fuck any of what I said means. I need some coffee drops now!

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