In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I took yesterday off. I didn’t fake-call-in-sick though I am not above that.

Yessss excellent!

Actually I took it off to spend some time with my family especially my husband. I know none of you know anything about me so I will go ahead and divulge you today.

My husband and I work together. He worked at our current job before me but he got me in when there was an opening cause at the time I was going crazy at home. Boy do I wish I could take that back. Treasure waking up at 7 AM people. Treasure it!

It was a good thing to because my husband has to do a lot of jobs out-of-town. So not only do I get to see him at home. but I get to see him at work. He also has to deal with my directly. And we haven’t killed each other yet.

My hubby will be going out-of-town for a longer period of time than normally. He will come back occasionally but mostly be gone for the rest of the year until August.  Because of the duration of this trip, there are so many things you need to do and many loose ends you gotta tie. That was the intention for this weekend. Well, that and a lot more hugs and kisses than regularly.

I can say it millions of millions of times, but I am going to miss him. Horribly. So if you people don’t mind, I would like to dedicate this post to Gus. He says he reads every now and then. Hopefully he reads this one.

Dear Gus,

You leave Monday, March 14. That totally sucks. I absolutely hate it when you leave. I don’t have to tell you how alone I am already but without you there… well consider me a puppy lost without its owner. Total lost-a-tion. Yes I just made up that word. I can do that I am emotionally distressed.

Things I will miss about you:

1. The warmth of you in the bed. True, you have been working nights recently but I can always tell when you are finally in the bed with me even at 4:30 am in the morning. Once you are in the bed with me, I can actually sleep. Because then I am safe.

2. You make me feel safe. Not only in the way were we can walk into bar and I can point to a guy and say “Kick his ass
 and you could probably do it with no problem but also because you have my back. You protect me. My heart, my mind, my body.


 I finally felt it when you married me.

3. Who will I talk to? True we will talk on the phone but nothing beats your expressions when I am telling you things face to face. I will miss hugging you and looking up , way up, at your nice face and seeing your eyes. Who will agree with me and disagree? No one that’s who.

4. Weekends will be shitty. And you know they will be because our weekends are spent together. Everyone of us will feel the void when you are gone and it will be so apparent on the weekends. I will look outside and not see you drinking your beer and tinkering with something in the garage.  I will miss watching weird television shows like Sons of Guns and How Things are Made. Normally I would never watch that, but it makes it worthwhile sitting with you on the couch.

Who will help me clean? Truth be told, you are a better cleaner than me. I said it. Don’t ever expect me to say it again. Please excuse the condition of the house when you come back. Oh… just kidding. Just come back ok?

5. No more kisses and you know… I love you. I miss you.

Honestly I can’t express how much I will miss you. You and I are a team. You are our rock. Or glue. Together we are an awesome team. Even just knowing you are next to me is the best feeling in the world. And our lives become a standstill when you are gone. 

Plus you are leaving me alone with them! Those crazy three kids we got! That 2 year old is especially crazy.

You know I kid! But you know that they will miss you like crazy.

 You know my heart remains with you. That I only want to be with you.  Remember this where ever you go.

Since the first time I saw you, I knew I wanted to be with you forever. And I am still here. You are the love of my life.  Know that I am always thinking of you. Even as I sit next to you right now, even when we argue, even when we sleep. You don’t understand the hold you have on me. And I don’t take that lightly.

So in conclusion, I love you. I will miss you and my cell will be glued to my hand. I already volunteered to make any necessary trips out there in case shit goes down with not getting you the right equipment or support.

Lots of kisses,

Your woman.



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Comments on: "To Gus … you know who you are" (19)

  1. Awwe…I have a little tear!
    So sweet, so much love. Gus is a lucky man and you are a lucky woman!

  2. Awwww…sweet letter!

    I hope Monday till August goes by fast for you and your family!

  3. ryoko861 said:

    Aww, I would print that and stuff it into a suitcase! That’s very touching!

  4. Hopefully life will go back to normal for you in August. 😉 That has to be tough for the both of you. Haven’t spent a night away from Mr T in 5 years. Even then it was only one week and that was dreadful.

  5. Aww beautiful!

  6. TheIdiotSpeaketh said:

    Sounds like Gus is one lucky Dude! 🙂

  7. Cool post. Liked the part where you talk about watching crazy shows like Sons of Guns with your hub and it being okay because you’re with him.

  8. nothing wrong with a fake call in sick every now and again, or a duvet day as my boss calls them!

  9. Way to go Gus – you landed a GREAT woman!

  10. Aw! So sweet! I love it.

    You guys work together? Kudos to you! My parents work together and quite frankly I’m always surprised they don’t kill each other!!

    Hopefully March-August will fly by!


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