In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Ch Ch Ch Ch Cherry Bomb!


Someone has noticed me! It’s all about me me me me me me … for five minutes anyways.

I always wanted a Oprah minute. You know, you have guests on your show to talk about them but in the end you are constantly one-upping them or talking about yourself. Poor guests … they are probably thinking,”Why the fuck did I come on here? Oh that’s right, everyone and their mama watches Oprah.”

So I won this awesome colorful and right up my alley award.

Now I gotta play the humble card … I shall do it with tears.

Thank you. Thank you. I was totally not expecting this (yeah right cause this shit was a set up by meeee!). What can I say? I love you all. My fans are the greatest… all 13 of you. You are the reason I am here. I wanna thank God … she totally rocks. Except I don’t get the monthly visit from Mother Nature thing. That’s one sick bitch. I want to thank my kids, my hubby. Your support is what drives me to be a crazy ass woman for all the internet to see! I wanna thank all my bloggers friends who have nurtured and fertilized this seed. I am your baby! Your baby!  But most of all, I wanna thank the Soapbox.  She agreed under gun point that I deserved this award. Plus I told her that if she didn’t give me this award … I would steal all her toilet paper.  And eat her chickens. She thinks she is hungry?!?! HA!  She is a very good listener!

Just one rule people: Do not touch me! You are all dirty! No touchy! No touchy!

Now to accept this award, the deal is I gotta say three things I love about myself. So here it goes:

1. I love my misshapen head. It’s like a map of my life and all my retarded injuries.

2. I love that I am so positive its annoying.

3.  I love that I don’t give a shit about what people think. I am gonna do me!

Now I need to post a picture that I love. My kids love family. They love friends. This picture is where they just met some cousins and ever since then that’s all they talk about.


The last requirement of receiving this award is to award 5 other people with this award.  So holla back to my homies: Here is your Cherry on Top Award.

Thypolar\’s Life Uncensored You know her. You love her. She is spunky and funny. And we all wish we had a best friend like her in real life! Plus, I am her manager in making her life into a show on Lifetime! Angelina Jolie is set to play her! How exciting!!

Me, a name I call myself  She is one feisty tamale. And she tastes good too.

Hacking Vegas Ever heard of cab poetry? Me neither, but Hack spins it well. Great stories for that are made for TV!

Firecracker3\’s Musings I think I got a thing for fiery woman. You know the kind that spit venom. Firecracker is just that.

All Things Fnkybee This woman battles it all! Pervy Men, crappy days, ants, Mother Nature. And even if she doesn’t win (she usually does!), she sure gots something wicked to say about it.  


So again, kisses and hugs! I am off being who I was born to be! A ch ch ch cherry bomb!


Comments on: "Ch Ch Ch Ch Cherry Bomb!" (37)

  1. Congratulations! And great choices for recipients!

  2. Of course Thy’s on top, she always ends up on the top……of every list (perv. I know what you were thinking.) thank you and remember, if they are annoyed by your positive spin then they just need more of it till they embrace it. 😉

  3. firecracker3 said:

    Hello and thank you! I am all about thank yous today, that was my whole blog post!It is a nice little family of bloggers many of us have, makes it worth the effort and always fun. Thanks!

    • Aint it the truth. When I speak of you all .. Gus is like,”Oh the imaginary people.” And I just nod, “They are not imaginary in my heart.” He loves my cheesiness!

  4. First, I want to say congrats! You definitely deserve to be the cherry on top (yep yep). Second, That picture you have is absolutely adorable! I remember when mine were that little. They were cute back then 😉 Now they are just mouthy and demanding…what happened?

    Thank you, thank you (taking a bow and blowing kisses)…You know I love you, right? If Angelina Jolie is playing me….I’m so in love with me! Is she booked? When can I touch her, um…I mean see her?

    • Well you get to have private sessions with Miss Jolie so she can get to know you better “for the part”. I booked it all at the Hilton Rm219. Just charge it to Hack’s card.

  5. you are HILARIOUS!

  6. Am a new subscriber coming over from Irene at The Soapbox! Love your blog because you make me chuckle and because you’re my kinda gal. So to speak.I’m not a pervert or anything… 🙂

    Great award! Well done!

    • I’ll take your word for it … for some reason my damn perv reader is going off the charts. Its gotta be broken or …. All these other damn pervos!

  7. Hey congrats! I was going to say something rude but decided to let you slide. I’ll let you keep your special day.

  8. Seriously the perfect award after your cheery bomb weekend! Word! Congrats girlie, you deserve it. Why you ask? because your blog ROCKS! And you are funny, and you cuss like me, and it makes me want to move to Texas to be your friend so we can hang out. I wonder if we could just redo the united states layout so we could put Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, & where ever Thy and Thoughts are all together so we can be one big happy family. I’m going with no but hey it’s a great idea!

    I just want you to know that I am sitting here with tears running down my face because I am so honored to receive this award. Plus I’m pretty sure getting my cherry popped by you was much more pleasurable then when it first happened. That shit hurt! He was too big for my first go around..Oh TMI? Moving on!
    Thanks again! I love what you wrote about my blog! That’s right I’m ready for anything, I’m a soldier, bring it! Plus anytime ‘wicked’ is associated with me I am stoked! I will be passing this award on tomorrow so stay tuned!
    Thanks again Hot Momma!!!

    • Your first time would make an excellent blog!

    • Dude…I’m in! I’ve got the tow hitch so lets start moving some god damn states around here! Thoughts is in Maryland, I’m in Nevada, Marina’s in Texas…wait! Where the hell is fnky and is it tow-able?

      • Totally .. Fnky is in Tenessee and In Like Flynn is like California … Thats all the states the US needs anyways!

      • Oh yea and Firecracker is PA? Thats Pennsylvania right? Damnit 4th grade geography!

      • LMAO….ok so we have Texas, Maryland, Nevada, Tennesee, Pennsylvania and California. Since Flynn is in San Diego, can we just bring San Diego or do we have to bring the whole damn state? I mean…I have family there that I’d rather not tow along. You know what I mean? LOL.

      • I have to check w the panel….. they say thats fine!

      • Thy you’ve got everything..Biohazard suit, tow hitch, next you’re going to tell me you have a giraffe in your backyard. Which if that’s true, I love you. Well I have girl crush on you already so I will just crush on you even more ;). Tennessee is so towable. I’m packing up the state as I type, let me know what time you’ll be hooking up the hitch!

      • fnky – No giraffe but I do have somewhat of a circus…I mean how about 5 dogs, 1 bitchy cat, 3 kids, a partridge in a pear tree, and a 14 ft trampoline? Does that count? Will you still love me? If so and you’re packing shit up then I’m hooking up the hitch as we speak! SCORE 😉

      • Your cats bitchy? No way!

      • Dude, for real! I’m not even joking. Go ahead and Ask Mr T. I usually refer to her as the “Ho bag” or “Fat ass Bitch”. but I think I shall move on to “cranky pussy”.

      • Damnit I must find myself a evil cat to out do you!

      • Close enough! I’m packed and waiting..waiting…waiting. I packed up my dumb ass dog to go with your 5 and your bitchy cat. Our dog has Kid friendly names and nonkid friendly. When the kids are around it’s Devo or dumb dog. when the kids aren’t around its Devo, Dummy dick, fuck face, or just plain ol fuck head. He’s kinda dumb.

  9. ryoko861 said:

    Yes, PA is Pennsyltucky. Don’t come here. They don’t like outsiders. Maybe they’ll make an exception for you two.

  10. Congrats! Nicely done, another award for an awesome blog. 🙂

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