In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

This weekend we got Xbox 360 Live.

At first this was me …. 

Then shortly after I realized that my husband and his son were hooked. Twenty four straight and counting, I was in a totally different mood.

Yes. Actually I was steaming mad.  Hey man, I am cool. I can hang. But not for twenty-four hours plus! Leaving me with no type of entertainment (that’s right no TV!). I was angry. Thank god its the work week. Now we can act like adults. Wow, did I just say that?

Oh well. I am not so cool after all. You know I would not have minded if they left me with  TV to use. Nevertheless, Xbox 360 is my mortal enemy.

During that torturous time, all I had to entertain myself was the  the internet, I watched movies on Netflix. I saw Over the Top (Sylvester Stallon was hot in the day), and the Shining. I have totally not seen The Shining in its entirety.  I know … lame!

However let me tell you that movie is freaky!  First off, I would never would have married the character Jack Nicholson played. He was creepy even when he was normal. However, that just might be Jack Nicholson’s thing.  In that retrospect, Mary Duvall deserved to die! She was too passive, almost dumb!  Like the way her husband would talk to her. She should have slapped his ass down and set him straight. If it were me, I would have reminded him who cooks his food.  A good hit in the face with the shovel would have worked too. Especially in those times, it was unknown for a woman to abuse her spouse so she would have easily gotten away with it.

I’m just saying.

Again, the movie was very scary. However I don’t get the end. They show a picture of Jack Torrence (Jack Nicholson’s character) in the 20’s as  the caretaker. What did that have to do with movie? Wasn’t he going crazy with cabin fever and because all the past ghosts were talking to him especially the one who murdered the family? And why didn’t anyone else notice that Jack Torrence and 1920’s caretaker were identical?

I get it. It’s only a movie. I just want to understand the movie. I am annoying like that. I ask questions during movies, basically the worst person to see a movie with.  So after that I was scared to go to sleep. Now I have to watch more scary movies. However the next time I am going to make someone watch it with me.

This morning at 6:30am I got a history lesson.  My oldest Savannah who is Kindergarten was half asleep in the shower. The out of nowhere she said, “We are learning about Martin Luther King in class.”

“Oh really. What are you learning about him?”

“Well,” she said, “we learned it was his birthday. And when he and his brother were little, people wouldn’t let them play.”

“Really? Wow!”

“Yeah,” she continued, “he wore a boy tie, a shirt, socks and shoes. And Martin Luther King had little hair. He said everyone should be nice to everyone. He turned the world upside down.”

“He did? For the good or for the bad?”

“For the good. There was white people and then there was brown people. And the white were mean to the brown people. Martin Luther said this is wrong. He said be nice and he started walking everywhere.”

“No way! So what did you learn from Martin Luther King?”

“That you must be nice to everyone and that walking is good for your legs.”

“Did Martin Luther King have strong legs?”

“Of course mom! He walked everywhere!”

There you have it. My history lesson in a nut shell.

Comments on: "Out of the Mouth of babes; How I Hate Xbox 360 Live & The Shining is Scary" (12)

  1. Commiserations on the no TV. I think its definitely a “boy thing” (mind you, when we got a PS1 I stayed up for about 2 days straight playing one of the Final Fantasy games…I forget which one it was…which meant I hogged the TV, much to my brothers annoyance, but only because HE wanted to play it!…what can I say,the Final Fantasy games are addictive! lol)

    I LOVED The Shining. I’m a big fan of Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick. There’s a little known (least, everyone I’ve ever spoken to has never heard of it lol) 3-part adaptation version of The Shining,(wiki link: ) which basically, if you put this, AND the film together, you pretty much get the book.

    There’s a brilliant scene in the TV series which involves moving topiary trees. After watching this, for ages I had a very nervous feeling about walking past ANY shaped bush lol. If you can manage to find anywhere that has it and you can watch it,DO.

    As for WHY the dad is suddenly transported back in time, I didn’t really get that bit either, and I’ve read the book, watched the film (and the TV adaptation) many, many times, and still haven’t figured it out lol.

  2. I love those kinds of history lessons. They are the best and let me tell you that they don’t stop. I’m still learning new things from the kids all the time.

    We don’t have an Xbox 360. But, we do have two PS3’s (one of them is mine), a wii, an original Xbox and a PS2. My PS3 is in the living room and the other one is (15)’s and is in his room. The Wii is the living room, the PS2 in in (11)’s room and the Xbox belongs to (12). (15) can get obssessed but at least he’s in his own room. Sometimes I have to take his controller away when it gets too bad. I’ve had to fight over the TV in the livingroom. It blows. I just end up going to the bedroom to watch what I want.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE scary movies. The shining was a good one, although I have to agree that he needed to get his ass wooped. I mean, who would’ve known any different? The ending of the movie was left open and confused a lot of people so don’t worry. You’re not alone. I just took him being added to the picture from the 20’s as his soul is now a permanant part of the Hotel’s history. I could be wrong, what the hell do I know? LOL

    • See this just reinforces that I need to be apart of your family. You have two PS3’s. Please adopt me/marry me/ keep me as a maid (you guys do leave the hosue right?)

      Recommend any scary movies?

      • Marriage is definitely an option, considering you’ve already proposed an all. I can keep you as a maid too if you like. I have a french maid costume you can borrow! LOL.

        As for scary movies, I like most of them. “The Strangers” scared the shit out of me. “Quarantine” was pretty good. “Mirrors” scared the crap out of (15). “Vacancy” was good and so was “Joy Ride”. Both of the have sequels but I only liked the originals.

  3. useful if you suddenly get a pop quiz 😉

    there’s also this…

    again, a little wordy, but informative

    THIS one,

    has an interesting essay about metaphors and the like, but…more importantly, it provides links to some other sites and vids (the link to The Shining in 30 seconds Enacted by bunnies is BRILLIANT!!)

    These should help feed your addiction 😉

    What kind of horror you like? gore? psychological? creature (vampire/werewolf/zombie/alien)? (I’m a BIG horror nut lol and have a rather nice collection of all stuff horror-y 😉 )

  4. my favourite kinds!! 😀
    Good ones to check out,

    Don’t Look Now,
    Ringu (the Japanese original is FAR superior to the remake,
    Les Yeux Sans Visage (a little macabre, but good),
    Jacob’s Ladder,
    The Changeling (the 1980’s original),
    Poltergeist (arguably one of the best supernatural films)
    The Others
    The Blair Witch Project (although for me, the end was a little bit of a let down)
    Rosemary’s Baby (a classic!)
    The Village
    My Little Eye
    An American Haunting
    The Orphanage
    The Uninvited
    The Grudge (like with Ringu, the Japanese original is more psychologically scary than the remake)
    Shutter (either the Thailand original OR the remake – both are actually REALLY good)
    House on Haunted Hill (the remake IS gruesome than the original, but either version rocks)
    A Tale of Two Sisters

    I could go on and on lol.. but if you are manage to come out from behind the sofa/pillow after these, there’s plenty more 😉

  5. I am totally one of those people that can sit and play video games for hours on end. It drives my husband crazy when my son and I get on that kick. Yep, I’m a dork.
    The Shining was so creepy!!!!

  6. “Red room, red room!”

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