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My Newest Fetish

There is only the kind of love that a woman can give you (or a man depending what you’re into).

Yeah! You know what I am talking about!

You know, you’re in your bathroom, getting ready, messing with your hair, and then it hits you.


You need to call her/him.

So you do. You make that special appointment.

You wait… arranging all other appointments around “the special one”.

You wait for that day where after wards you will feel so good.

Or you’re like me feeling spontaneously getting the urge and go on the hunt for that fix.


Cause I have been with out so long. Last time was I believe in 2008. I know, right. So I needed it. Badly.

Luckily for me, it was just around the corner.

So I went, waited for my turn, and I got a hair cut.

I don’t want to even know what you were thinking. Or wait maybe I do.

Anyways, its been way too long. I wanted to dye my hair but knew I better get a haircut before I did. I knew that no matter where I went my hair was gonna coming out looking like shit. Hair stylists never listen to me. They refuse to listen to me. They ask me what I want and I can see they are already planning their own thing. Cause we are all their sculpting pieces, I guess. Those fuckers!

However, at the point that I was, I really couldn’t give a shit. I am sure whatever they did would look a lot better than the hot mess I was wearing.

First off, it was very windy that day so my hair was very tangled. Poor lady probably thought I did that on purpose.

She literally was tearing my hair apart. She kept apologizing but I was like eh no problem. Welcome to my world lady. She was getting on my nerves after awhile. Just fucking grab a brush and do it harder! At this rate, I’ll break every motherfucking comb you got!

So while she was chain-sawing my hair to pieces I gave her small talk. I always do. I feel bad for them just standing there. Plus it avoids them thinking what a train wreck my hair is. However that didn’t stop the woman.

All she kept saying was, “Your hair is dead. Dead dead dead!”

Ok I get it. I know I suck.

“See that all on the floor? Thats all dead. Dead dead dead!”

Bitch, would you like to see my fucking messy house now? Oh I failed the math portion entry exam to college. You wanna talk about that too?!

“What do you do to your hair?”

Bitch wanted honesty. So I gave her honesty!

“I don’t so shit to it. I blow dry and sometimes run a curling iron through it. Other than that I don’t do shit. I don’t put mouse on it, special conditioners, hair spray. Nothing! Hell I don’t even put that damn thing in a pony tail! I wash it, dry it, comb and that’s about it!”

“Its dead.”

“I know you said that a hundred times. Now are you gonna fix it or not?”

So she cut it and moved my bangs to the side and all within 15 minutes she was done and I looked…. hawttt!

“What the hell did you do?! I look … damn I would so do me right now!”

She laughed, “I cut your dead hair off. All two inches. Gave you layers and combed your bangs to the side. That’s it.”

I paid her left and took another look at myself in the mirror. Wow. I looked freaking different. Now I know why women cherish their hair appointments. For this fucking feeling. This wonderful-look-at-me-now-stopping-traffic-feeling. 

I thought about going back inside and giving her a big kiss. However I think I weirded her out enough.

I don’t know how to break this to the hubby, but I think I am love with that old mexican lady that styled my hair. If she can cook like Gus, dear god pray for us all!

Can I get a haircut everyday?



Comments on: "My Newest Fetish" (24)

  1. firecracker3 said:

    I share your thoughts on stylists! Obviously, I blogged about that more than once 🙂 Rock your new hottie-self!

    • I loved your blog about it. Thats why I went to get a haircut. I figured if I looked like a crazy person thats cool cause at least I would get a blog out of it!

  2. I would say I know the feeling but the few hairs I have left don’t need an appointment nor can you even think about doing anything but trimming them carefully. Oh and im not a chick despite the rumors. 🙂 :-p

    • Your not!??!?! I’ve been betrayed. How can I trust anything anymore? Is the sky blue?!?? Is navy really black??!?! Dear god why?!?!

      • ryoko861 said:

        Don’t believe him! I’ve seen him/her. Those blue pumps he/she was wearing on the strip the other day were HOT! They must kill his feet though.

  3. I know how you feel I am growing out my wonderful plan to get a Pixie Cut last year! I need a Haircut but I am ever so scared, but you know what I might just schedule one this weekend 😉

    • I painted a nice picture but beware cause some are vicious. I have been through that. I was scared. She cut my hair boy short … when I was in 7th grade. Scar me for life!

  4. Don’t you know …. The sky is green and navy is pink. Oh and god has his ear plugs in.

  5. Good for you and rock it like no one’s business girlfriend!
    I love love love getting my hair done. I usually wait way to long in between appointment and have ridiculous roots but with what I pay I have to get good out of it. People give me hell for what I pay (which isn’t a lot compared to others) but ever single time I walk out of there with a spring in my step looking fabulous and that right there makes every single penny worth it.
    You always got to’s just hair, it will grow back.

  6. I have a crush on the guy who does my hair. Granted I only see him about once a year but man the massage he gives my scalp is enough to keep me coming back, let alone those few hours I look presentable after seeing him. It’s like the reverse of a booty call where you leave looking ashamed and disheveled.

  7. ryoko861 said:

    I wait as long as I can before getting my mane chopped. I usually trim my bangs by myself as the rest slowly grows out.

    I hate going to the hair salon.

    The girl does a great job, but I just hate being there. Maybe it’s the exorbitant price I have to pay to look (or try to) beautiful. Aging sucks.

    Of course your hair is dead, all hair is dead. It’s dead protein for gods sake. She was a wealth of self esteem and optimism. I’m glad it worked out in the end. But who needs that shit?

  8. LMAO! Ok so first of all you already know what was going through my head, right?. (yes…dirty dirty me). With a cheesy ass grin on my face I popped some popcorn and got settled in for…WTF? Girl, you crack my ass up 😉 Only you could make a getting a haircut sexy. And my pics of this sexy haircut are where?

  9. I hope you got that woman’s card! My haircuts always go similarly to yours: badly! But my last stylist did a great job!

  10. Yay for your new haircut! Enjoy the feeling as long as possible. I too went a whole year without touching my hair finally on New Year’s at the stroke of 12:00 I handed the scissors over to @TCIMaster and said cut it all off! I’m no wuzz, I have boobs of steel! No hairstylist for me. 
    Hairstylists are for babies. J/K 

  11. Ohh, I love good haircuts! It definitely can make you feel so good and can change your ‘look’ completely. And paying $10 for it? That is fantastic! Mine costs like $5 but that’s all because I get it done at the salon I work, the normal price for a haircut is like $50!

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