In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Note: I think the Coffee Drops marketing venture is gonna make it. My new marketing director, Suicidesal5\’s Blog  came up with a slogan and I think this is it! I can taste the gold! Meaning money, in case that was unclear. So here it goes:

“Coffee Drops: Shit just got real”

Remember when I said I was impressionable? Of course you do! You follow this shit like it’s the white on rice. Awesome cause I hate rice! 

With everything in life there are levels of impressionable-ness. I am overfilling with impressionableness. I am like the Double D breasts that you are trying to squeeze into your size D bra! Do we need an image for this??!?! Huh? Huh? Huh? Yeah, I don’t think you quite get the picture.

I just love my similes!

It all started when I rented The Lovely Bones! 

I loved the book. The story was great and so was the vividness in it. So strike me dead if I am wrong (please don’t), but the way I pictured the story in the book was ACTUALLY brought to life in the movie. It was such an awesome idea on the process of a spirit body beginning the journey to heaven. I love that there was no bouncy clouds or harp playing angels. It’s exactly how you would want to remember a person. In a tripped out world that only a person on acid could understand.

However, that’s not what I am talking about. As the dead girl attempts to make contact with those in the living world, the only one that “sees” her, is described as “that strange otherworldly girl who so easily accepted the presence of the dead among the living”. She was observant and saw things that others did not. She paid attention to her surroundings and listened to her senses.

 I want to  be “aware”. I want to “notice” things. I never was an observer. I wonder if I could try. I want to sense the unobvious. See whats left behind. I want to be able to read all nature including people’s’. However, I think I need to learn to shut up. Stop moving so fast. Take things down a notch a bit and move slower. And just ….. listen.

I want to be sensitive to all things: real or unreal. I can’t believe I am saying this. In no way am I asking to be locked in a haunted house to see if anything manifests itself. There will be much shitting of the pants if that was to happen. No I am not looking for it. But if it’s there… I wanna see it.

I believe.  In something…

I am not inviting it in. No, cause that’s just crazy. But I am opening to my mind to color, to sound, to taste, to life.


I was driving home from the store yesterday. I was about a block from my street. It was very very windy and it was dusk.

The air was full of sand that circles our newly constructed area.

As the wind blew hard, I saw about 8 feet in front of me a girl in a red coat running across the street. She was running quickly because it was so windy. I saw the bottom of her red coat and the brown hair flapping in the wind. It looked like someone was already across the street waiting for her. I slowed down cause I didn’t wanna murder anyone. As I got closer just to take a glance at the pedestrians, it wasn’t until I was about a foot away that I saw it wasn’t a girl nor was there a person waiting for her on the other side of the street.

It was a tumbleweed. I saw a girl. In a red coat with flowing hair. Why would I imagine that out of nowhere?



Comments on: "Impressionable is as Impressionable Does" (17)

  1. Love the slogan! Awesome.
    The picture of the boobies makes me thankful that mine are almost..I said almost..non-existant. At least I have some right? 😉
    As far of the wanting to see things, slowing down to listen..that is right on. We must at times slow down to really ‘see’ things they way they are whether it be a girl in a red coat aka tumbleweed. You weren’t on hallucinogens were you? 😉 Maybe picked up some special mushrooms at the store?? I kid..I kid!

  2. Girl you be tripping. You shouldn’t be driving in that condition 😉
    Caring in sharing.

  3. I am all about shittin’my pants in a haunted mansion. Bring it on. Ok not the shit but if I could almost but not that would be ok….i think.

    Perhaps we could market the coffee drops as “other world enhancers”. They help you see things you wouldn;t normally see or be in tune with. Thus also confirming our “shit just got real” slogan.

    But seriously, I would like to be more in tune with things around me. I live in New Orleans where sex is everywhere and not once have I seen it in the streets. What’s up with that?!!!

  4. I enjoyed The Lovely Bones book and movie as well. I wish I was more aware, too. I’m that person that says, “How long has that building been there?” And the response is usually, “A few years now.” Oops….

  5. I loved the movie. I have to say that this exact thing has happened to me before. It’s a long story though that ended up scaring the shit out of Mr T. I love the “shit just got real” slogan. It’s awesome.

    I could go two ways with this……If you were trippin, I guess the only advice I could give would be “don’t inhale”. Otherwise, buy a ouija board.

  6. Maybe you are one of a few that has the ability to “see” the paranormal. I’m unfortunately not one of them. I do believe spirits live amongst us, just that some are able to sense or see them.

    Don’t be creeped out. They won’t hurt you. They are lost souls. But I don’t think you’re going to come across anything you would see in the movie “Paranormal”.

  7. I’ve had some weird experiences before where I work, it definitely freaks me out! I once had some stones flew and hit the wall when I was massaging, it was super weird and not very relaxing.

  8. Sounds like an awesome story.
    Wow, those breasts are almost as big as mine. lol

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