In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

This weeks blogs have been for crap.

I don’t think today will be any better. I lack any opinion for anything today. Nada. Zip.

Obama. Eh.

Oprah. Eh

William and Kate. Double Eh

American Idol. Eh.

You catch my drift.


Yesterday on my way home, I witnessed a police car chase. You know, they aren’t as exciting as I thought it would be.

I got a really good look at the driver. He was driving in a Ford Red old pick up truck. He looked like he wasn’t wearing a shirt. He also  looked white. That’s important I guess. What stuck me was the fact that he had his elbow on the window seal thing.  Like he runs from the cops all the time. I didn’t see him once looking back or have an uneasy look. No he was sitting back staring straight ahead. From the looks of it, he wasn’t even speeding!  At least, he didn’t look like it.

In all honesty, what gave him away was the troopers with their sirens on that were right on his ass.

As soon as I realized what it was, I was like ‘Oooo a police car chase!’

However that feeling quickly evaporated.  What happened to the swivering crazily, the helicopters  in the sky, crashes, explosions, shooting between the cars. I really feel as if Bad Boys lied to me.

This is not real folks.

How can I even watch Bad Boys again? Now a doubt has been planted  in my mind. Now I am questioning everything. My world is spinning!  Is it getting hot in here?!

Pretty soon, you people are going to tell me that Snooki is real, that Brad and Jennifer Aniston broke up, that Ricky Martin is gay! Get the fuck out!


You know what makes my day?

Hilarious tweets. I try to say funny shit as randomly as I possibly can. To be retweeted is the ultimate high!  Here is what I tweeted this morning. For once, it was true!!/posterofagirl7/status/40775865235292160

And people retweeted this. Granted this wasn’t my best. I have many others:!/posterofagirl7/status/39415580738064384!/posterofagirl7/status/6070006961938432!/posterofagirl7/status/20893896022

Just one more thing to make my life purposeful. Especially since TV is not failing me.


Comments on: "It’s True … I watch way too much tv" (20)

  1. I don’t have an opinion of much lately either. Which is odd because I’m a pretty mouthy bitch. Must be something in the water. Or lack of alcohol. Yep, probably the alcohol.

    Police chases look way better on COPS. No joke. We don’t get many police chases here at all. I saw more action in California. I couldn’t figure out why that was at first. This is Sin City right? Then the hubby let me in on the secret that we are in the middle of no where and criminals are smart enough to know that they have no where to run to. So…..the couple times there has been one here, I just point and laugh while yelling “dumb ass!”

    Definitely kill him before he kills you (watch more true crime TV), smart cars wouldn’t fit my left tit let alone a family of five, and snorting coffee is ALWAYS the way to go!

  2. Right… but I need to believe in something!

  3. Its surprising to find that here EP, Tx cause there is like literally 30 white people here. I might work with a fourth of them.

  4. I must find you on twitter!

  5. I don’t believe I have ever actually seen the chase part but I’ve seen the ending part. Guy on floor 20-30 cops around him all ready take him down again, helicopters flying above, SWAT team jumping out from the back of vans.
    But that’s just a regular day in L.A

  6. Found you!

  7. You found me 🙂

  8. I am SO following you on Twitter!!

    I retweeted the Smart Car tweet! Had to!

    I’m @GoodNghtIrene – no “i” in the Night. There’s someone else with GoodNightIrene but she has the “i” in Night.

    I don’t think I watch ENOUGH tv. My friends know better than to ask me if I saw such and such show the night before. The usual answer is ‘nope’. I just can’t stand the bombardment of commercials!

    • Commercials dont bother me too much. I always have things too do. Feed kids, clean, make dinner, laundry … I usually do that during commercials and then run back when the show comes back on.

  9. There was an exciting car chase recently but I think it may only end up exciting… A recent one around in the city ended up with a car running into a bus and the guy running off and getting tackled to the ground. The best car chases are on COPS, for sure!

  10. I had a good disguise in that truck didn’t I. I have a habit of going to other cities, putting on a disguise and then starting a chase. That is why I looked so relaxed…I do all the time. sorry it was boring, I will do better next time!

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