In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

I was listening to my iPod and tripping out on the shit I listen too. It’s so freakin random. I scare myself.

So as I listened to each song, I pondered what this might be saying about me as a person.

1st Song: Time Was-Canned Heat

This might express my desire to get high … now. Seriously, this is my groovin song. And every time I listen to this song, I think where the hell is my rolled doobie! I am moving to California pronto to get my medical mary jane!

2nd Song: Make it Clap- Busta Rhymes

What exactly am I trying to make clap? Clapping with my hands is easy. This however is a rap song so I should listen… but with Busta. You can’t understand jack!

3rd Song: She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy-Kenny Chesney

I think deep down I wish I was a red-neck. Red-necks just have more fun. Hello, nascar! And plus if you do own a tractor, it is kinda hot. It’s definitely on my bucket list on places to…  you know …  mow my lawn. What?!

4th Song: Hot n Cold -Katy Perry

Sometimes I just wanna call a guy a bitch. A PMSing one! It’s cute what can I say. Plus did you see Katy on Sesame Street with Elmo? It’s a good think Elmo is gay cause then that would have been a controversy.

5th Song: Get Drunk and Be Somebody-Toby Keith

It’s true. Only when I am tanked do I desire to reach my true potential. It feels like the possibilities are endless! Plus the room does not stop spinning. Bonus!

6th Song: Let’s Stay Together by Al Green

This proves that Marina is one smooth B love machine. I put this song on when Gus and I need to get a little alone time. I massage his back. He massages mine. And then I fake a headache and head off to bed. Works wonders!

7th Song: The Power-Snap

Four words: I got the power! Plus I wish I was strong black lady with a booming voice.

8th Song: Alcohol and Ass- Hellyeah

Cause really what is life all about?  A little bit of sunshine. A little bit of me and a little bit of Jack and coke. And yes ass … oh that damn headache again!

9th Song: Friday- Snoop Doggy Dog & Dr Dre

That’s right. Fuck the west side. Wait no, I got friends there. And friends in the east and north. Hmmm. Fuck the middle of the nation … Kansas and Iowa. All those corn loving states.

10th Song: So Help Me Jesus – Toadies

At this point … I probably could use a bit of Jesus saving.

11th Song: Pokerface- Lady Gaga

I know this chick is eccentric but why would any wanna poke her face. I certainly don’t want to that. Poke her face. Hmmm, I just don’t get it.

12th Song:  Get Back-Ludacris

I consider this my mad song: I ain’t playing around, make one false move, and I’ll take ya down. And then nick knack patty whack! I love how they can just rhyme anything together and it sounds so cool. Get Back MOFO you don’t know me like that! I came , I saw, I hit him right there in the jaw!

13th Song- Runs in the Family-Amanda Palmer

This is a true story.

“My friend has maladies, rickets, and allergies
That she dates back to the 17th century
Somehow she manages in her misery
Strips in the city and shares all her best tricks with
me, well i’m well. well, i mean i’m in hell.
well, i still have my health,
at least that’s what they tell me.
If wellness is this, what in Hell’s name is sickness?
But business is business and business runs in the family”

Songs to be proud of!


Comments on: "Sample Playlist- Viewer Discretion is Not Advised!" (10)

  1. If our ipods ever met they would totally date..make out..get married and have baby ipods. Mine is completely random like yours. I can go from Tool to Hank Williams Jr. to Eminem to Lady GaGa to Miley Cyrus (completely for my daughter, I swear) to Stand to Jack Johnson to Dr. Dre to Jason Aldean (who I will admit I have a huge crush on).
    I wonder too what a good ipod shuffle says about me….Hmmm….

    You know what it says about us? That we are A-MAZING and totally cooooool. 😉

  2. Dude….my iPod has the most random ass shit too. No joke. I guess it is scary, if you think about it.

    “Lets Stay Together” and “Sexual Healing” are must haves for every iPod!
    “Big Poppa” – Biggie ~ I guess I like being in control. You can call me daddy.
    “Blame It” – Jamie Foxx ~ I guess I have trouble taking responsibility for my own actions. (I’m okay with that)
    “Erotica” – Madonna ~ Hey, I want what I want when I want it!
    “One Call Away” – Chingy ~ Don’t we all wish we could be saved with just one phone call?
    “Play” -David Banner ~ Thats just one bad ass song.

    No one understands what the hell Busta is saying but he can make your ass shake so he’s alright by me! We have a lot in common with music.

  3. im proud of your ipod choices. it shows a wide variety. hey i want you to hear no cars go by arcade fire. also listen to electric feel by mgmt. then hear Naked as We came by Iron and Wine. tell me what you think.

  4. twilight? i take the respect back.

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