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Normally I would consider this a sin but I wanted to repost this cause I actually liked what I wrote. How many times can you say that huh?

So here is me rebloging my self from today’s Marina’s Column at or here at the shortlink:

Public Service Announcement on Celebrities: Who Cares?!?! Obviously you.

February 18, 2011
Marina Y Sanchez
Freelance Columnist

I am stooping to a new low. I am commenting on some celebrities lives. I know, I know. I have not been smoking the pipe though it would probably make this column funnier but it just has to be said. So here it goes:

I am so over the obsession that people have with celebrities. It’s ridiculous. Some people (that’s all they do)  state their opinion over and over and over (you get my point) and then basically have battles over these celebrities on who is right and who is wrong!

Are you kidding me?!

Here’s a question. Don’t you have anything better to do? You know, that thing you call life? Yeah, it’s out there. And you’re missing it cause your following every item, every detail, every news report on these celebrities who (now brace yourself): DON’T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT YOU!

Here you are going to bat, going to defend them and their honor and do you even know them? Do you talk to them? And not just my email or tweeter but really in person? Cause that’s what I constitute as a friend -someone I truly know. Not some one I have met periodically and know casually of. That is just sad!

Examples I am sick of: Lee Ann Rimes,  Eddie Something and Brandi something or other. God someone told the media that they are so important they have to be everywhere. It’s a must. Doesn’t their story have a expiration date coming up soon?

And really, is their situation so important that people have to comment,  have to somehow defend them? They have people that they pay to do that for them. PAY!

 It’s called Public Relations!

Let’s break down this situation. Lee Ann Rimes and Eddie Whatever cheated on their spouses with each other. Ok, let me name fifty other people who did this in under 60 seconds.


JFK, Jesse James, Elizabeth Taylor, Jack Nicholson, Donald Trump, Princess Diana, Woody Allen, Hugh Grant, J-Lo, Jude Law, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie,  Spelling, Meg Ryan, Anne Heche and whew! And there is a bunch more. Hmmm, do you think they are getting hate mail?  Hmm do you think people are defending them?

Media puts it out there so of course its in our faces. Yet, we do have a little thing called choice. A choice to ignore.

I am in no way defending cheaters. Who could do that? To cheat on someone is obviously a problem someone has within themselves. It’s their personal demon. Did you see what I just said?  Their personal demon. That’s right. Not yours. Not even their mamas. Just theirs.

Cause while you are battling it out defending these celebrities honor, they are probably walking the red carpet, posing in a shoot, eating at The Garden. And no they are not at the computer cheering you on. Cause that would be loosery (I just made that up) and that’s not what celebrities do.

Again, in no way am I defending their actions.  I just think they are big boys and girls that can defend themselves. And as sad as it is, this happens all the time to people everyday. So are you rooting for them? Cause I bet they can use a phone call right about now.

And how about this airing of dirty laundry for the public to see? Both parties in this particular situation are doing this. Why? Maybe cause it’s petty, maybe so it keeps them famous, or maybe because they are so angry they NEED to do this. During these situations, maturity level dwindles. It takes a very SPECIAL person to be the bigger man. And until I meet that person, it doesn’t exist. Both parties have some fault. And people need to recognize this. If these celebrities stop airing out their dirty laundry, you will have nothing to talk about. And honestly, this blog would have been about how Thursday nights are the best nights for TV!

I’ll be honest. I am a fan of a few celebrities. I like Kim Kardashian. I like Sandra Bullock. I’ll follow them on twitter. Still there is a fine line between being a fan and being an obsessive fan.  As much as I like them, I won’t comment on anything they do because quite honestly, I really could care less.  

In conclusion, I hope you see how human celebrities are. And in reality, who are we to judge? Their lives are much more scrutized than ours. That’s pressure. So yea I might not like what they do (I am still hurt Brad left Jennifer), but in reality I could give rat’s ass. Cause they ain’t paying my bills.

I promise I do have better things to talk about like child abuse and how it needs to end, or the murders in Juarez, Mexico or how I just love me some fried chicken.


Comments on: "Public Service Announcement on Celebrities:Who cares?! Obviously you do." (9)

  1. Public Service Announcement on Celebrities:Who cares?! Obviously ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  2. I am honestly over reading and seeing all of this shit too. It’s ridiculous. I DON’T CARE!

    Now onto that fried chicken……extra crispy or original recipe? LMAO

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by annette2946, Christina. Christina said: Public Service Announcement on Celebrities:Who cares?! Obviously …: And you're missing it cause your following… […]

  4. You are so right. The ones that annoy me the most are the Beckhams. I don’t get the hype at all. Ok so he’s a good footballer and she’s now known as the stick thin footballer’s wife but they aren’t that great.

    I’d better stop now though I could carry on.

  5. Justin Bieber, anyone?

    But don’t fret. It used to be the Jonas brothers, and now they’ve disappeared. Only those with real talent will survive the business. And you’re right. some people are just so obssessed, and I don’t get it. Maybe it’s just a phase in one’s life. My mother told me she obssessed on the Beatles in her youth… problem is, even if they do manage to get out of this crazy fandom , another group will take over. I guess it’s something we have to accept, and ignore.

    • I guess I was never a big fan of everything .. they only thing I love is Twilight. The movies and the books and yes I probably would go ballastic if I saw Taylor Whatever is hs last name is. But I am not in a fan club and my husband refuses to hang half naked poster up of him. I have always been a half-assed fan of anything.

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