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Party Party Party Party

OMG I had the best weekend ever … like totally!

If you guys know anything about me, you know that I don’t get out much. In fact, the last time I went out on a date with my hubby it was last year in July. A dinner and a movie.  Who knows before that!  It’s just hard with three kids that are all real young. And then when we have my husband’s son that’s 4 kids. I mean who can watch all 4? It trips me out that people have babysitters. Where do these babysitters live and how can I get one?

My sister in law’s birthday was Saturday and she reserved a party bus the night. And so my husband and I went. My sister (Thank you Laura!!) knew that we needed a night out especially with Gus going out town, so she said she would do it.

So we were set for the Party Bus.

Have any of you been to Mexico? There are these huge tall buses there. They are like white and green and run down. Well these guys renovated the bus. Put nice seats in there, a stripper pole (very necessary apparently!), and a DJ area. You bring your own beer and liquor and stuff so you can drink on the bus. You arrange where you want to go and drink til you get there.

The last time I went to a club I was 19 maybe. So times have changed.

First off, I was totally freaking out cause I didn’t know what to wear. How do people dress to these things? I wasn’t about to go shopping for an outfit either. So I put on some gray slacks and this red cut off turtle neck shirt.  All the girls that I was with were in shorts skirts and boob busting outfits. At 19, I would have been intimdated. I was expecting to feel that way too!

Low and Behold, somewhere along the lines of busting out three kids and raising them…. I stopped giving a shit about what other people thought! And I didn’t realize it til then. It seriously didn’t bother me. I was in such a good mood, I was ready to have a good time.

I was nervous. Where were we going? Would I be uncomfortable? Why was I freaking out about not being with my kids? Am I just totally out of my element? Why am I so lame? Why can’t I stop twittering?

So we met everyone at this country western bar called Whiskey Dicks. It was so cool! I have been there with Gus like in 2007 to see a concert. The atmosphere is great. It’s for an older crowd but it’s so comfortable and relaxed. Plus you could wear jean shorts there! At least the women I saw were. Totally cool!

I had two drinks there. My signature drink: Rum and coke. After two I was slightly buzzing and I started to get excited. Finally the Party Bus arrived.

Ok so this pic sucks. I will get better ones… no promises.

So here we go into this bus that! So should I have not even done my hair? Probably!

I got my signature drink and began the party.

We first went to this club called The Loft.  This club was the size of my living room. Small! It was a like buy a drink and dance where you are at. So I did. I had two of the strongest drinks ever. Seriously I was already ready to vomit then. But I man-ed up people. And my friend passed me a beer. Which I used to rinse out my mouth! And drink of course. The economy is still shaky!

 I loved that all the clubs we went to had tvs. I got to watch music videos. Totally awesome!

Back on the bus, people started to get rowdy. Dancing all over the place, jumping on the seats. Total chaos. Total awesomeness!

Third club was at The Republic. This was so fun. There were go-go dancers. Everyone was dancing. It was crazy and fun. I had two more drinks something with vodka and shot that was yummy! At this point we were all going crazy. And I was peeing a lot!

I noticed too that all the clubs had bathroom attendants. I made friends with two out of three. The last room attendant didn’t look to friendly especially when one girl slipped in her own pee.

I also noticed that even though I was drinking a lot I wasn’t getting drunk or anything. First it was hot in these clubs. True,  body heat is responsible but how about some refrigerated air or something! Second, I was the only mom within the group so I was taking care of people & making sure we were all together and looking for missing people. That didn’t bother me cause I just wanted us to be all safe.

The time in the bus was getting crazy and ex-rated. It was such a blast. People were riding the pole, each other, climbing on the bus, and dancing. I had so much fun! Never have I danced on leather before. It was quite nice. Then I did these  things called Cherry Bombs. They’re cherries saturated in vodka, gin, tequilla, everclear, you name it, its in there. I did 4.

Even after all that, when it was over and time to go home, me the mother who never goes out to clubs, hasn’t drank for 4 years, was the only one good at the end of the night. I drove everyone home!

Who’s Da Boss?

I’m the boss!

So all in all it was a great night. I had a blast. It was awesome doing this with Gus and dancing. He and I both needed. I love it when we go out cause then we rediscover each other again and how we like to cut loose and have fun.

However, I was ready to end it and go home where my babies were.

After the whole night, I was so proud of myself.  And somewhere in all these years, I freaking matured. What the fuck?!?!

However, I feel like a bus hit me… today!

My thighs are sore from wearing heels and dancing.  My arms hurt from holding onto the bars in the bus.

And is my stomach upset?



Comments on: "Party Party Party Party" (19)

  1. firecracker3 said:

    You rocked it hard, I am proud. I too, (not even being a mom) play the mom role when with others. Glad to hear you and Gus had a date night. And that party bus sounds like a whole lotta fun!

    Cherry Bombs, mmmm mmmm good!!!!

  2. LMAO, thats awesome! Its amazing how the maturity happens and you never even knew it 😉 Glad you had a great time. You needed that!

    Slipped in her own pee? That’s fucking fantastic!

  3. That…sounds…awesome! I’m glad you had a good time!

  4. Awesome awesome awesome! I am so glad you and Gus had a great time! It sounds like a blast! You guys deserve a night out every now and again. Don’t let it go for too long before you do it again! It keeps you fresh and connected to each other! Very important!
    When you tweeted that you felt fine yesterday and then read today what all you drank I was like ‘what the hell! I would have felt like complete dog poo!’ I hate the 2nd day hangovers..they creep up on you just when you think you’re in the clear! Damn mind fuck if you ask me and so not cool!
    You da boss baby!

    • Yea .. I thought I was so bad ass til I got here and immediately started burping shit. Umm, yeah TMI.
      However, I have an entire plate of chinese food like it was going out of style. Time to nap … yes at work!

  5. ryoko861 said:

    Yep, we’re not 19 anymore. We’re out of practice! I know exactly how you feel!

    Alkaseltzer works wonders!

    It’s nice to get out now and then!

  6. Sounds like you had a great time! I’m so jealous right now! I want to ride a party bus too!
    Maybe I’ll throw my daughters 18th birthday on one.

  7. Sounds like you had yourself an awesome time! Yeah, what to wear for a club is like what to wear for Vegas, skin is totally in.

  8. Remember when we could drink and dance all night and sleep for a few hours and do it all over again the next night??!?! Now it takes me 24 to 48 hours to recover form a night of drinking in my own house! HAHA – great post. Glad you had some couple grown up time. Every marriage with children needs that.

  9. You party animal!! sounds like you had a blast 😀

  10. I love this blog. My husband and I have forgotten what a date is. Actually we know what a date is, it is a dried fruit right?

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