In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.


I am stuck here at the house. Not like I was in a hurry to go anywhere in this weather, but I am stuck. Of all days!

It snowed … like crazy over the night.

The kids are here with me. Apparently, all schools have cancelled.

I got up and got ready with the full intention to get to school.  My battery in my Tahoe is dead. So now what am I suppose to do?!  I called the office and they said a full update will happen at 10 am so to stay put.

And the electric company is declaring a state of emergency. Apparently they are doing rolling blackouts in order to conserve energy. I am gonna freak out if they do it here. My little ones will be cold.  Its 8 degrees outside.

I hope they close the office down.  No I need to go to work. Gus’s kid is coming over here. I want to go to work,

So yeah … when it snows they should just close the city down. We are clueless to this kind of weather.



Comments on: "Clueless!" (4)

  1. Holy crap! I’m sending a helicopter to rescue you 😉

  2. this whole city is clueless. Before I started my commute to work (@ 7am), there were already 70+ car accident.

  3. Did you survive the snow day? Yeah everyone thinks snow days are so great…No, No they are not! It’s one big headache and puts a wrench in your day!
    I hope you never lost power and your kiddos stay warm! I hope they enjoyed their snow day!

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