In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Here is what Favorite Blog Friday is all about. A person able to make a little situation hilarious!

And that’s what blogger Thypolar Life Uncensored did.
Thypolar is a funny, witty, and down to earth girl who is my hetro life partner. I am allowing her to keep her man as I will too. (Darn!)

The blog today just shows the tinkerings in her mind and how truly crazy she is!

Her post was about a moment that happened with her husband and she was able to make the laughs roll!

So without further ado, the brillance that is …

A Light in the Darkness (via Thypolar Life Uncensored)

A Light in the Darkness So Mr T has been rather frustrated with his new toy and I have been rather entertained. We have yet to order the “brief case” for it (only comes in Samsonite) or the car charger. Mr T is impatient and is not wanting to wait for a charger to be shipped. He wants it NOW (while jumping up and down with a pitiful look on his face). We searched a few Best Buys and discovered a few things along our journey….. Best Buy is the only retail store that ca … Read More

via Thypolar Life Uncensored

Comments on: "Favorite Blog Friday- A Funny" (6)

  1. I adore your odd quirkiness, personality 🙂

  2. How incredibly sweet are you? You Rock! Yes I am definitely a crazy one but isn’t that what makes me special? LOL. Thanks so much for the shout out!

    Thanks for letting me keep Mr T around. After all, he can mix a mean cranberry and vodka. He says I can keep you around too (bonus, right?)! I was going to keep you my dirty little secret but I just felt compelled to share. Besides, you know how controlling I am so Mr T just didn’t have any options here. OH SNAP! Does the “G” man know? Will I have to throw down? LOL

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