In the room where I sleep … my thoughts overflow.

Jay-Z & I Are Like Twins

Okay we are more like distant cousins.

Kinda like my aunt’s husband’s brother’s nephew’s sister’s girl friend. Twice   removed.

You follow? Good.

Going back to what I was saying Jay-Z and I do have a lot in common. You would be surprised who you have things in common with if you took the days to do the research missing work, birthday parties, and even showers.

Jay-Z can be described as a musical genius. I can be described as a lover of the music of the genius. No I have not been drinking… in this room.

Jay-Z wrote the song “99 Problems but a Bitch ain’t One”.

First things first, we both are grammar Nazis! And second, I do have many problems like bills, laziness, empty liquor bottles but I am happy to report a bitch ain’t one. Oh my goodness,  I would die if I had a bitch to worry about. Talk about a total downer.  Nag Nag Nag … I would be like woman Shut Up! Go in the kitchen and make me a sandwich!  And you better cut the edges off!

Jay-Z is “Big Pimpin”.

Though I am not in the profession per say, I do have much love and much respect for that line of work.  It must be hard keeping all those ladies in line. Luckily they invented baby powder for this exact thing.

Jay-Z raises an interesting question. “Can I get a ..”?

Yeah can I get a raise? Can I get a little appreciation for the hard work I put in day in and day out.  Last night my son had a bed wetting accident. Problem is,  he sleeps with me. So the accident was on me. So can I? Please?

Jay-Z appealed to the crowd with his  “Hard Knock Life”.

And I loved the fact that Jay-Z also had a life like Annie. She was a mistreated orphan and was eventually adopted by a man who was loaded.  Jay-Z too was a mistreated orphan and was adopted by someone named Daddy something. Was it P-Diddy? I don’t know. There is Big Poppa and P-Diddy. So many dads, so many ways it could go. Maury could probably solve this problem.

Jay-Z was handling business when he said “What More Can I Say”?

That’s what I am saying! This morning, Gus was looking for a receipt. I told him I couldn’t find it. He started to get upset. I said, “I lost it. Sorry. What more can I say? You want me to cut off my arm? You want me to dress in drag and do the hula? What?! What?!” And Gus was like, “No its ok. I just needed the receipt.” And I was like, “That’s right. Now go make me a sandwich!”

Jay-Z is one smooth MoFo. It just hand to be said. I am MoFo but not necessarily smooth. Well, thanks to this winter eczema.  Man this winter eczema better recognize!




Comments on: "Jay-Z & I Are Like Twins" (9)

  1. Oh so so are just alike!

  2. LMFAO! I am a lover of the music genious also. We have much in common. I’m not so opposed to having a bitch as one of my problems, yo. See, its gots to be easier that dealing with all these men, fo sho. I’d just slap a ho 😉

    I had that same conversation with Mr T yesterday. He was like “where the hell is the receipt from grocery shopping” and I was like “I dont know” and he was like “you were the last one to have it” and I was like “and I lost it, so what?” and he was like “well it’s no big deal I was just wondering what happened to it” and I was like “right, now get a drink BIOTCH!”

    He better step off, Yo!

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