In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

And that’s all there is to it …

Today marked the beginning of the end of Valentines Day for me. Fuck Valentines Day.

Fuck it!

I always loved Valentines Day. And not cause I would get presents (even though that is cool!). No, I loved it because my favorite shape in the whole world are hearts. I loved that shape since I was little. I was always drawn to hearts. I love the color red. It’s my favorite color because to me that always reminded me of love.   And these two things that are my favorite in the whole world come together for a holiday. I am pretty sappy and gay. I love love. I love cards about love. I love balloon shaped hearts. I love red everywhere! I love the heart-shaped boxes.

I repeat I am gay and sappy.

However, things you do not do on this damn day is speak your fucking mouth to your significant other. If something is bothering, you  feel you need to address it. DON’T!

Even if you know that your significant other wouldn’t hold back and let it loose on you if something was bothering them. DON’T!


Because it just ruins the fucking day. Then your going to go home and see the stupid gift he gave you even though he was angry at you .. and your angry at him. When picking out someone a gift, you should be in a good mood. Don’t you think? Cause in case you didn’t know, you can PASS negative energy through a gift. And I don’t want that damn gift!

Don’t get me even a damn card!

And I am not one of those women who are saying no don’t get me anything but secretly are thinking that there S O better get them something.

No, I want nothing! Nothing! Don’t even utter the words.

It always happens like this.  And for some reason, this fucking holiday gets ruined.

I know what your thinking : you’re putting too much emphasis on this holiday. I am not seriously. I think that I show love all the time. I love to buy my man gifts. And I do go big with him.

However, I love Valentines Day! It’s all about love despite all that commercialism.

God I love this day! Now I just want to hate it cause something always go wrong around this day.

Now if you excuse me, I am going to kill myself with love songs  and later with romantic movies!


Comments on: "Learning to Keep My Big Beeeeeeeep Mouth Shut" (11)

  1. Hilarious!!! Love the post!

  2. dude, like i always tell you:

    i think ur man and my man should get together and go bowling.

  3. Oh, girl, I hear you! Nothing pisses me off more than receiving a gift from someone who just made me livid angry. I just don’t want it! And it’s like a battle, I love gifts, but all I can think about is how they pissed me off and how I want to throw that gift right in their face.
    I wish I could make you one of those pretty little hearts out of construction paper, I loved those as a kid!

  4. Holy shit! were you spying on my life for the psst 3 days? 😉 I was ignored for 2 days by the husband and then it all hit the fan yesterday..on vday! I kid you not. I hated vday yesterday and was pretty sure I was going to vomit by the end of the day if I heard anymore about bc of how my day was going. Then, we agreed last week not to get each other anything and he came home with a bottle of wine for me. WTF! You can bet your sweet ass he got nothing..nada..zilch from me for one we agreed not to do it and two he was a complete asshole.
    ahh..I feel better.

    • That makes me feel better … we patched things up last night but we didnt get squat for each other. We were arguing in the morning and I yelled at him Dont give me shit today. Nothing!
      He listened! But he was bummed about it.

  5. That’s why sometimes I’m happy to be single and not have any worries about V Day! When single it’s very very very hard to f*ck up the day.

    • True that! Lol … however I seem to be in it til death. Either he kills me or I kill him. So until then … well I gotta bitch about V day and other marketing holidays. Happy Anniversary everyone!

  6. My V day consisted of spending the day in the nuclear medicine department of the diagnostics center with 12 while Mr T worked. Then we rented Paranormal Activity 2 and Mr T fell asleep. Nect year maybe you and I should hand our with our heart shaped boxed or something 😉

  7. Have a second valentines day in reserve. It might take the pressure off 🙂

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