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Twilight National Anthem

Alright so Christina messed up the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner.

Big Deal. I mean I can let it go. Can you? Many people have messed up the anthem. It’s words are pretty old fashioned. What the hell are ramparts?

Anyways Christina was just trying to liven it up a bit .. I even heard she even changed streaming to reaming.


I love this country and I also love Twlight. 

Therefore Twilight needs a national anthem. And just like our forefathers deemed Francis Scott Key worthy of such a task, I  deem myself worthy in behalf of the entire Twilight nation to write the holy words that make Twilight so great! 

I present to you: The Twilight National Anthem.

You’re welcome.

Oh Bells can you see, by the Breaking Dawn’s night

What so proudly we await, the final Twilight’s a-coming

Will it be Team Jacob or Team Edward, in their love fueled fight

O the Vampires in their Volvos were so brightly glistening

And red rockets in the air where actually Cullins playing baseball

Doesn’t Matter thou cause the Wolves still  kick Vampire behind

Oh I can’t wait for the final movie of the Twilight’s fan call

Edward is good looking but Jacob’s justtttttttt  fine!”

Jacob call me.

Seriously. If you do, I’ll stop leaving those crazy messages on your twitter account.




Comments on: "Twilight National Anthem" (12)

  1. I wont even respond to this post! Wait… dammit!

  2. BRILLIANT!!!!! Some big record company should be beating down your door to get you to release that…. or just to get you to stop 😉 j/k

    Perhaps you should look to other icons that should forever be immortalised this way too.. the possibilities are endless!!!

    ps…Go Team Edward!! (What can I say, I have a think for vampires O:-) )

  3. Have you gotten yourself a big recording contract yet? If so, would you be my sugar momma? 😉 You are a brilliant one and for this I must bow down.

  4. Brilliant. I agree, Twilight should have a national anthem..,I like yours! 🙂

  5. Mmmmmm…Jacob. I’m hoping he’ll be my Cabana Boy one day.

  6. Still loving True Blood!

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