In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

You know who I feel like this week?

This guy right here!

Yeah … I think I am just gonna name this week Marina’s week. I am king… or um queen. I am like a Bad ass Queen Elizabeth but with way more beheadings! Come to think it, where are those “fanners” (people who fan) cause I am hot! Don’t make me get all Star Jones on anyone!

This all has been a great distraction from Gus leaving this week. But where is this blog at 2Am, 4AM, when I am freaking out at night cause I think someone is breaking in! No fucking where that’s where!  Well, at least 8 hours of the day I am not crying. So I will enjoy my Kanye West moment.

I am one SAD  but badass girl. Ha ha …

I am feeling….. Memetastic

You see! I can’t help BUT feel full of myself. It’s all your fault. The one person to blame for this blowing up of my head is Thypolar\’s Life Uncensored.


(whoa can we say bipolar?) Oooo I just made a funny cause I’m bi-polar and Thy is Thypolar. Hmm wait … is she saying her thigh is polar or that “Thy self is polar”?

Damnit… I don’t know. Much love to Thypolar… I just realized I have no idea what your name means! And uncensored means you are supposed to be showing more skin! Where are my Mr Skin photos ?!?!??!

Thanks for the award. I totally was not expecting it. But of course with everything wonderful thing there is a catch. Ask Gus. He got me (me=wonderful; catch=retardedness)

I must

  • proudly display the award.
  • list 5 things about yours truly and 4 of the 5 must be BOLD FACE LIES and you guys gotta guess which one is true.
  • then I must pass on this prestigious award to 5 deserving bloggers

So the award is up there.


Now I’m gonna spin some righteous shit and get all Quentin Tarantino on this blog with anime. some kick ass karate,  scalping, and possibly some major conversation to blow your mind. Uhhhhh never mind.

1) I am naturally good at everything for the first time. It doesn’t matter what I touch I am good at it. But for the first time only. After that I suck.

2) I have stayed in mental hospital for one night…. apparently you are not supposed to freak out in the county courthouse. Well how would you feel if you didn’t know the car was stolen and getting a $2,000 fine was completely out of the question?!

3)  I am so into politics. The first thing I did when I turned 18 was register to vote. I even had a fake id just in case I could not get my voter’s card in time.’

4) I was very popular in middle and high school. Like stupid popular.

5) I once thought my mother discovered my mary jane. I saw it on the kitchen counter and she was using it as seasoning for menudo. I guess Mary Jane and oregano look a like? Or I was still very stoned.

Actually now I am not sure which is true.

So who are my picks for this glorious award?

In no particular order:

Thoughts Appear\’s Blog She is quick, cool, and her use the English language runs right up my alley!

Pkitass First, that name is a trip and she is funny. Plus her tweets are hilarious. I call her Hollywood.

The Idiot Speakth Cause every time I think of this blogger I picture George Costanza from Seinfeld. The stuff that happens to him is hilarious and his perfect wife is a hoot!

Girl on the Contrary  This lady does not belong in our life time. Her taste is far more mature for this age and her thought processing is just odd and awesome.  She can make the smallest thing funny. And somehow she is teaching you something too. I learn!

The Soapbox I always think …Why didn’t I think of the name Soapbox?!?!  She is one crazy chick that I just recently discovered. But you know when you go to the store and find the perfect socks! Thats how the Soapbox is! She just feels right… on the brain people!

So there it is. Now leave me alone. I need to tan and I got a meeting with my agent to get me on The View. Those bitches need a reality check!


Comments on: "My Kinda Week When It’s About Me" (24)

  1. ryoko861 said:

    BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH, it’s going to be a long month for you.

    Well thank you dear for the award! I’m honored. *SMACK* BIG KISS!

    Thy is the best! Her husband rocks too!

    ANY of those things could be true! I can see #5 happening. My mom would have fallen for it. She was clueless.

  2. Girl! It is all about you! That’s awesome! Hmm..Figuring out which one is the truth, that’s a tough one! Let me ponder….I’m going with #5 😉

  3. I’ve got tO say #4. Only the “cool kids” are memetastic.

  4. #4
    I’m going to start describing things as ‘stupid popular.’ I like that.

  5. I did indeed thank you.

  6. Well #5 seems like the obvious one but I’m going to go with #1 just stir thing up. 

    Hey thanks for making me feel special but since I’m new to blogging I’m not sure if I know how to do this or if I even know 5 others bloggers to mention. What to do????
    Maybe you can help me and write it for me? (big big nervous smile) 

  7. You learn things from me???! Aw man, you are totally screwed!

    Thanks for the award my dear- I am sending over the fanners as a way of saying thank you.



  8. You are very welcome. Bravo on your list of 5! I’m going to go with number 2 because that would explain why I feel like I’ve known you forever. We met at that damn mental hospital (I knew it). Did I hear a request for more skin? 😉

  9. Congratulations and thank you!

    Has anyone chosen #3? I think I need to go with that one because it’s so foreign to me. I’m so not into politics. Who’s our President? I can’t remember.

    • No …. not yet. I get what your saying about Obama. I still can’t figure out why his mother named him that. She wanted his kicked in school.

  10. Congrats on the award, girly, you deserve it! I love #4, I was stupid unpopular as a kid, but I was pretty okay with that. #1 is a great one to be too, I tend to be pretty good at the stuff I try… and if I’m not, I get pissed off!

  11. TheIdiotSpeaketh said:

    I’m going with #5……thanks for the award! I would like to thank the Academy, my parents, my wife and children, my shrink, my parole officer, my alter ego, my other personalities, and Sarah Palin…..without them, none of what I have achieved would be possible….(breaks down crying)…..Thank You…Thank you…Thank you…… 🙂

    (I’ll get to work on my post for the award within a few days)

  12. […] from Ms. Sass, one from Marina, and one from Spinny (I hope you’re ok with that […]

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